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What Ideological Trigger Issues Say About The CONservative Mind

July 15, 2011 10 comments

The CONservative mind has a peculiar set of obsessions and trigger issues such as denying equal rights for gays, restricting access to abortion, strong belief in religious literalism, excessive interest in the sexual behavior of others, belief in ‘free market’ capitalism, belief in racial superiority etc. They also like totalitarian systems, widespread poverty, misery, cruelty, insecurity and abhor new ideas, free speech, individualism and other people looking out for themselves. They are content to keep on repeating the same shit, defer to or quote some ancient ‘wise men’ and generally justify their pathetic existence.

Note that this spectrum of interests are almost identical across racial and cultural lines. An american CONservative has far more in common with a Chinese or Indian CONservative than they could care to admit, and vice-versa. Moreover Feminists, Environmentalists and a significant part of the ideologically zealous left are functionally CONservative.

So what kind of mind can justify such behavior to itself? In my opinion, CONservatives either lack the ability to think through their actions or have significant cognitive dissonance. While the first possibility might be true for a significant minority of mouth breathers, it is hard to ignore that there is significant component of cognitive dissonance in CONservative behavior.

If you analyze CONservative behaviors and ideolgies, there is one consistent pattern that underlies all of their behavior and ideologies. It is-

Excessive faith in their belief system coupled with a fragile ego and significant sociopathic tendencies in a low-to-average intelligence person.

So why would somebody have excessive faith in their belief system? Why is it linked to a fragile ego? and what is the nature of the association with sociopathy and low-to-average intelligence?

To understand that question, ask yourself- Who am I and what do I want?

If you are not brainwashed and reasonably intelligent, your answer will be far more complex and nuanced than a CONservative could possibly think of. Both complexity and nuance come from the ability and willingness to see the world from many viewpoints and in shades of grey.

CONservatives lack the ability to think through alternate scenarios or build complex and often incomplete observation-based mental models of the world. While their minds work well enough to survive and maybe scam their way through life, their ability to think beyond that is limited.

Their fragile egos are linked to a subconscious recognition of their intellectual limitations. CONservatives spend much time and effort quoting long dead ‘wise men’ because it makes them feel more intelligent. CONservatives like the certainty provided by traditional and secular religions for very similar reasons.

It is far easier to believe in the certainties of judeo-christian hell, fixed list of sins and virtues, ‘invisible’ hand of the market, feminism and thereby feel knowledgeable, clever and deserving. CONservatives internalize these pre-fabricated certainties (aka dogmas) and defend them zealously because those beliefs form a large part of their mental world. Thinking through and piecing together incomplete data into workable models of reality is far more demanding and threatening to those of mediocre intelligence and consequently fragile egos.

Since zero-sum behavior is often a consequence of the inability to think beyond the status quo, it is no surprise that CONservatives and their belief systems abound with such beliefs. It is therefore not surprising that CONservatives believe in things like austerity, gold standard and assorted bullshit. Similarly CONservative ideologies support and justify wars of aggression, ‘legal’ theft, enslavement, mass murders and genocides. Those very same ideologies also provide support for the belief that misery, poverty and insecurity are the default conditions for humanity. The low-to-average intelligence of CONservatives, their zeros-sum mentality along with dedication to defending dogmas make them good foot-soldiers and cannon fodder for more intelligent and even more unscrupulous people.

In summary and to reiterate, CONservatives are semi-retards with fragile egos, full of mindless zealotry with sociopathic bent of mind who make good slaves for even more sociopathic and unscrupulous “elites”.