Caption This: July 2, 2011

Whether this photo was an unfortunate accident or deliberate choice is a matter of perspective. BTW, the girl he is fucking has a nice ass.

Captions? Comments?

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8 Responses to Caption This: July 2, 2011

  1. Deus says:

    I’m straight?

  2. Commander Shepard says:

    Based on the girl’s ass she seems like a hot chick. Props to this skinny fat somewhat ugly nerd for fucking her.

  3. eew, we really didn’t need to see that….

    I have a theory about mainstream “heterosexual” porn. There is soooooooo much cock in it, it’s almost as if str8 guys can buy it feeling secure in their heterosexuality but still stare at tons of cock.

    so mr. crapacoli–did the 3 day weekend help in your hunts for canadian escorts???

  4. k says:

    Documentin’ mah man-points.

  5. VoltronBlack says:

    you know what good for him but i hope he keep his pimp hand strong against that hot woman.

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