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June 20, 2011 1 comment
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Women Can No Longer Burn, Ban or Destroy Porn

June 20, 2011 39 comments

Paid sex and pornography have always been major obstacles to the feminine agenda of getting men to slave away for them in return for mediocre and rationed sex. Unfortunately for them, technology is changing ground realities in both areas rather quickly.

In the pre-antibiotic, pre-testing era using the services of a prostitute was often a dangerous gamble. Thankfully antibiotics, antiviral drugs, STD-testing combined with better condoms, pills and the advent of the internet (escort ads/ bulletin boards etc) have made that route much safer and quite acceptable in many countries.

However the biggest changes to the sexual marketplace, as far as most people are concerned, is ubiquitous and high-quality porn. There was once an era when most porn was sold as print, film, video-tape and DVDs. You had to actually find and pay for semi-decent porn.

The physical nature of porn also meant that it could be burned, banned and destroyed with ease- often by fat and aging married women.

Today anybody with decent internet connectivity and a laptop, smartphone or tablet can access porn- whenever they choose, wherever they choose and with an ease which would baffle people from a couple of decades ago. I first realized the nature of this change, in the very early 2000s, after I bought my first decent laptops and PDAs. It quickly became obvious to me that technology had fundamentally changed the way I accessed and used porn.

Prior to that, porn was either linked to large non-portable devices (desktop computers, VCRs) or low-content density print media (magazines). Having thousands of photos and hundreds of movies on my laptop and a smaller collection on my PDA allowed me to access it on demand and in a variety of situations, which were previously unthinkable. It was now possible to watch a QSVGA size movie of a girl giving an awesome blowjob or taking a good spanking on a cross-country flight. I could sit in a coffee shop and thumb through a database with thousands of nudie pics. Looking through multimedia containing scores of naked chicks on the way to meet escorts or while waiting for them became second nature.

While I was an early adopter of many such technologies, today even an average person of average means can get a decent laptop (400-600$), tablet (500-700$) or smartphone (200-600$) and enjoy the fruits of that revolution. Mobile internet access (WiFi and 3G) is now almost universal and fairly inexpensive in developed countries.

Given that we use these devices and intertubes for many other purposes, the cost of high quality porn is now essentially zero. Attention-whores with cheap digital cameras are doing their best to increase the diversity of the subject pool.

For a long time women, especially wives and girlfriends, could control their men’s access to porn because it was costly, low density and physical in nature. Today they have lost that power because porn is free, high density, non-physical, ambient and easy to access. As I have said before, good porn can replace boring and mediocre relationship sex.

The true extent of this change will not be publicly obvious for a few more years, however the trends are clear.

No woman in the relationship sex mode can compete with the hundreds and thousands of attention-whores who will always look better, younger and be less bitchier than a ‘real’ woman.

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