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Nafissatou Diallo May Have Supplemented Her Income Through Prostitution

June 30, 2011 6 comments

So it appears that my suspicions about Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser were right all along. Evidently she has a rather interesting history including connection to immigration fraud, money laundering and other fun stuff. After taking this new information into consideration, it is worth considering a possibility that occurred to me some time ago.

She might have supplemented her income by providing sexual services at her place of work. A hotel with 3,000 $/night suites frequented by rich and powerful men would be a good place for an attractive woman, of any race, to provide sexual release- for a price.

The very fact that she discussed the benefits of crying rape with her jailed “fiance” around the time she made the accusation suggests that she was aiming for some sort of half-assed extortion scheme.

another funny thing fact about her- apparently neither she nor her teenage daughter have AIDS, yet they live in a low-rent apartment complex meant for people with HIV or AIDS.


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Dystopic Reward System

June 30, 2011 13 comments

One of the most important features of our current socio-economic system is that rewards are a ‘bizzaro’ version of what they should be in a rational society.

A person’s income and stability of livelihood is inversely proportional to his/her utility to the upkeep, let alone progress, of society.

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples- add more if you want (in the comments).

Let us start with hedge fund managers, investment banksters and other assorted financial-type scumbags? Do they serve any purpose other than using other people’s money to bet on and manipulate the prices of everything from corn to crude oil? What about their role in creating fraudulent financial instruments? But we still reward them exceedingly well, don’t we?

What is the function of a CEO or anyone on the board of directors of a corporation? How often do they fulfill that obligation in anything other than the namesake? But aren’t they amongst the most well paid of “employees”? How often have you seen them destroy one company through their stupidity and then moving on to a better position at another? How do they get into upper management? Competence and ability or scam, accident of birth and luck?

Professionals are another category of scamsters, though far less richer than the ones we just talked about. Aren’t many professions from doctors, pharmacists to lawyers just monopolistic cartels with a significant percentage of incompetent, redundant and generally useless people? But aren’t those jobs great- with excellent stability, considerable latitude for malpractice, little scams and other perks?

Government bureaucrats are no different. Once again they have excellent pay, with considerable nepotism in recruitment and great job stability. Most don’t work hard, which is actually a good thing for everyone else. Private sector versions of these critters populate middle-management and HR. Once again they are often the last people to be fired and first to be rehired once their current company goes under.

Certain government jobs with utility such as law enforcement, regulatory agencies etc often end up doing stuff that is removed from their original purpose but nevertheless enjoy excellent compensation, something they share with education critters such as teachers and academics.

It is as if we deliberately choose to reward people based on how harmful, useless, incompetent and sociopathic they are. While I have written about the perverse incentives which partially fuel this problem, it is obvious that the real problem is even deeper. It has something to do with societies built on an ever-increasing amount of laws and regulations.As I have said before- a multitude of laws and rules are the best ally of sociopaths.