My Version of SchadenFreude: 1

As many of my regular readers have probably guessed by now- I take great joy in the misery, pain, suffering, dismemberment, illness and death of others. But how did it come to be this way? I was certainly not born like that..

As explained in some of my oldest posts, I gradually lost my faith in humans. Most people still don’t realize social and technological changes make it possible for a person to lose all faith in humans, harbor considerable ill-will towards others and still have a life that appears normal. Of course, this will cause numerous problems in that society such as lack of social cohesion, an unwillingness to care about common goals and a variety of behaviors that reduce the benefit a society accrues from people who play by the rules.

One of the least mentioned effects of loss of faith in other people is strong omnipresent schadenfreude. It can be so strong that a detailed account of a random child’s painful death from a terminal illness can suddenly brighten your day, or stories of mass deaths of people you never knew can make you feel good.

At some point schadenfreude transcends issues such as whether they were guilty, deserving or competitors. It is now about undiluted misanthropy.

Even you can reach this level, as long as you can satisfy some preconditions.

1. You have to be aware that you are mortal, but so is everybody else.

2. People around you must have consistently been unhelpful, deceptive or exploitative.

3. You are not particularly affected by the possibility of your own death.

4. You have no real reason to care about others.

5. You see human beings as obstacles to your modest goals.

6. Nobody has expressed genuine remorse over their behavior towards you or have tried to make it right.

Once the above mentioned preconditions have been satisfied, you WILL gradually lose any guilt, empathy, restraint or sense of decency towards others. Eventually you reach a point where the suffering of others will make you happy even if you have never met them or don’t benefit from it.

Note: Traditionally schadenfreude is linked to envy and comparison rather than generalized misanthropy.

More in a future post.


  1. Dreamer
    August 6, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Jesus Christ man, wtf did people done to you? Everybody have their bad moments, some more than others. I had my share of people who treated me like shit. But I have enough moments in my life who shown enough care and consideration for me that prevent me from taking your view on the world.

    Can you give more details? I’m assuming your life is not some horror biopic where you thrown the worst possible card with a childhood in warzone with abusive parents, but more of an average life with college (from my memory of what you said in the past) who struggled with have some status amongst your peers.

    Did you never had a friend who defended you from assholes and try to help you gain a backbone? What about your family? Did they just abused you all your childhood or something? C’mon man, even the people on the bottom of the totem pole in high school had some comradeship and company in each other. Did everyone in your life just kicked your dog or something?

    The details are not that important, but I have no reason to feel anything other than utter contempt for people.

    • Dreamer
      August 6, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      Details are pretty important when one is trying to fathom why you gained you no reason to feel anything other than utter contempt. Your hints at your background seems to paint a picture that you had a life that tend give the probability that you would encounter some people over the years who would treated you better than one would assume for one who reach this world view (which sounds like absolutely nothing along with a dysfunctional and abusive family that you barely escaped).

      • waking_up
        August 7, 2011 at 12:13 am

        Its about the critical mass of the impressions made on you – sure, we all experience some kindness, but it is swamped by the overpowering tendency of this (ironically) humanistic civilization to dehumanize us. The happy-joy-optimism fluff of the past few centuries has been sloughed off by the grating reality of all the shit we see around us.

        As for going to college, sure it looks like good fortune, but really the best thing a perceptive person gets out of it is to realize that the supposedly intelligent are just scumbags; either mere dullards with a good memory, or dweebs who employ their intelligence selectively to exclude all realizations that are not to their animal advantage (i.e. comfort, career, sex). Think of this as the kind of college experience that is a precursor to the frame of mind described in this post.

        Humanity, cry for your lost innocence. 😉

    • DoesnotMatter
      August 12, 2011 at 5:14 pm

      And I have no reason to feel anything but utter contempt for the likes of you

      • P Ray
        February 8, 2017 at 11:56 pm

        Did you manage to get your work visa to the US?
        Any photos of the “macking, body sculpting, travelling” that you promised to RooshV(and you said you were going to do for a year or two)?
        I’m not sure how welcome H-1B visa holders are under Trump …

  2. August 6, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    hahaha Diablo,

    Next time your in canada, you can take a break from escorts and visit this place:

    just remember to put sunscreen on the lil’ Diablo….

  3. Anonymous
    August 6, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    So to make a very long story short, you’re /b/

  4. Dreamer
    August 7, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    @waking_up Okay, so you got a critical mass of shitty treatment that you and Dissension reach a point of misanthropy that you take pleasure of the deaths a thousands people? Your response did help give a clearer picture, but it still doesn’t describe what kind of treatment you received made you start to take pleasure in the suffering of random people. What is the grating reality of all the shit you see all around you? What have you seen differently that others have seen and commentated (the usual “all around shit” that people tend to point is things like war (from the news), poverty, and perhaps superficiality – other vices are less visible, so I’m not assuming you see betrayal, murder, malice, or things like that) that gave you the critical mass and not the others?

    The college point is used because it usually means that they come from a privileged enough position to have food, a home, some family and met different people as one grew up. While a few have a background of rising from a broken home, most usually have a stable background with memories of good old friends and likely have a family that cared enough to provide through the cost of college. You know – not being treated like shit… Your perception of how many people in college itself isn’t convincing. Many have cried the lack intelligentsia historically perceived, but instead a bunch of regurgitating robots who spend their weekends partying with no irony that they aren’t that special isn’t convincing. Yet didn’t reached the same point as you or the OP did. Most of them – myself included – have memories of meeting good friends who treated me well (and I to them in return) along with shown care by other people.

    I do know one person in college who I pretty sure come out with a sense of misanthropy. First, I’m not saying you or the OP was this guy. I’m just bringing this up because I can fathom him if he came to the same conclusions of you guys. The man I knew was at heart a good person. But had a sense of hatred for basically everything. He was a heart a nerd (or was it geek – either way he loves playing Magic and gravitate towards that type of people), but when he speaks about them – he speaks with a sense of hatred rather than a self-aware irony of the flaws they come with them. His family seems to care for him enough to send him to college and offer to help pay the cost of anywhere he wants to live after he graduate and they did rush to help him when he was diagnosed with cancer in his sophomore year, but he hates is parents and his sister. The reasons for his sister is understandable (she was a slut and she took advantage of her parents). We never given any light on why he hates his parents. Anyways, the point of that description is he was a person who have a negative view of things and views his experiences negatively enough to be able to conclude your views. Justified or not (personally, it looks self-inflicted as he pushed all of us away). I’m not saying you are him, but you better have a better reasoning and experiences that made you reach your conclusions than his experiences. Which his experiences seems to stem more from his negative spin than actual negatives experiences.

    • waking_up
      August 8, 2011 at 2:55 am


      I must admit that my comment was an instance of playing devil’s advocate for AD, because I can understand his perspective, but I don’t SUFFER from it. When I feel a similar way in real life, it is a superficial feeling that drifts through my ego, not something that touches my core. Protect your core from the dirt that the ego is forcibly exposed to by virtue of its direct participation in social life!

      I work hard to preserve my loving warmth deep inside, because we men should be ever-ready to extend a helping hand to other people that life brings into our orbit, if we judge that they deserve it.

      So rest assured, if we happen to meet in real life, I might not be the fastest friend you make, but I’ll watch your back if you’re cool.

      As for AD, I’m sure he’ll admit that he could easily neutralize one of his 6 preconditions to free himself from his schadenfreude – but he’s having too much fun being a grinch!

  5. Commander Shepard
    August 7, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    I’m basically in agreement with you, AD. Society heaps shit on young men it’s only appropriate to reciprocate.

  6. DoesnotMatter
    August 12, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    you….my exquisite bastard, are going to die in great fear. You lie when you say you don’t fear your own death. All you petty cowards are the same. You will die terrified and I will laugh at your terror

  7. P Ray
    December 26, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Some good ideas for men wanting to “exchange resources for sex”:
    Note, if you’re careful, you can!
    “The problem with Brown’s complaint is that although DiCenso may have harassed her, he did so only once – DiCenso’s comments vaguely invited Brown to exchange sex for rent, and while Dicenso caressed Brown’s arm and back, he did not touch an intimate body part, and he did not threaten Brown with any physical harm.

    This alone did not create an objectively hostile environment.”

    So, be vague, be non-intimate, and always stick to the letter of the law.
    If she doesn’t want to make the rental space “enjoyable”, she can leave.
    It is, after all, up to the owner to decide to whom he wants to rent to, right?

    • P Ray
      December 26, 2014 at 7:11 pm

      Set up the situation with some intelligence,
      as someone said:
      it’s not what you do it’s what they can prove. ever hear of home field advantage in the playoffs? point being that it makes a difference if the boinking takes place in her place or yours. if it’s yours it’s as simple as you saying she was late on the rent and she came on to you to keep you from getting pissed and throwing her out. that way you don’t even have to excuse her from the rent. also remember most people don’t want to be dragged through a legal system as sexual predators even if they don’t get convicted but the onus is on her to prove your guilt, not on you to prove your innocence. i still don’t see the difference in exchanging sex for rent versus exchanging sex for dinner/a movie/ and some drinks but hey, that’s the world we live in.

      Also, this:,1773/

    • P Ray
      December 26, 2014 at 11:05 pm

      Ah, Finland. Where landlords are respected!
      News 2.2.2010 11:16 | updated 31.5.2012 20:52
      Sex for Housing Schemes Legal in Finland
      Each month, at least one landlord who requests sex in exchange for housing is reported to the Central Union of Tenants. Police say the thinly-veiled request for a prostitute is legal if the tenant is an adult and the landlord does not resort to violence or threats.

    • P Ray
      December 27, 2014 at 2:46 am

      But finally, one should always understand that:
      (complete) exchange of goods in exchange for sex is prostitution.
      therefore, charge a discounted rate of $1 to the person that meets your standards and is willing to give sex, from the full price of the goods.
      After all,
      men give dinner to women in exchange for sex, give rings in exchange for sex, give houses in exchange for sex … that’s not classed as prostitution by the law.
      so, a discount of a good to $1 + sex, is not prostitution either. After all, it was NOT a complete exchange of goods in return for sex …

      So, to all the “god’s lost (male) children”,
      leverage your property to get free sex + $1.
      that’s not prostitution.

  8. P Ray
    April 29, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    A lovely fairytale, brought to you courtesy of wotm8brah at
    “Consequences of a large EMP attack”
    wotm8brah » 18 hours ago

    Anyone know?

    Fuck reading this is scary

    After reading the book One Second After we had an interesting discussion over on JoeUser about the subject.

    One user said that humans had adapted and were far too enlightened today to revert to violence and mayhem in the absence of our modern conveniences.

    So let’s walk through the EMP scenario:

    Day 1: July Year 200x

    5 container ships in the gulf of Mexico fire medium range SCUD missiles high into the atmosphere until it reaches far above Kansas and other states. On board are 45KT nuclear warhead. It explodes creating EMP that takes out all of the integrated circuits in the United States.

    That means anything electronic that hasn’t been hardened is going to be ruined. That means your computers, TVs, cars, home electronics, breaker box, phones, radios, cell phones. It also means the power companies, their generators, the backup generators at hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

    All of the farms and their harvesting equipment is dead. The trucks that move food to the cities are ruined. The trains that move freight around the country are inoperable.

    Every airplane flying crashes. All planes on the down are ruined.

    The only thing working are US conventional forces that happened to be hardened against EMP (which means quite a few of them). Some cars stored in underground parking garages would probably work depending on the proximity.

    There’s no fall out. Nobody dies from the attack directly.

    Day 2:

    With power out people’s fridges are DOA. With no working cars, people don’t go to work. In the country and in the suburbs, people take the food out of their refrigerators and freezers before it “goes bad” and have BBQs. It’s a fun time.

    People who were driving somewhere are mostly able to make it to town. A few people die of heat stroke on their journeys. In the deep south, particularly Florida, there are a number of deaths due to the heat since air conditioning is out.

    In the cities, looting begins quite quickly. The police can’t do much since they’re on foot or on horse.

    We know this sort of thing because we have seen what happens during extended power outages. Of course, in those cases cars, cell phones, and other crucial devices still worked but there was still massive looting in the large cities.

    Day 3:

    Local agencies really don’t know what’s going on since there is no communication. No cell phones. No radio. No land lines. The grid is gone. There are spare parts but no where near enough to fix it all and because of the nature of the electrical grid, all the holes have to be plugged for the juice to flow again. And even if they had enough parts, how do they transport them? No trucks. No cars.

    International relief from Japan, China, Canada (though most of Canada is taken out too), Mexico, Europe begins but it’ll be slow going. Food shipments can reach the coast in a couple of days but getting it inland will be a major problem as the vehicles will have to be transported in along with parts to try to get the railroads working again (along with teams to get dead trains off the rails).

    In the subs, the party is over. It ain’t funny now. People are finishing off what was in their refrigerator. Most people still have some food in the cupboard.

    Stores start rationing their supplies. People are still using money (at least, those who keep cash). A bottle of water is $20. How much cash do you keep in your house?

    In the cities, riots have broken out with widespread destruction. Being July, it’s hot and dry. Fires from the riots start to spread.

    End of Week 1:

    By now, most people in the subs have run out of food they would normally remotely consider eating. Looting at the local Walmart and grocery stores begins as people simply take what they need.

    Remember, people aren’t hearing anything from the authorities. There are no working TVs. No working radios. The handful of police are walking in the subs.

    If you live in the suburbs, take a close look around. How would the police reasonably patrol your city without cars?

    Meanwhile, people in nursing homes have started dying enmasse. Without refrigeration drugs quickly go bad. Anyone requiring help breathing or anything else has already died.

    People with type 1 diabetes are starting to see the writing on the wall.

    Meanwhile, the first container ships of relief have reached San Francisco, Seattle, LA, San Diego, Houston, Miami, Boston, NY, Washington, Raleigh. Lots of food, medicine, some parts, lots of vehicles.

    Unfortunately most of those cities are in utter pandemonium. In the south, tens of thousands have already died from heat. In 2003, when there was a heat wave in France, 14800 people died. They didn’t lose power, they just didn’t have air conditioning. In Florida, the death toll is skyrocketing quickly. Same in most of the other southern states.

    End of Week 2:

    People are starting to die of dysentery from eating bad food, drinking bad water. Many have left the suburbs to head to rural areas where they think there is food (they’re wrong, harvest won’t happen for months, industrialized food processing involves a lot of transportation between the farms and the slaughter houses).

    The typical American family, now out of food and with no access to clean water is starting to get pretty desperate.

    What? Only 2 weeks? How much food do you have in your house right now? Go check. I’ll wait….

    Okay back? So how much is in your pantry? How long would it last you? If you knew at the start, you might have rationed it better. But you didn’t.

    Millions of Americans are wishing they had put those steaks and hamburgers and hotdogs in their basements in the cooler temperatures. Others are wishing they had salted them heavily and cooked them well done to store for the long haul.

    In the cities on the coast, power is restored via backup generators relatively close to shore. However, within 10 miles from the harbor, death is everywhere. Don’t agree?

    Ever been to San Francisco? LA? New York City? 14 days have passed. Where would you have gone? The smart ones, who are able to, would have found their way to the harbors and waited for air lifts of food and such. But most would probably not think about that.

    Meanwhile, armed thugs are starting to systematically go through every building and house looking and taking what they need.

    End of Week 3

    Starvation is starting to become a real problem. If your local law enforcement had a clue, they had already gotten themselves and helpful citizens around to the stores to gather up supplies to start rationing it.

    At this point, martial law has been declared by any competent city government. Some cities decide that, for the public good of course, that all community food will be collected and distributed equally to everyone. In other places, large armed mobs are violently taking what is needed to survive.

    Are you a survivalist? Got all your supplies right? Got MREs in the basement. You have an AK47 that you managed to get quietly at a gun show. Your kids know how to use the two shot guns. You’ve been prepared for this day right? Great. You’re about to die.

    You see, you might be able to keep a few people away. But word got around that you have supplies because you’re that guy who everyone knew was expecting to “bug out” one day when the government and black helicopters came. You might be able to take out a few people but 200+ Nope. You’re going to take a lot of them out but they’re going to come in, kill you, your family, and your supplies.

    What? Don’t agree? People won’t do that? Again: Other than on the coast (in some major cities near harbors anyway) you’ve heard and seen nothing from the government other than the occasional Black Hawk flying around. No TV. No phones. No radios.

    A few people have managed to dig up old HAM radios and they are getting distant broadcasts of reassurance but it’s clear that nothing’s coming any time soon if you live significantly inland, especially if you don’t live in a densely populated area.

    It’s triage at this point and the rural and suburbs areas are simply too spread out. Unfortunately, in the cities, fires have consumed much of them. Anyone strong enough to get out of there has which further distributes the population.

    A few older cars start showing up again on the roads as collectables and just old junkers are fixed up and are able to drive because they didn’t have electronics in them.

    End of the first month:

    A network of outposts are re-established in most large and medium sized cities. Medium sized cities are faring a bit better. Kalamazoo Michigan, Santa Cruz California, and other cities of this kind are doing okay now as convoys are starting to show up.

    Really large cities away from the coast are dead at this point. Sorry Omaha, there’s nobody home anymore.

    The Second Month:

    Now is when the death toll really starts to go up. First, you have about 5% of the population that was on medication to control their mental states. This is now gone. They will mostly die off this month or take out a few others in the process.

    Nearly everyone with Type 1 diabetes has died.

    Virtually who requires assisted care at this point has died.

    Millions of children under 2 have died. Why? Do you have any children? If you’re not nursing them, how are you feeding them at this point?

    There are not many domesticated dogs left that haven’t been freed by owners.

    The number of deer left that are near people has diminished to the point of being difficult to find. Same with geese, ground hogs, rabbits, etc.

    Most cities of any decent size now have an outpost re-established with convoys of food now arriving. However, it’s starting to become a real problem because, well it turns out that the US and Canada supply a significant chunk of the world’s food. 47% of the world’s Soy beans are produced in the United States. 86% of the world’s corn. The bulk of the world’s wheat.

    It’s during this second month that the food shipments to the United States are going to start to dry up as hunger starts to become a significant problem in China, Japan, and other countries that have to import food. The US and Canada make up 20% of the world’s food exports and if you count only basic foods the percentage nearly doubles.

    The world has its first universal consensus: Oh shit.

    It’s at about this time that those who were celebrating in the streets about the downfall of the great satan are starting to get the first thought that yes, they’re going to die too. North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, and many other countries are about to see starvation on a level that has never been seen before.

    By contrast, Europe is doing okay. Not great. But okay. Their economies are in ruins but they’re not going to die enmasse.

    In Japan, where starvation is a serious concern, they and Korea have enough money to pay top dollar for the dwindling import food supply. Russia, unfortunately, is about to have a very rough year.

    Needless to say, the food aid shipments to the United States are starting to dwindle. Western Europe, particularly Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands are still sending food shipments.

    If you’re on the East coast in a secure area, you’re in good shape. If you’re on the west coast, most of you are going to die.

    Third Month:

    The population of the United States is starting to take on the same appearance it did in 1909.

    Here is what it looked like in the year 2000.

    8% of the poulation was over 70. Nearly all of them have died.

    3% of the population is under 4. Nearly all of them have died.

    Urban populations of the United States have had staggering death tolls, particularly those not near the coasts.

    Anyone requiring medication that needed to be refrigerated in order to live (anti-rejection drugs, insulin, various heart medications, for instance) has died. Easily 10% of the population on top of the above.

    Around 20% of the population has starved.

    Another 10% in the south who are living in places that were uninhabitable without modern technology have died. Think LA is nice? Imagine it without water. Any water.

    In fact, if you live in California, take a look around. Where does your water come from? Most of the population of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Utah have died.

    Power is starting to get restored due to generators and the government now had a decent supply of cars. Fixing the grid has become a priority.

    While heat has killed millions in the south, we’re now getting near November. It’s starting to get cold.

    The fourth month

    I tell people who come and interview that Michigan’s southern part is about the same latitude as Northern California. Winters in the upper part of the United States and lower Canada aren’t that bad – if you have heat.

    But we don’t have heat. Natural gas has to be pumped and pumped through a huge network across the country. When power goes out, even for a few days, a lot of infrastructure falls apart. New York’s subways, for example are gone. Much of Chicago has flooded too. Those who have enough propane will be okay, for awhile (at least until armed thugs come and take it).

    By this point, restoring natural gas is not going to be a simple matter of restoring power. Ever wondered how natural gas gets to your house? It’s all repairable but it will take time and unfortunately, a lot of that expertise in people has died or is otherwise unavailable. That means bringing people in which will take more time.

    If you live in northern states at this point, and you haven’t starved to death, you’re probably going to start dying of exposure.

    But that’s a gift compared to what people still struggling to make it in warmer areas as we get reintroduced to cholera, TB, and diarrhea become major problems.

    In fact, in 1900 the #1 cause of death in the United States was pneumonia. The #3 was diarrhea. That’s right. The runs killed more Americans than Heart disease, cancer, strokes, etc. And this November, it returns from retirement as people, without proper sanitation, start to die off from all kinds of things that were previously unheard of.

    In fact, as November closes, the United States has reverted to a third world country. No, that’s not fair. Third world countries usually have electricity and their inhabitants usually know how to start a fire. Do you know how to start a fire without matches and such? Remember watching Survivor and laughing at them? They were in pretty good conditions to get a fire going. You, by contrast, are wet, cold, weakened, and not sure if it’s even a good idea to start a fire because, well, what are you going to do with it? There’s little food.

    On the west coast, food shipments have dropped to a trickle. LA, Seattle, San Fran, it’s not a fun time there now.

    One Year later

    The grid is re-established in the midwest, the east coast, and much of the south. It’s partially re-established on the west coast thanks to help from South Korea, China, and Japan. Thanks guys. We appreciate it even if most of us are dead.

    So what’s the death toll? Conservatively, you’re looking at 40% of the population of the US and Canada has died. That’s probably a best case scenario if food and equipment shipments from the rest of the world come in quickly.

    A smart (well not really smart because the states that sponsor terrorists have died off due to the unintended consequences) terrorist would have also zinged Japan, South Korea, the Chinese east coast, and western Europe. If that happened, you would be looking far higher deaths everywhere as there would be no relief coming in.

    The population of the United States today is over 300 million people. In 1900 it was 76 million. The biggest reason for the increase isn’t due to birth rate but rather the massive decline of the death rate. And remember, they had infrastructure back in 1900. We’d be worse off than they were because they knew how to live back then.

    How many people know how to can food? How many modern Americans know how much wood to cut to burn? How many Americans live in places where they need an elevator, as a practical matter, to get to where they live?

    Heck, how many Americans are simply living today because they have access to all kinds of medical technology? How many Americans are living in places that can only be inhabited thanks to modern technology? Most of the south west was a barren desert until electrical pumps became possible. Much of the south wasn’t, as a practical matter, livable until air condition.

    Also, consider our immune systems of today versus what it was 100 years ago. Our sterilized world has made us very vulnerable to the bacteria and viruses that lurk just outside our electrified civilization. And they would be back to visit within weeks.


    Is what I describe realistic? Nobody really knows. There are studies out there. The book One Second After is a bit more dire than I think it would be. And it may turn out that our infrastructure is tougher than it seems or that the types of nuclear warheads that an Iran or North Korea could produce aren’t powerful enough to cause the necessary EMP.

    But what is so frightening is how vulnerable we are. It wouldn’t take much of a shove to bring down the electrical grid. You could still end up with a situation where 10% of the American population (30 million) die simply by screwing up the electrical grid for a couple months.

    Do I think this will happen? Probably not. I have a lot of faith in humanity. But when one considers the things that we worry about – global warming comes to mind, it amazes me how unconcerned people are at how easily disrupted our modern lives could be given how dependent we are on our technology today.

    • P Ray
      September 4, 2017 at 3:57 am

      Addendum to the interesting Gedankenexperiment above, North Korea say they have just tested a 100kT weapon.
      Just a minor extra detail to take into account … only a little over 2x the explosive yield of the ones mentioned in the example above.

      That makes sense.. and is what I would have expected given that they probably did not go for the extra U-238 fissionable shell to boost yield even further.

  9. P Ray
    September 24, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Since the rotten website isn’t updating anymore, I looked around for my fix of unsettling news and found it here:

    A highlight:
    “Toddler Suffocated Under Bean Bag Chair As Unaware Daycare Worker Sat On It

    September 14, 2016 at 9:41 am by Morbid”

    At least by highlighting stupidity, maybe for a time it can be held back.

  10. P Ray
    April 17, 2020 at 2:52 am

    Summed up in one picture:

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