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Why Are People Incapable of Doing The “Right Thing”?

June 16, 2011 12 comments

Unless you are hopelessly optimistic or retarded, you might have noticed something peculiar about human behavior-

Most people are incapable of doing the “right thing” even if they know it.

Religions, philosophers and scamademics (scam + academics) try to explain this bizarre behavior in terms of greed, inertia, evolutionary psychology or just plain stupidity. However there is one peculiar feature of this behavior which nixes conventional explanations.

The inability of people to do the “right thing” is plainly detrimental to them.

To put it another way, they knowingly act against their best interests. Let me explain that with two examples.

1. Almost every terminal cancer patient in N. america dies in great agony and pain because of the unwillingness of doctors to prescribe high doses of opiods and drugs like cocaine/ methamphetamine towards the end. It is justified as an unavoidable side effect of the ‘war on drugs’.. but ask yourself- What sort of society and people let terminally ill people suffer and die just because of ‘legal’ issues about certain drugs? what about the pathetic, and predominantly white, subhumans who support the ‘war on drugs’? Have they not seen their near and dear ones die like that? But why do they still support the very system that keep this status quo going, even if it would eventually hurt them in the same manner.

2. What about Indians who try to screw everyone around them, even though they know that it will translate into more conflict, less cooperation and a shittier existence? There are people who steal money from public works funds to build opulent houses which are surrounded by people who lack toilets and drainage systems. What is the advantage of living in a manison if it smells like shit and you risk being attacked by stray dogs outside it? What is the use of living in a city if you have to frequently use backup generators to maintain a constant electric supply? What is the point of stealing money from others if that results in a generally unsafe existence for everyone- including yourself.

These are just two examples of people not doing the “right thing” even if it hurts them.

People have also tried to explain such behavior as a manifestation of ego (I am always right), group-think (we all believe that this is the best way) or control issues (I am the boss)- and they are partially right. In my opinion, there is a much darker explanation for this behavior.

Most humans are shallow scumbags who believe that they are somehow magically protected from their own shit.

A lot of irrational human behavior cannot be explained by any set of assumptions which does not include significant and willful cognitive dissonance. How else can you explain a stupid white man concerned about ‘black crime’ when he is being constantly sodomized and robbed by his employer, spouse and society? How else can you explain a whiteknighter/mangina who frequents ‘game’ blogs? What about a moron who supports paying the younger generation less even though his retirement is based on those very same people making more than him? What about women who complain about ending up with uncaring assholes?

Do you really think that all these people are that retarded? Seriously?

I am curious if any of the readers have an alternate rational explanation for this phenomenon.