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What Stupid CONservative Cocksuckers Don’t Get About Drug Legalization

June 24, 2011 8 comments

After reading some of the comments to a post on, which in turn referenced one of my posts, I decided to write up another post on that subject.

So let us start-

1. People like to get high.

People have been using drugs to alter their state of consciousness for thousands of years. Drugs, of one kind or another, have been used by people across time, environments and cultures. The precise set of reasons behind that need do not matter. Note that in cultures where people do not live mind-numbingly pathetic and boring lives, drug addiction is not common even if casual drug use is high or universal. Ever heard about widespread cocaine abuse in south american tribes? What about universal heavy tobacco smoking amongst native americans? Why are there so few pot addicts (if they exist) in India?

2. The high cost of drugs in so-called civilized countries is a function of high demand and illegality, not manufacturing or extraction cost.

Have you heard of an illegal market in buying and selling the droppings of rare birds? Can you say the same about low quality pot? What about oxycodone tablets? Why would people homebrew methamphetamine? Obviously there is a rather strong baseline demand for drugs.

Do you really think that making or extracting drugs is that expensive? Heck, most drugs can be synthesized and purified to pharmaceutical grade products for a few cents per pill. If WalMart can fill your hypertension medicine or antibiotic prescription for a few bucks and still make a profit, don’t you think that it is possible for any recreational drug? Chemically speaking, most recreational drugs are easier to synthesize or extract than many prescription drugs.

3. The “war on drugs” has decreased the price of drugs and improved their quality and accessibility.

Is it easier to get high-quality pot today than say 20 years ago? Why has the quality of methamphetamine improved since domestic law enforcement shut down home-brew operations? Isn’t cocaine today cheaper and purer than it was during the 1980s? WHY??? Why have all the funds spent on, people employed, prisons built, people incarcerated, laws passed in the “war on drugs” resulted in improved drug availability, quality and lower price? Something isn’t working.. at all.

4. With the probable and partial exception of PCP and alcohol, drugs do not cause unprovoked violent or dangerous behavior.

When is the last time you saw a person high on opiates endanger other people? what about pot? Even amphetamines and cocaine do not make people spontaneously kill others. User and addicts, with unlimited access to drugs are far more likely to hurt themselves than others.

5. Making some drug illegal while keeping others legal is based in “morality” not ethics or reason.

How many people die from cigarettes and alcohol? Do you think that the total morbidity and mortality from all other drugs legal could ever match it? But why are alcohol and tobacco legal? Tradition? Revenue source?

Those who want other drugs kept illegal have little interest in reducing morbidity or mortality from drug use. If anything they want to maim, imprison and kill others for trivial reasons. They are therefore sociopathic scumbags instead of the moral pillars of society they fancy themselves.

6. Anti-legalization people are venal hypocrites.

Most anti-legalization types are CONservative and LIEbertarians who talk a lot about how they hate big government, laws, courts, regulations and embrace the free market and personal responsibility. Yet these same scumbags want more cops, prisons and enforcement to punish drug users.

Only a pathetic, extermination-worthy subhuman could oppose governmental functions such as food inspection, basic environmental and financial regulations and then turn around to demand that the very government he so vehemently detests stop others from having a good time with their own money buying stuff in a free market.

I may expand on this post in the future depending on reader responses.