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Why You Should Ignore Almost All External Opinion About Yourself: 1

June 13, 2011 13 comments

I have always found the lack of critical and rational insight in the vast majority of people to be alternatively sad and hilarious.

The vast majority of people want to be popular and liked, even though it confers little or no advantage when it would matter most.

Did you catch the problem? Let me explain in some detail…

Ever wonder if there is a rational reason behind people wanting to be popular, liked and accepted? Well, there is really no advantage in being all that today.

Human beings want to tag along with people possessing social cred only as long as it is advantageous to them. Nazism, Racism, Eugenics, Catholicism, Belief in ‘White Destiny’ and a host of other ideas were once popular. Ever saw the German masses worshiping Hitler in ‘Triumph of the will’? That shit was real! Once the pope had the authority and popularity to start wars and crusades. Torture and lynchings of heretics, inconvenient people and blacks were once popular. Genocide of other races (belgian congo) and ethnic groups (irish famine) was once popular policy.

So how do we look at those events and attitudes today?

But why go that far back in history.. Let us look at some contemporary examples-

1. In the period 2002-2008, realtors in the USA could do no wrong. They made tons of money and everybody wanted to be like them. They had many new friends, acquaintances, defenders, rationalizers and everybody wanted to help them, or be nice to them.

How is that working out now? How many of their friends and acquaintances want to help, or even be associated with, them now? Why not? What changed?

2. After Sep/2001, almost everybody supported all sorts of bullshit- from ‘homeland security’ to suspension of due legal process. It seemed that almost everyone, including so-called rational people, wanted to be safe from the “evildoers”. So how do people now look at those who rode that event to greater power? What about Bush, Rumsfeld, Giuliani, Kerick etc? Still adored and respected?

You might say- but they are rich. Newsflash.. they were already rich and powerful BEFORE 2001.

3. A few years ago, a game changer like the iPhone was considered unimplementable or too costly- even though the technology to do was around. Many famous and then respected people from other companies such as RIM, Nokia and Microsoft never went down that road though they had a huge lead in that area. Indeed, many engineers from those companies also believed and promoted this view.

So who is NOT laughing to the bank? What about those engineers who stood behind and supported the decisions of management morons? What did they get for their loyalty?

I will give more examples and talk some more about why wasting time and effort on gaining a favorable social image is not worth the investment in the next post on this subject.


LOL: Jun 12, 2011

June 12, 2011 4 comments

In light of more recent developments in Weinergate, it is worthwhile to remember that..

According to that article-

Rep. Anthony Weiner took numerous photos of himself — clothed and partially nude — at the House Members Gym and sent them to at least one woman … raising questions about whether he used Congressional resources in his online exploits.

Seriously?? We are concerned about whether he took self-shots of himself in the congressional locker rooms? On a scale of bad things an average congress-critter does, this one is almost too small to register.

There is something wrong about a populace which is more concerned about a married guy showing off his dick to a willing woman than his actual job record- good or bad.


Speculation About Anthony Weiner’s Treatment: Jun 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 5 comments

So, it is official- Anthony Weiner is the latest male ‘celebrity’ to seek treatment for behaving like a normal (albeit hypocritical) guy.

I wonder if his treatment is going to be something like this..

Does anybody want to make a Photoshop of Weiner undergoing the “Ludovico” treatment?


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Why Older People Cannot Grasp The New: 1

June 11, 2011 12 comments

Almost everybody has their favorite stories about how old people are befuddled by new technology and social mores. Many attribute it to age, brain function, senility etc.. but that is bullshit- as I will soon show.

In my opinion, the assumption that old people’s inability to grasp the new is linked to declining brain function has a major flaw-

Why do small kids and even toddlers have little problems grasping new concepts? If you make the argument that their brain is more plastic, here is my counter question- Do you remember your life as a 1-year old, 3-year old.. 6-year old in any detail? Think about it.. But weren’t your crucial experiences, acquisition of language, basic literacy etc also during that time period.

So why can’t you remember your most crucial learning experiences?

Let me give you an example- Imagine that you are playing a new and novel first-person shooter (FPS) for the first-time. What do you focus on? The maps, meta-objectives or just playing the game? Now imagine playing it from a predominantly third person perspective. What do you focus on? and how do you play it?

FPS games are an immersive experience and you tend to play a novel one without using much of your previous experience with similar games. It is hard to play bioshock 2 like doom 3 or doom 3 like half-life 2. While the basic mechanics are not that different- the style of gameplay is vastly different. In contrast, RPG/strategy type games are very similar to each other in one important respect- they require the player to use a lot of their previous understanding of similar games to play them well.

Remembering things in the third person requires a third person perspective- aka a previous set of mental maps.

Coming back to the topic of this article, there are two types of change- evolutionary and revolutionary.

Evolutionary change includes things such as using word processors instead of type writers, excel instead of visicalc, HDTV instead of CRT based TVs, automatic transmission instead of manual etc. These changes are based on concepts which already existed when older people were growing up and are thus not truly new. Note that these befuddle older people far less than revolutionary changes.

Revolutionary changes are changes for which there are no real precedents. For example- there are no real precedent for e-mail, spam, texting, blogs, malware, selfshots and a host of other things. Similarly there is no real precedent for women’s behavior today. The same can be said about things like the role of financialism in the economy.

Most older people abandon the unstructured,immersive first-person perspective as they “grow up” and “mature”. The reasons behind this have more to do with ego, worldview and projecting competence than any changes in the brain. Grownups abhor uncertainty, even if their version of certainty is full of shit. Children do not abhor uncertainty because they don’t yet have anything to compare it to.

Therefore kids are more likely to explore, look around and test various aspects of a novel system rather than stick to one path. The lack of previous mental maps and excessive attachment to a previous world view makes them far more willing to do so.

They are also far less invested in sticking to the old ways, if something better comes along.The worldview of older people is based on an interlinked set of “facts” which they “know” to be optimal. Disturbing one “fact” can set of a chain-reaction capable of destroying other parts of their world view.

For example: acknowledging that their average 15-year-old daughter willingly send nekkid pictures of herself to guys she barely knew undermines many of their cherished ideas about how average women behave and think like. Similarly a POV blowjob shot of her makes them confront the possibility that there is no fundamental difference between a porn star and their average daughter. Most people cannot bear such thoughts.


NSFW Links: Jun 9, 2011

June 9, 2011 2 comments

These links are NSFW.

TV and BJs: Jun 9, 2011 NekkidCuties

TV and BJs: Jun 9, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Amateur Ginger BJs: Jun 6, 2011 NekkidCuties

Amateur Ginger BJs: Jun 6, 2011 Nudie Cuties



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Shitty Wages, Bullshit and Sociopathic Academics

June 9, 2011 5 comments

Here is a peculiar two-part question:

Why are non-tenured academic types paid less than people who manage restaurants, coffee shops, pubs or teach kids? What peculiar economic value do these more well-paid people add that non-tenured academic types don’t?

Let me answer the second question first. None of the better paid gigs add any more economic value than the poorly compensated researchers. Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and most education are as frivolous and unnecessary as the average research project. Moreover, universities and established academics get a lot of money for pretending to conduct scientific research.

So why can scumbags (established academics) get away with paying their employees much less than these other occupations?

I believe that the answer lies in legal immigration. Essentially, foreign-born students and staff are the equivalent of illegal Mexican construction and agricultural workers.

As far as extermination-worthy academics are concerned, their only purpose is to provide cheap and compliant labor for aging and delusional white morons. Now, I am not suggesting that “all” white academics are like that or non-whites are somehow incapable of such behavior. I am equally sure that not all slave owners were evil, and non-whites also owned slaves- but you get the point.

Once such imported people mostly came from Eastern Europe, China and India. They are now increasingly from even poorer/ dysfunctional countries. The ones from Eastern Europe, China and India are also no longer the best and brightest- who now have much better opportunities in both their countries and in other areas.

Scummy academics justify poor pay and conditions by saying that “science is about the truth and not money” and other assorted bullshit such as “science is an unnecessary hobby”. It is most peculiar that the same cocksuckers (academics) and institutions (universities) who preach the virtues of academic poverty to others receive a lot of money (often tens to hundreds of millions per department) to conduct it.

Whether we like it or not- academic research is now far more similar to a business or a make-work program than any altruistic “search for the truth”. So let us cut the crap! Let us, for once, admit that it is about sociopaths exploiting vulnerable people.

The next post in this idea arc will explore the psyche of these extermination-worthy cocksuckers. Hint: It involves lack of testicular fortitude.


Face Recognition, Facebook and Self Shots

June 8, 2011 5 comments

Over a year ago, I wrote about how nekkid self shots by attention-whores (aka normal women) could be combined with face recognition and embedded GPS tags to generate a more complete profile of any given woman, especially if she is under 25.

At that time, GSP tagging had been implemented, but a large face recognition database was not. Thankfully, Facebook has fixed that problem.

Facebook Inc. stoked fresh concerns from privacy advocates and lawmakers in the U.S. and Europe by rolling out technology that uses facial recognition to identify people in photos on its website. The technology was designed to help Facebook users mark friends in photos as they upload them to the social-networking site. Facebook first introduced the tool to U.S. users in December, and added it to most of the rest of the world this week, prompting privacy officials in Europe to open investigations.

and here is the best part.

The face-recognition tool is enabled for all users by default.

As some of you know, Facebook is the site of choice for attention-whores to post their normal photos. You can bet that the technology will be either copied or replicated by people of a more.. creative mindset.

Thank you Facebook. Thank you for making my predictions a reality, so soon. Let the data mining begin!


So, How Many Of You..

June 8, 2011 1 comment

You might have heard by now that, based on the accidently leaked photos, Anthony Weiner shaves his junk. A quick glance at the amateur BJ pictures on my NSFW blog will confirm that many young men also shave, or aggressively groom, their junk. I have been doing that since the late 1990s.



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LOL: Jun 7, 2011

June 7, 2011 8 comments

Keeping Aztec traditions alive has not been easy, but some people are trying their best to fuse the best parts of the old traditions with newer influences.


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How Biomedical Research Is Destroying Itself: Shit Wages

June 7, 2011 7 comments

In case you have not figured it out yet- academic research is rapidly destroying itself all over the world. Certain areas have however been far more affected than others.

Biomedical research is, in my opinion, the most fucked up of all sciences. It is also the most highly funded on an aggregate basis- if not per capita.

I started my MSc at 20 in an area of biomedical research. However my adverse experiences made me leave that area, and switch fields, after finishing my degree. I then went into an area somewhat related to bio-medical research, but with significantly better job prospects- at least at that time.

So what is the real problem with biomedical research?

For beginners- there are many systemic and somewhat interlinked problems with that area. The single biggest problem is however that it offers shitty wages and low chances for advancement.

How shitty are the wages?

For starters, MSc and PhD students receive a stipend that is barely above minimum wage. Even scholarships and bursaries do not make much of a difference. You are looking at something between 20k-30k per year (pretty much tax-free). Even these wages could be justified if the next step in your career paid significantly more- but it does not.

Biomedical researchers, unlike those in chemistry, engineering, mathematics have few job opportunities outside academia or various institutes. Nor are their skills of much use outside their very narrow fields. A person from almost all specialties in chemistry, engineering or mathematics is employable in a number of other areas that require those skills.

Consequently most of them are stuck in academia type positions. The average postdoc in N. America makes about 35-50k/ year, often working long hours, in jobs with no overtime and pretty low job security or room for advancement.

For comparison, a manager at an average restaurant or Starbucks makes between 50-60k/year and you can get another similar job with that experience. Similarly a clinical clerk, medical tech/help type can make more than a postdoc by working 9-5 than a postdoc can ever make- with much less education, skills and intelligence.

The point I am trying to make is that obtaining a PhD which does not help with getting a job at a company (80-120k/year) or starting your own business (tech startup) is a horrible waste of time and money. The single biggest reason that many science fields, especially biomedical research, have few whites (or native-born) people studying or working in them is that the wages and working conditions are so shitty! -People who deliver large water bottles for office coolers probably make more than biomedical postdocs. As a consequence, most whites (or native-borns)who enter that area leave it after a short stint.

Greedy morons, also known as established academics, try to benefit from this situation. They are aided in their cynical and sadistic quest by funding agencies who prefer connected, political conmen pushing fraudulent “incremental” research over real innovation. The quality of biomedical research has been dropping over the last 20-odd years and today it is acknowledged that probably half the research published in top-tier journals is essentially unreproducible- aka bullshit. Even reproducible research is often exaggerated, manipulated or trivial.

In the next part of this series, I plan to write about the effects of such scam ridden crap on the credibility of biomedical research- and the public view of science in general.


LOL: Jun 5, 2011

June 5, 2011 2 comments

Talk about having embarrassing parents! The ‘mother’ is wearing a very scanty & see-through thong style bikini.

Here is the original picture- Family day at the beach.


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My Brilliant Plan For Destroying Totalitarian Regimes

June 5, 2011 7 comments

Have you ever been bothered by a pesky totalitarian regime in the Middle-East or Africa? Regime change is often a complicated and costly business- especially with the very high costs of armed intervention.

I have a better option-

Drop packs of 10,000 USD (one hundred * 100 dollar bills) over the populated areas of those countries such that most households get at least one pack.

Let me illustrate my point with concrete examples.

Afghanistan has a population of about 30 million. Even if we gave 10k dollars to every Afghan man, woman and child the total cost would be about (3 * 10^7) * (1* 10^4)= 3* 10^11 or 300 billion dollars. Do you think that the war in Afghanistan has cost the USA less than that 300 billion (direct costs have exceeded 450 billion USD)? What has been achieved? Is it stable?

If we had given every Afghan adult 10k USD per year, almost every objective of the war (peace, increase in business activity, people becoming less religious) could have been achieved for a fraction of the cost of armed intervention- and with far more lasting results.

Now consider Iraq- its population is about 32 million. Use the same scheme and one can see that it would have been much cheaper and less messier to pay off every Iraqi adult or give them some guaranteed income scheme (10k /year) than wage war against them (direct costs exceed 800 billion USD).

The best part is that paying them in such a manner would have ensured that Iraqis and Afghans would have greeted Americans as liberators.

What does this say about the real reason for both wars? What does it say about the mindset of western “elites”? What does it say about the numeracy of the average american?

Think about it!


NSFW Links: Jun 5, 2011

June 5, 2011 4 comments

These links are NSFW.

BJs With Eye Contact: Jun 5, 2011 NekkidCuties

BJs With Eye Contact: Jun 5, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Working On Their Gag Reflex: Jun 5, 2011 NekkidCuties

Working On Their Gag Reflex: Jun 5, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Tumblr: Now with extra youth 😉


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Why Indians Cannot Work Together As A Functional Group

June 4, 2011 28 comments

Ever wonder why the last 10 odd centuries of Indian history are so full of misery? To be fair, in most parts of the India- only the 1400-1600s plus part of the 1800s really sucked.. but still.

I am referring to foreign rule and exploitation- first by Muslims and then by the British. Some of the reasons underlying this problem have been discussed in previous posts (Why I Don’t Hang Around Indians: 1, Why Are Indians Over Represented In the Self-Hating Fellator Category?).

In my opinion, the overall reason is-

Indians Cannot Work Together As A Functional Group.

But why would that be so? What prevents them for working in a cohesive, purposeful and united manner? Some of you might immediately point the finger at ‘caste’- however any serious reading of Indian history would quickly show that infighting amongst the same sub-caste (jati) was, by far, the biggest problem.

So why did a social system meant to reduce intra-group conflict end up causing and worsening it?

In a previous post, I had remarked that the behavior of Indian men is too feminine (passive-aggressive, veneration of authority, petty, amoral) and zero-sum to encourage or create enough social cohesiveness. There is another aspect of this behavior pattern that is worth mentioning.

Indians take great happiness, and put great effort into, screwing over their own relatives and “friends”.

Yes, you heard that right! Nothing causes more pain and suffering to an Indian than seeing his relatives or friends succeed or even have a decent life. This has little to do with jealousy, schadenfreude or envy. It is based in the peculiar need to fuck over others even if it is not profitable.

A fundamental component of the Indian psyche is the need to hurt, abuse and betray their own relatives and friends.

Not all Indians are like that, but most are. While this bizzare need might take various forms and be done under various excuses- the basic drive is the same. My explanation for this behavior is based on the assumption that Indian men are highly feminized and therefore likely to think/act like women rather than men.

Women tend to be amoral, greedy, sociopathic, hysteric, fake friendly, passive-aggresive, backstabbing, zero-sum, excessively ritualistic, vegetarian creatures who take great interest in ruining the lives of their girlfriends even if they don’t benefit from the fallout. Paradoxically, the majority of Indian men fit that profile to a T.

Much of Indian history and behavioral patterns start making sense once you accept that most Indian men are chicks with dicks. That is probably the biggest reason I could not, and cannot fit, into their living nightmare.


How Ferdinand Bardamu Can Get His Groove Back

June 3, 2011 6 comments

It appears that Ferdinand Bardamu is suffering from laziness, amotivation and a general malaise. While that could be partially related to his injured ankle, it may also be linked to the slim pickings of quality ass in Burlington. Did you know that capital of Vermont has a population of less than 8,000. Even Cheyenne, Wyoming has over 60,000 people.

Based on my extensive experience in this area- feeling low can be alleviated by regular applications of hot and skilled escorts to the penis. His current location makes “trips” to Montreal easy and inexpensive.

A twice/month escort habit (incall + driving to and fro) will set him back by about 400 USD. Even if FB is seeing a woman or two, semi-regular sojourns with skilled, hot and polite pros will do wonders for his outlook on life.