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A Documentary About Income Inequality in the USA

We live in an amazing world.. Today, Al-Jazeera does the kind of serious journalism that western news outlets once claimed to do. Pravda is now likely to be more objective than the NYT or WSJ.

This documentary is about income inequality in the USA and is probably the best piece on that subject produced by a main-stream media outfit.


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  1. Michel
    August 6, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Off topic, but it always cracks me up when I see these experts comment on pieces like this.

    I remember seeing one on how food prices were going to go up, and I kept thinking, “Motherfucker, you’re going to be affected too. Or are you too wealthy to care?”

  2. P Ray
    January 20, 2020 at 11:16 am

    The Jerry Hanel case, now going on in Hawai’i (because I’m not a haole) hehe … is a good example of how inequality destroys neighbourhoods.
    DIAMOND HEAD, Hawaii – Here’s what we know so far about the suspect, who HPD identified as 69-year-old Jerry Hanel. Neighbors say he was a tenant in the home where all of this started.

    He has no previous convictions, but did have restraining orders filed against him by four different people. He was also scheduled to appear in court this Tuesday on a charge he allegedly misused the 911 emergency telephone service through a false alarm or complaint.
    and all this plus getting to live rent-free. And he also set fire to seven other houses as well, killed 2 police officers and stabbed his landlord. Would he have been able to keep the rental, for free, while having a restraining order … if he was a person of colour?

  3. P Ray
    January 21, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    Hurray, it only took idiots over 1 generation to realise that they were getting lied to:
    People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows
    MONDAY 20 JANUARY 2020 5:33PM

    A growing sense of inequality is undermining trust in both society’s institutions and capitalism, according to a long-running global survey.

    The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer – now in its 20th year – has found many people no longer believe working hard will give them a better life.

    Despite strong economic performance, a majority of respondents in every developed market do not believe they will be better off in five years’ time.

    This means that economic growth no longer appears to drive trust, at least in developed markets – upending the conventional wisdom.

    “We are living in a trust paradox,” said Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman.

    “Since we began measuring trust 20 years ago, economic growth has fostered rising trust. This continues in Asia and the Middle East but not in developed markets, where national income inequality is now the more important factor.

    For white people it is easy, they can just move to Asia or the Middle East to earn more than the locals, but the problem is genitalic:
    White women only want to spread for White men, BUT
    White women can’t be sure the White men will be loyal to them alone, lel.

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