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Why Do CONservatives Obsess Over Small-Scale Criminality?

July 12, 2011 42 comments

CONservatives have a peculiar obsession with small-scale criminality. I find this behavior odd because it is extremely irrational. Let me explain with an example-

Say.. a black guy holds up a store for.. say 500-900$. CONservatives of all stripes will loudly demand that he be thrown in jail and make up all sorts of bullshit about IQ, race and how ‘those’ people are less than animals etc.

Now imagine a bunch of rich white guys who manage a pension fund (e.g CALPERS) screw up and lose billions of dollars. What happens? or should I say.. what does NOT happen. You never hear CONservative cocksuckers demand that those people be shot, thrown in jail, lynched etc. At best, they mumble something about the ‘loss of ethics and responsibility’.

Who is more dangerous to your well being- a broke guy who steals a few hundred dollars because he has to survive OR some guy who has millions of dollars and still screws people out of their retirement money?

Many CONservative morons talk about ‘black criminality’. But seriously.. what do you expect from people who have been treated poorly their entire lives? White criminality is however paradoxical and pathological.

The paradox of ‘white criminality’ is that it is socially acceptable, respectable and done by people who are already rich. Moreover, each act of such criminality offers little additional improvement in their lifestyles. For example- A 500k extra bonus offers very little lifestyle improvement to a person who already makes 2 million/year.

I have noted in some of my older posts (like this one) that CONservatives worship bigger and better CONmen. While there are many possible explanations for this inconsistent behavior, I favor one unpleasant explanation- which will be explained in some detail in an upcoming post.