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Beyond Ideology

August 11, 2011 10 comments

Let me begin this post by stating the obvious-

Many of my views and positions do not follow any particular ideology.

While I do have a strong dislike for CONservatives and their ilk, my views on LIEbrals are not exactly positive. At best, they are somewhat less evil and fucked up than CONservatives. I do not believe in god, but my views on that subject are closer to agnosticism than atheism. Though I am professionally involved in science, my opinions of scientists and intellectuals are not good.

To put it another way, I am just too cynical and rational minded to believe in any ideology.

Ideologies, be they political, religious or social are shitty, biased and incomplete models of reality. While such models do have their place on the road towards better ones, one should never see them as destinations. Unfortunately an overt attachment to obviously incomplete models of reality is the norm for most people. These morons live and die worrying about, caring for and defending ideologies which offer little if anything worthwhile to its followers.

Consider a few examples..

1. What did most of the voluntary participants in wars, throughout human history, fight and die for? What did they achieve and who benefited from their stupidity and devotion to dogma? Let me be clear- fighting, and possibly dying, during self-defense or for substantial personal profit is completely rational. However doing so for the enrichment of a few manipulators reflects rather poorly on your intelligence. While a few wars in history, such as WW2, did pit true scumbags (Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan) against not-so-genocidal and fucked up countries (USA, UK etc) and were therefore ‘just wars’- can you say the same about the Napoleonic wars, Crimean War, WW1 and major post-WW2 conflicts?

2. Most people believe in the veracity of various creation myths, from traditional religious and cultist claptrap to ideas with some scientific support such as the ‘big bang’theory. In my opinion, a person who has uncritical faith in the ‘big bang’ theory is not much better than someone who believes that the world was created in 7 days. Do you think that fervent belief in any version of the creation myth is profitable for anybody except the priests- traditional or secular?

Are religious morons who support the myth of Adam and Eve, childish as it may be, any worse than so-called scientists who draw complex inferences about ancient civilizations from fragmentary archaeological evidence? Do you know that what we believe to be the ancient greek texts are based on sequential copies of those documents. In most cases, the oldest manuscripts are no more than 500-600 years old. Is it not possible that the content of the original manuscripts from say.. 500 BC Greece might have been somewhat different from that in the oldest handwritten medieval monastic copy of the same.

3. In my opinion, people who believe in ‘free market’ capitalism, libertarianism, communism, environmentalism or any other -ism are just as delusional as true believers in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and any other religion or cult. Is belief in the ‘invisible hand of the marketplace’ any better than believing in Yahweh, God or Allah? Is belief in environmentalism better from shamanistic nature worship?

Look at the available evidence- Has any system other than a mixture of socialism and regulated capitalism ever worked well for most people? Do tax breaks to the rich create more jobs? Has giving power to a dictatorial proletariat improved the quality of human life for most people? Can libertarianism work given human tendencies to be status and control obsessed cheaters? Would implementing CONservative ideology make the lives of people better or worth living? Why should you care about the environment or nature given that it is constantly trying to kill you?

Why believe any ideology that requires you have blind faith in its books, teachings and priests? Why restrict, impair or sacrifice your life to live up to, cherish or defend any fairy tale?