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Why Indians Cannot Work Together As A Functional Group

June 4, 2011 28 comments

Ever wonder why the last 10 odd centuries of Indian history are so full of misery? To be fair, in most parts of the India- only the 1400-1600s plus part of the 1800s really sucked.. but still.

I am referring to foreign rule and exploitation- first by Muslims and then by the British. Some of the reasons underlying this problem have been discussed in previous posts (Why I Don’t Hang Around Indians: 1, Why Are Indians Over Represented In the Self-Hating Fellator Category?).

In my opinion, the overall reason is-

Indians Cannot Work Together As A Functional Group.

But why would that be so? What prevents them for working in a cohesive, purposeful and united manner? Some of you might immediately point the finger at ‘caste’- however any serious reading of Indian history would quickly show that infighting amongst the same sub-caste (jati) was, by far, the biggest problem.

So why did a social system meant to reduce intra-group conflict end up causing and worsening it?

In a previous post, I had remarked that the behavior of Indian men is too feminine (passive-aggressive, veneration of authority, petty, amoral) and zero-sum to encourage or create enough social cohesiveness. There is another aspect of this behavior pattern that is worth mentioning.

Indians take great happiness, and put great effort into, screwing over their own relatives and “friends”.

Yes, you heard that right! Nothing causes more pain and suffering to an Indian than seeing his relatives or friends succeed or even have a decent life. This has little to do with jealousy, schadenfreude or envy. It is based in the peculiar need to fuck over others even if it is not profitable.

A fundamental component of the Indian psyche is the need to hurt, abuse and betray their own relatives and friends.

Not all Indians are like that, but most are. While this bizzare need might take various forms and be done under various excuses- the basic drive is the same. My explanation for this behavior is based on the assumption that Indian men are highly feminized and therefore likely to think/act like women rather than men.

Women tend to be amoral, greedy, sociopathic, hysteric, fake friendly, passive-aggresive, backstabbing, zero-sum, excessively ritualistic, vegetarian creatures who take great interest in ruining the lives of their girlfriends even if they don’t benefit from the fallout. Paradoxically, the majority of Indian men fit that profile to a T.

Much of Indian history and behavioral patterns start making sense once you accept that most Indian men are chicks with dicks. That is probably the biggest reason I could not, and cannot fit, into their living nightmare.