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NSFW Links: Jun 9, 2011

June 9, 2011 2 comments

These links are NSFW.

TV and BJs: Jun 9, 2011 NekkidCuties

TV and BJs: Jun 9, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Amateur Ginger BJs: Jun 6, 2011 NekkidCuties

Amateur Ginger BJs: Jun 6, 2011 Nudie Cuties



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Shitty Wages, Bullshit and Sociopathic Academics

June 9, 2011 5 comments

Here is a peculiar two-part question:

Why are non-tenured academic types paid less than people who manage restaurants, coffee shops, pubs or teach kids? What peculiar economic value do these more well-paid people add that non-tenured academic types don’t?

Let me answer the second question first. None of the better paid gigs add any more economic value than the poorly compensated researchers. Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and most education are as frivolous and unnecessary as the average research project. Moreover, universities and established academics get a lot of money for pretending to conduct scientific research.

So why can scumbags (established academics) get away with paying their employees much less than these other occupations?

I believe that the answer lies in legal immigration. Essentially, foreign-born students and staff are the equivalent of illegal Mexican construction and agricultural workers.

As far as extermination-worthy academics are concerned, their only purpose is to provide cheap and compliant labor for aging and delusional white morons. Now, I am not suggesting that “all” white academics are like that or non-whites are somehow incapable of such behavior. I am equally sure that not all slave owners were evil, and non-whites also owned slaves- but you get the point.

Once such imported people mostly came from Eastern Europe, China and India. They are now increasingly from even poorer/ dysfunctional countries. The ones from Eastern Europe, China and India are also no longer the best and brightest- who now have much better opportunities in both their countries and in other areas.

Scummy academics justify poor pay and conditions by saying that “science is about the truth and not money” and other assorted bullshit such as “science is an unnecessary hobby”. It is most peculiar that the same cocksuckers (academics) and institutions (universities) who preach the virtues of academic poverty to others receive a lot of money (often tens to hundreds of millions per department) to conduct it.

Whether we like it or not- academic research is now far more similar to a business or a make-work program than any altruistic “search for the truth”. So let us cut the crap! Let us, for once, admit that it is about sociopaths exploiting vulnerable people.

The next post in this idea arc will explore the psyche of these extermination-worthy cocksuckers. Hint: It involves lack of testicular fortitude.