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Birth Control Destroyed CONservatism

August 7, 2011 15 comments

Update: I am making this older post sticky for a day, or two, because it can be seen as the introduction for a much longer article that I am currently working on.

Yes, you heard that right. Development and availability of effective birth control is the single biggest factor behind the decline of CONservatism.

To understand the reason behind this connection, it is important to realize that all CONservative models of the world are pyramid schemes. Such schemes require few older and richer winners and many young and naive losers.

In the era before effective birth control, CONservatives had an unending supply of young and naive people to play against each other. Whether that took the form of wars, horrendous working conditions or other assorted abuse- CONservatives could do that because each women had many kids and even though almost half died before reaching adulthood, it was common for a woman to have 5-6 kids survive into adulthood and go on to have kids of their own.

The result was that the world was full of young and naive suckers who could be manipulated by those with power and replaced by other suckers if they did not cooperate.

However cheap and effective birth control along with modern medicine and industrialization changed that such that the most women started having 2-4 kids.. and then 1 or 2. This has drastically reduced the percentage and number of young naive suckers for the CONservatives to play against each other. Birth control has fatally undermined the population pyramid necessary for CONservative scumbags and ideologies to prosper.

Some of you might wonder if outsourcing could allow CONservatives to go back to the old ways. I think not, because the people in India, China etc do not yet have the ability or willingness to buy enough products and services to keep the gig going. Production without consumption is meaningless and unprofitable. Did I mention that ubiquitous internet connectivity, cellphones etc have also changed the information landscape and therefore the decision matrix.


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