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Why Sociopathy Exists

June 23, 2011 10 comments

Ever wondered why sociopaths exist? Many people have pondered over the reasons behind their existence, and some have even written books about them. However almost all of them make one implicit assumption.

Sociopaths are different from normal people.

Many stupid or disingenuous “scamademics” go to great lengths to try and demonstrate that sociopaths are somehow defective or have alternate brain circuitry. While that may be true in a small percentage of sociopaths, the vast majority of people with sociopathic tendencies are not that odd or different. Many who believe in the vodoo “science” of evolutionary psychology try to attribute the survival of sociopaths to some reproductive advantage, though it is unclear how such people or their progeny would have escaped retribution in lawless societies– if they were truly different.

There is another rational, but tasteless, explanation for the existence of sociopathy and sociopaths which involves a different explanation for the motivations behind human behavior. Most belief systems try to explain human behavior in one of two ways. Some prefer to see humans as ‘fallen angels’ who are not intrinsically evil. Others tend to see humans as ‘risen apes’ who carry a lot of baggage from their evolutionary past. But there is a third possibility..

Humans are delusional, self-aggrandizing scumbags with a massive ego and an extremely limited ability to back it up.

My experience with human beings suggests that this is, unfortunately, the best explanation for human behavior. Both the ‘fallen angel’ and ‘risen ape’ models require the vast majority of humans to have some ability for objective introspection. How often have you seen that?

On the contrary, you are far more likely to see people behaving in a manner that suggests the unwillingness to think objectively or reason. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples-

How many guys does an average woman “truly” fall in love with only to leave them for her next “true” love? While biology can explain this behavior in non-sentient species- is that really possible in humans? Would a sentient person be able to do this peculiar mental dance without at some level being aware of what is really being done?

How often have you seen employers mistreat their employees even if there is no objectively measurable gain from such behavior? Why would so many people, in so many cultures and different eras abuse power- even if were ultimately a losing proposition? Ever heard of the Stanford prison experiment? Why do even average people behave like sociopaths when given the ability to do so?

Why do whites who are routinely abused by other white spend so much time scrutinizing the criminality of non-whites? Who screws you out of more money- a white realtor or a black ‘criminal’? a white employer or a black ‘criminal’? a white spouse or a black ‘criminal’? Who is more likely to kill you- a white doctor or a black ‘criminal’? a white “justice” system or a black ‘criminal’?

Why would so-called clever people waste their best years working hard in careers that will never reward them during those very years? What is the use of having millions and billions of dollars if you are too busy, stressed, scared or old to enjoy it? However we have no shortage of people wanting to be doctors, lawyers or engineers? Are they really intelligent- or just clever morons?

I can give you many other examples- but you get my point. Human behavior is just too peculiar to be rationalized unless you accept that it has a rather strong base of sociopathy, delusion and narcissism.

There is therefore probably no clear delineation between “normal” human behavior and sociopathy.

Sociopaths are just ahead of the curve.


LOL: June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011 11 comments

Is it just me or is there something “odd” about the psyche of people in mexican drug gangs?


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NSFW Links: June 23, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

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