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Image Search: Example 1

June 18, 2011 1 comment

Ok, here is an example of what google image search can do.. remember to turn all filtering OFF.

Take this picture from a previous post..

With google image search, I can locate many other pictures from that original series.


Here are some of the pictures from that series-

Rather quick, wasn’t it?


Google Image Search and Nekkid Girls

June 18, 2011 4 comments

Google now allows you to search the web by images on the desktop- on Chrome and Firefox (with the appropriate addon).

Here is an explanation..

So, I started wondering..

Is it possible to use a nekkid picture, or self-shot, of a girl and find similar pictures (of her) or a list of the websites it was posted on?

Well, at this moment finding another picture of any girl is somewhat hard unless she is a true attention-whore. However it is easy to find out about every non-password protected website it was ever posted on along with the chronological order of posting (and in various image resolutions).

If you do a little extra work, it is possible to find out who posted it and use that info to trace it back to the subject of that picture. Between this development, Facebook face recognition and EXIF tags, my dream is slowly coming true.

I might post a few examples of my research, on this subject, in an upcoming post.