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My Version of SchadenFreude: 1

August 6, 2011 26 comments

As many of my regular readers have probably guessed by now- I take great joy in the misery, pain, suffering, dismemberment, illness and death of others. But how did it come to be this way? I was certainly not born like that..

As explained in some of my oldest posts, I gradually lost my faith in humans. Most people still don’t realize social and technological changes make it possible for a person to lose all faith in humans, harbor considerable ill-will towards others and still have a life that appears normal. Of course, this will cause numerous problems in that society such as lack of social cohesion, an unwillingness to care about common goals and a variety of behaviors that reduce the benefit a society accrues from people who play by the rules.

One of the least mentioned effects of loss of faith in other people is strong omnipresent schadenfreude. It can be so strong that a detailed account of a random child’s painful death from a terminal illness can suddenly brighten your day, or stories of mass deaths of people you never knew can make you feel good.

At some point schadenfreude transcends issues such as whether they were guilty, deserving or competitors. It is now about undiluted misanthropy.

Even you can reach this level, as long as you can satisfy some preconditions.

1. You have to be aware that you are mortal, but so is everybody else.

2. People around you must have consistently been unhelpful, deceptive or exploitative.

3. You are not particularly affected by the possibility of your own death.

4. You have no real reason to care about others.

5. You see human beings as obstacles to your modest goals.

6. Nobody has expressed genuine remorse over their behavior towards you or have tried to make it right.

Once the above mentioned preconditions have been satisfied, you WILL gradually lose any guilt, empathy, restraint or sense of decency towards others. Eventually you reach a point where the suffering of others will make you happy even if you have never met them or don’t benefit from it.

Note: Traditionally schadenfreude is linked to envy and comparison rather than generalized misanthropy.

More in a future post.


Seeing Delusional Cogs For What They Really Are

August 6, 2011 7 comments

Many, so-called, decent human beings make their livelihood doing things that are not in their best interests. A good example of such delusional cogs are soldiers who serve in the armed forces of various countries. While I do not detest them nor believe that war is always a bad idea- it is obvious to any objective observer that most wars are not fought for principles or against evil but to benefit a few at the expense of many.

The idea that war is a racket is not new. There is ample evidence throughout history that countries, including the USA, don’t really care about their soldiers or veterans. In that respect, the exceptionally good treatment of WW2 and Korea veterans was an exception. Unless you are in the armed forces of a developed country that seldom engages in war, being a soldier is a bad deal.

Today over 30 marines died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. What I am going to say about that event is not pleasant. So here it goes-

Why is the USA involved in Afghanistan?

Though I see Pashtuns and other Afghans as a bunch of greedy boy-fucking morons, the question still stands- Why? Have they attacked the USA? Will killing them, their kids and destroying their opium crops make us safer? Will funding local warlords make us safer? Sure, a few of them once hosted some people involved in planning the attacks of 9/11. But aren’t most of those people dead, broke or living in Pakistan?

Given that Pakistan is the main portal for recruiting, training and finding Muslim terrorists- isn’t killing Afghans sorta useless, and counterproductive?

Therefore, aren’t US armed personnel in Afghanistan kinda like ‘legal’ murderers? Killing those who don’t attack or try to harm you first is murder.. isn’t it? We certainly don’t excuse those who participated in the Holocaust or Japanese atrocities in China just because they were patriotic people following orders. So are Americans soldiers special?

Would it be wrong if I said- “Today 31 delusional murderous cogs in an imperial machine (which will never benefit them) deservedly died in a fiery helicopter crash in Afghanistan”.


Offered Without Commentary: Aug 6, 2011

August 6, 2011 2 comments

You may remember controversy surrounding a certain group of 7-8 year olds who performed “single ladies” and “my boyfriend is back“. While their talent is undeniable, there were those who wondered about the context.

Wonder no more, for I have located a clip of their dance routines put on YouTube by the dance studios they patronize. Remember that it is mothers, not fathers who typically push their daughters in showbiz related careers.

PS: The video has to be opened in another tab/window. Do it! You won’t regret it.


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A Documentary About Income Inequality in the USA

August 6, 2011 3 comments

We live in an amazing world.. Today, Al-Jazeera does the kind of serious journalism that western news outlets once claimed to do. Pravda is now likely to be more objective than the NYT or WSJ.

This documentary is about income inequality in the USA and is probably the best piece on that subject produced by a main-stream media outfit.


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