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A Quick Word About Breivik’s Manifesto: 1

July 24, 2011 15 comments

While Breivik’s actions might prove counterproductive to his cause- his 1500+ page manifesto is actually coherent, well researched and internally self-consistent. Other than the parts about the supposed glory of Christianity, it is hard to disagree with a lot of what he writes about- and I have little tolerance for typical CONservative bullshit.

The guy is certainly well read about the subject matter in his manifesto.

He talks about many things such as-

1. How ‘cultural marxism’ is affecting freedom of thought and expression.

2. The origins of political correctness- especially as a tool of though control.

3. How feminism, cultural marxism, political correctness and deference towards other religions (notably islam) are part of the same ideology.

4. How Islam is glorified, while Christianity is vilified inspite of historical evidence to the contrary.

5. A fairly extensive catalog and analysis of the atrocities performed under the name of Islam.

6. He makes a good case that Islam is unreformable under the present circumstances.

7. The reasons behind the fall of Christianity in Lebanon and what they mean for Europe.

8. An overview of various battles fought between the 7th century AD and 1683- between Christians and Muslims.

9. About deliberate attempts to Islamize Europe- “Eurabia”.

10. Why multiculturalism is bad for Europe. It appears that he is not so much against immigration as multiculturalism.

11. Why the EU is a bad idea.

12. Why the UN is a dysfunctional institution.

13. How Feminism is delusional, war against men and paved the way for the rise of Islam in Europe.

14. The problem of fatherless societies.

There is more, and I will write about it in subsequent parts.