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Behind Asian Fear of Individualism: 1

August 31, 2011 18 comments

In a previous post, I asked your input on why Asians seem so mortally afraid of individualism. This is an important question because many Asian nations demonstrate abilities on par with the west, however this potential almost never gets translated into innovation. Let us be clear about one thing- innovation is not possible without individualism.

There are those who propose explanations based on culture, social conditions, genetics or similar external factors, but their seemingly good explanations don’t hold across cultures. An explanation for why China did not innovate do not hold true for Japan and the reason behind the stagnation of the Ottoman empire don’t hold true for various Indian empires. However it is hard to ignore that the Ottoman empires response to innovation was strikingly similar to those in Japan, China or India. To put it another way, the Turks reacted in a manner similar to the Japanese- though they had never seen each other.

There is something else at work and I will try to explain my theory in the rest of this post.

The assimilation of western ideas into Asian cultures is biphasic- useful technology is quickly copied and even improved, but ideas and modes of thinking are rarely accepted.

Why not? Why were Indians, Japanese and Turks proficient at copying handguns but so determined to ignore the printing press? I believe that this pattern is not accidental and is part of a world view. It was also not simply an aversion to change because guns changed the lives of people and empires as much as books. Let me use another example to illustrate my point.. Muslim Arabs have a surprising if veiled tolerance for western “sins” such as cyberporn, booze, drugs but a striking intolerance of apostasy and criticism of their culture. Are you starting to get the point I am making?

People have an innate aversion to be exposed as stupid and incompetent poseurs. However culture and traditions are largely about stupid, meaningless and often counterproductive posing. Civilizations which have been around for a long time accumulate too much cultural and traditional baggage. An unfortunate aspect of the human condition is that most people, even clever morons, cannot see past cultural and traditional shit.

Unlike many other continuous cultures a series of events in the west during the 1300-1500 AD timespan produced a large discontinuity from the past. Events such as the black death, a series of very bad harvests, various wars in the early middle ages caused a non-voluntary shutdown and reinstall of the OS, device drivers and programs in their cultural computer. As many of you know from experience, doing that often restores computer performance and allows the machine to do things which were previously considered impossible.

But what about cultures who did not have to reinstall their software from scratch and upgrade their hardware? For them, piecemeal installation of selected new software packages and complicated workarounds the dysfunctional OS are the only realistic option. Almost nobody wants to willingly reinstall the software or update the hardware in cultural computers.

So how does this tie into a fear of individualism?

Individualism represents an attempt to update the system, install officially unauthorized applications or update the hardware in a manner that conflicts with existing resource allocations, applications, processes and threads. The rejection by eastern cultures of post-renaissance thought, especially individualism, is therefore an attempt to protect an obviously dysfunctional cultural computer- though they will almost never publicly admit that.

The antipathy of eastern culture to printing, especially privately owned printing, in previous eras and dissenting electronic communication today is due to the subconscious realization that their systems are fragile and incompatible with any real reform. The ‘elites’ of eastern cultures have therefore always tried to buy time by selectively adopting post-renaissance technologies to keep themselves competitive, while actively ignoring the spirit and ideology that gave rise to them. Likewise, many asian behavior patterns stressing homogeneity and conformity are due to the subconscious realization that their systems are ill equipped to change without some major and unpleasant readjustments.

Even the west would not have changed on its own if things had not gone to shit in the 1300-1500 AD timespan. Luckily for them, occurrences beyond human control forced their hand.

Will write more in future posts on this topic.


Curious Kitty Watches Cop Fuck Woman

August 31, 2011 16 comments

You might have seen a news story about a Cop caught on camera having sex.

Bert Lopez was honored in the Capitol Rotunda in May 2010 as the New Mexico State Police District 1 Officer of the Year. In July, he received a Challenge Coin, a select commendation his department bestows on officers identified as having gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Now, he’s on paid administrative leave and facing possible disciplinary action for an incident that has caused embarrassment to the department. Images surfaced Monday — and were posted on websites across the country by Tuesday morning — showing him in uniform apparently having sex in broad daylight with an unidentified woman on the hood of her Honda outside the gate of a county-owned ranch south of Santa Fe.

My own contribution to the story involves a little noted artifact in one still from the video.

and “Keep on Fucking” is from the music video “Outside” by George Michael.


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Michele Bachmann: Then and Now

August 30, 2011 4 comments

Apparently the exorcism was not totally successful.


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Behind The Continued Hate Of Keynesianism

August 30, 2011 18 comments

It seems that not one day goes by without some politician, academic hack, ‘capitalist’ or ideologue spouting about how “Keynesianism does not work”.

Here is my counter question- Why bother trying to come up with new ways to tell the world that it does not work?

How much ink or electrons are spent on trying to convince others about the futility of believing that the earth is flat, common infectious diseases are caused by spirits, fire is cold or feudalism is a good idea? Why not? Because the truth is obvious based on multiple lines of objective evidence which can be independently verified.

You can look up and observe the spherical shape of other astronomical bodies such as the moon and other planets, fly in airplanes at 50-60,000 feet or send up your own 200 dollar high altitude balloon to independently verify that the earth is not flat.

It is similarly possible to isolate, culture and characterize pathogenic bacteria and viruses with fairly basic lab facilities. You can also follow the course of an infection after giving an appropriate antibiotic. To put it another way.. it is bleeping obvious!

Now take a look at the ideological arena. Today few people see feudalism, absolute monarchy or communism as viable and hence these ideologies are not the object of hate and critique. But Keynesianism just doesn’t go away, does it? Why not?

The very fact that Keynesianism has to be actively denounced in the anglosphere tells me that it works better than the status quo. Many of the socialist or populist policies in West-European Countries and some East-Asian countries such as Japan are Keynesian in nature. Need I remind you that the golden age of the american middle class (1940s-1970s) also occurred when the nation was run by people who believed in that ideology.

Look around you.. CONservatism, neoCONservatism, neoLIEbralism and Randism have failed and still people focus their critique on Keynesianism. Tells you a lot about their supposed intellectual objectivity, doesn’t it?


Martyrs are Far More Influential Than Is Commonly Believed

August 29, 2011 5 comments

Most people have a rather narrow understanding of the concept of martyrdom and it’s effect on the course of human history. When asked about it, the majority will mumble something about Romans throwing early Christians to lions.

While Wikipedia defines martyr well enough, it does not go into significant detail about their outsized role in human history.

A martyr is somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious.

I would alter that definition to include people suffering significant personal loss for an unpopular cause.

Let us start with the role of martyrs in the establishment of religions..

Take Judaism. What would Judaism have been without Moses? Assuming that his story is based on a real historical character, it is very obvious that he left a pretty good gig in ancient Egypt to lead a few thousand argumentative people on a multi-decade camping trip in the Sinai desert. Let me rephrase that- he left a pretty cushy life to do and ultimately die for what he believed in.

Or take Gautama Buddha, a prince with all the trappings of luxury and wealth just giving it up to look for the meaning of life. We have Buddhism because one really rich guy decided to just give it up and become a monk.

Then there is the case of a liberal Jewish rabbi whose Crucifixion created a new religion which many of you are familiar with. He could have saved his ass by being less controversial, but he evidently chose otherwise.

Islam has two main branches- sunni and shia. The shia branch exist because this Husayn ibn Ali became a martyr at the battle of Karbala. That event and its fallout still affect the world, especially in the middle-east. Sikhism is a religion about Martyrdom.

Secular religions also have their martyrs-

Even 400 years after being burnt at the stake, Giordano Bruno’s memory is still invoked to criticize religion in general and Catholicism in particular. He could have chosen to be more diplomatic, but he didn’t- ultimately making him one the biggest PR nightmares for Catholicism. Spinoza could have chosen to follow in his father and become a rich Jewish merchant, instead of a heretical philosopher. Ignaz Semmelweis could have chosen to not press his theory about infections, rather than tirelessly promote it to a uncaring world. Robert Oppenheimer could have just become another businessman like his father or remained a somewhat famous professor rather than do something which made him famous, controversial and ultimately a martyr in the american communist witch-hunt of the 1950s.

Leonidas could have stuck a deal with Xerxes and saved his life and about 300 others. Thich Quang Duc could have chosen to die of old age, rather than immolate himself. His sacrifice was the beginning of the end for american designs in Vietnam. Killing Martin Luther King Jr just ensured that he is now seen as a saint, or as close to one as secular ideology allows. It is hard to argue that those 19 people caused more direct and indirect socio-economic damage to the USA than traditional adversaries with ICBMs.

People who believe in a cause strongly enough to suffer or die for it are often far more powerful in death than in life.

I should note that all of these events occurred in the era before mobile phones, ubiquitous internet, Facebook, Twitter etc. Imagine the effect of some of these events in our world.. or just remember what happened in the Middle-East because some guy set himself on fire.


LOL: Aug 29, 2011

August 29, 2011 2 comments

Vintage ads can be unintentionally funny..


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The World Requires Far Fewer School Teachers

August 28, 2011 13 comments

The idea behind this post is that the world would be far better off with fewer school teachers. So how did I reach this conclusion-

Let me start with the question: Do most schools or school teachers teach anything that betters the lives or ability of the average student or even the vast majority of them?

The simple answer to this question is.. NO. If school teachers actually taught something which was useful in an environment that enhanced the learning experience, kids might look forward to attending school to learn.

It is a myth that kids don’t like to learn. Do kids require motivation to learn new games, use new gadgets, pick up useful skills, learn new languages, visit new places or try new things? If anything, their brain is wired to learn.

If kids don’t look forward to “learning” in school, it can only mean that schools and teachers do not teach anything useful or worthwhile. While the subjects taught in school might be interesting, it is obvious that the manner they are taught in is counterproductive to learning.

Schools and teachers are to kids what prisons and prison staff are to adults. They have no useful social function and do not create better people. It is all about government jobs, corruption, perpetrating abuse, showing power and hurting those with less power than yourself. Both institutions give the appearance that TPTB are actually doing something about “real problems”- and don’t give me that shtick about how prisons keep criminals out of society. If you really think that a poor black guy who steals 500$ from a corner store is worthy of jail time while a white guy running a pension fund that destroys the life-savings of thousands is a paragon of capitalism.. you have some “issues” with reality.

Neither prisons nor schools can be reformed in any meaningful way because those who work in them or benefit from their existence are already large lobby groups. If anything the teacher and school bobby is far larger than the prison lobby. They will try very hard to maintain the status quo and will resist any serious attempt to reform because that would upset their gravy train.

Teachers do not care about the welfare of kids. It is about the paycheck and kicks from facilitating abuse and wielding power. If they cared about the real purpose of their job, they might actually express disapproval of the status quo and try to do something about it. How many do that? A few percent.. maybe? The rest just play the assigned role of prison guards.

Any real reform requires such people to disappear for good and there are many high- and low- tech ways to achieve that end. I cannot see a less radical method to successfully achieve that end.


When Reality Makes “Desperado” Look Less Gory

August 26, 2011 3 comments

How many of you remember Robert Rodriguez‘s 1995 hit movie “Desperado“? Maybe you thought the scene with the epic fight in a Mexican bar was a bit out there

Then again, that was before the current ‘War on Drugs’ in Mexico. You might have my seen my previous posts about its epic, gory and sometimes just plain fucked up levels of brutality.

Today we hear that- Gunmen burn Mexican casino; 45 die

MONTERREY, Mexico – Two dozen gunmen burst into a casino in northern Mexico yesterday, doused it with gasoline, and started a fire that trapped gamblers inside, killing at least 45 people and injuring a dozen more, authorities said. The fire at the Casino Royale in Monterrey, a city that has seen a surge in drug-cartel-related violence, was one of the deadliest attacks on an entertainment center in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug cartels in late 2006.

Now that the real Mexico is officially more fucked up than the one depicted in Robert Rodriguez’s films, you might as well enjoy the famous clip from “Desperado”.


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Shyest Girl: Fun Factory

August 26, 2011 1 comment

Wherein I inflict another music video upon you. This one is from when I was in high school. It does have a catchy tune, though the video is kinda cheesy.


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Civilization has No Intrinsic Right or Reason to Exist

August 25, 2011 6 comments

One popular stream of thought goes something like this-

“Civilization would collapse if everybody did that”

My answer is- let it go to hell. Those who do not benefit from something have no reason to care about it.

Civilization is not some magical entity which must be preserved at all cost. It’s existence is worthwhile only if it fulfills its purported function. Any civilization or social system which destroys the lives of many to enrich the few is a dysfunctional ponzi scheme. The continued existence of such a system has the same legitimacy as an imploding ponzi scheme.

All pre-industrial civilizations were ponzi schemes who existence was based on paucity or total lack of free information flow between most people. Those who revere old civilizations and their achievements are worshiping ponzi schemes which turned out badly for almost everyone involved. While reading about the history of various Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese, meso-american eras might make you feel wordly, the quality of life for almost every person in that era makes the life of an average pet dog or cat in our era look good.

It was the industrial age which made civilizations less ponzi scheme like. Only in the late 1800s did the average person in some countries start having a life which was somewhat better than domestic animals- though a significant minority of people in western countries lived in relative poverty till after WW2.

Today we have the technology, conditions and opportunity to make civilization even less of a ponzi scheme. However doing so requires people to understand that civilization has no intrinsic right or reason to exist. Forms and versions which lean towards ponzi schemes(such as financialism, neoliberalism and neoconservatism) have to go along with their practitioners, priests and pimps.


Sometimes, Extra Captions Are Unnecessary: Aug 25, 2011

August 25, 2011 2 comments

Got this picture from here.. Marcus Bachmann Embraces Gay Community, Starting with This Guy.


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Obama Will Rehabilitate Hoover By Failing Worse

August 23, 2011 2 comments

I am just stating the obvious. Even Paul Krugman has expressed similar views. At least Hoover failed because he was a timid, if well meaning, guy. Obama, on the other hand, is a corporate stooge..


MLK Monument Made in China: Aug 23, 2011

August 23, 2011 3 comments

Somehow I think that his dream did not include having a national monument dedicated to him being made in China. But hey.. they did a good job and delivered on time.


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NSFW Links: Aug 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 1 comment

These links are NSFW. Tumblr

Girls With Glasses Blowing: Aug 12, 2011 Self-explanatory

Serious Suckers: Aug 15, 2011 Human vacuum cleaners

Amateur BJs: 22 Aug, 2011 Cute average girls..


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Rick Perry Is The Caricature of George W Bush

August 22, 2011 4 comments

Others have noted that too.. Maybe they clone village idiots in Texas?


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