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Why Are Asians Afraid of Individualism?

August 12, 2011 14 comments

I have my theories about why Asians from cultures as distinct as China, Japan, Vietnam, India and Egypt are afraid of individualism in the post-enlightenment western sense of that word.

But what do readers think? Why are Asians so deeply afraid of individualism?

I asking this for a simple but obvious reason. Asian countries.. be they east-asian, south-asian or middle-eastern always had and have many innovative, original and intelligent people. Indeed they had more than the west at every point in human history. But those societies never utilized their abilities to any significant extent- in many cases at all.


What was different about the post-enlightenment west that allowed it to utilize its intelligent heretics, dissenters, shit-disturbers etc? Why did the west go from ignoring, torturing, burning and lynching these people to respecting them- if somewhat grudgingly?

I will write about my theory in an upcoming post. A hint- it revolves around the first information revolution unleashed by the manual printing press.. to be more specific, non-state sanctioned printing.