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Old Music Video: Culture Beat- Turn Me Inside Out (1995)

July 7, 2011 2 comments

Who does the female singer in this video resemble?


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Buddhism Is Just Another Worthless Rationalization Of The Status Quo

July 7, 2011 21 comments

The last 30-odd years have seen a considerable increase in the popularity of Buddhism in western countries. While it does look quite good when compared to Judeo-Christian religions because it does not encourage things like burning heretics, killing unbelievers and believing religious books too literally, it also has some of the same major flaws as other religions and a few peculiar to it.

For one, Buddhism is fatalistic like all other religions. A feature peculiar to all religions, traditional and secular, is that they encourage believers to accept the general shit of existence for some illusory reward in the next life, grand cosmic purpose or because that is the ‘cosmic normal’. However progress can never occur unless a few believe that things can change and are willing to try. Worthless cocksuckers from ‘elite’ universities may try to argue on the definition of progress but none of them are willing to give up indoor plumbing, electricity or even more recent innovations such as the mobile internet.

Buddhism encourages detachment from the physical world in order to attain moksha. While some may argue that buddhism does not preach true detachment- it is hard to argue that in practice detachment from the world is most optimal life choice to attain moksha. Paradoxically, Buddhism does not condone suicide for “selfish” reasons- thereby making it logically inconsistent.

If you do not live long enough to commit sins, would it not logically increase your odds of attaining moksha?

Why should people suffer through a painful, meaningless existence with many opportunities to commit sins if you don’t want to? Why would any entity that made moksha or rebirth possible want his/her creations to suffer?

Let us turn to one problem somewhat particular to Buddhism.. the idea of non-violence. While a distaste for senseless violence is shared by many belief systems, most accept a degree of purposeful violence. However Buddhism and a couple of other Indic religions condemn all violence. This translates into people not defending themselves and not eating meat- neither of which are good for you in the long run.

However these same nonviolent religions are perfectly OK with people and animals dying painful deaths as long as the causes are ‘natural’ according to the priests of that religion. Ever noticed that Indians supposedly consider the cow sacred but make no attempt to feed or care for starving and diseased cattle. What about a person suffering from a painful terminal disease? It it ‘sinful’ to help such a person kill themselves? Buddhism, in practice, spends too much time talking about various forms of ‘sinful’ behavior and nonviolence while exhibiting little concern for human welfare.

Buddhism also has a peculiar and fairly unique internal self-inconsistency. While it talks at great length about fragility of the body and impermanence of physical reality, it accepts that the soul is real, immortal and with a unique traceable ID. How can a belief system with a reasonable objective view of the observable world still harbor such a primitive and magical belief in the unobservable. Is it really that different from other religions?

While Buddhism is a step up from heretic burning, infidel killing belief systems supported by magical thinking aka other religions- it is still just that.. a step up.