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Too Early?.. July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011 6 comments

So it too early to make fun of this moron- Anders Behring Breivik? The good people at 4chan/b don’t think so.. and here are some of their meme creations. Enjoy!


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The Long Term Effects Of Breivik’s Actions

July 23, 2011 21 comments

By now you must have heard about how Anders Breivik killed over 90 people, including over 80 kids. Whether he was acting alone or as part of a group is largely inconsequential to their long-term effects.

Let us list them-

1. He has done more to discredit CONservatism in Norway than any person on the left could have ever dreamed.

While his car bombs killed a few people and caused considerable damage, they were aimed at politicians and bureaucracy- neither of whom have a great image even in Norway. However his next action- killing over 80 kids at a summer camp have effectively tainted everything he believed or was interested in.

Imagine a CONservative trying to explain why ‘that guy who killed over 80 kids’ shared his views on politics or anything else. It is almost a given that any CONservative organisations he was associated with are toast and discredited. Moreover killing 80 mostly white kids to defend a CONservative worldview is should we say.. massively counterproductive. Do not forget that Norway is a small country, population-wise, and this event will not be easily forgotten for a few years.

2. Exposed white CONservatives for the nutters they really are.

While many people initially thought that the Norway bombings and massacre were the handiwork of Islamic extremists, the course of events showed otherwise. I cannot resist pointing out the irony of a white christian CONservative actually doing what they believe Islamic terrorist would do. I mean.. irony doesn’t get better than that.

After this event a Scandinavian CONservative might have a hard time convincing others that Islamic terrorists want to kill white children and destroy government buildings- because we know who has done those things and it is not a bunch of swarthy guys from the ME. Breivik’s name (Anders Behring) and persona (look at his photo and business profile) are Scandinavian to a level of parody.

3. Its effect on neighboring countries.

Do you really think that his actions won’t affect events and policies in neighboring Scandinavian countries? Unlikely! You can bet a lot of money that people in Sweden, Denmark and even countries as far as France and Germany are going to be influenced by the events and their fallout.

Do you really think that CONservatism in Sweden or Denmark will not suffer a loss of credibility from these events? What about governmental perception of groups and people with such ideologies? Breivik has, in a perverse way, strengthened what he wanted to destroy in that part of the world.

As most of you know, I detest CONservatives and their ideologies, and am happy that one of their own has fucked up their public image in such a spectacular manner.