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Why Do Some People Oppose Gay Marriage?

June 21, 2011 18 comments

I have a question-

Why do some people oppose gay marriage?

Given the absolutely pathetic state of heterosexual marriage in developed countries, especially the USA, is it even possible to debase the “institution” of marriage any further? What part of this pathetic institution can you still desecrate?

Have you ever seen shows like Bridezilla? If you think that they are fiction, you have probably never overheard a group of women talking about their upcoming wedding. Here is the unpleasant truth-

‘Empowered’ women have debased heterosexual marriage beyond repair.

Two guys marrying each other might actually raise the state of marriage. In any case, the married life of two guys is likely to be less fucked up than its heterosexual equivalent.


This Is What A Dysfunctional Society Looks Like: Jun 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 16 comments

Ever wonder how dysfunctional the USA has become? Here is an example-

US man stages $1 bank robbery to get state healthcare

He told the paper he had lost his job after 17 years as a Coca-Cola delivery man, and with it his health insurance. He was in increasing pain from slipped discs, arthritic joints, a gammy foot and a growth on his chest. Since being in the jail he has attained his goal: he has been seen by nurses and an appointment with a doctor is booked.

A video clip of his interview-