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Google Plus is DOA

August 13, 2011 9 comments

About two years ago, Google started to seriously develop a competitor to FaceBook and Twitter which was not too much like either. Their first attempt, aka Google Buzz, was problematic– to say the least. Anyway.. after burning their hands with Google Buzz, they decided to create Google Plus which is far closer to FaceBook. While the platform did have its problems and quirks, it seems to have been improved to the point where it is as good as FaceBook.

Then little-dicked managers and engineers at Google decided to screw it up in ways that were inconceivable with Google Buzz.

Google Plus, you see, has a fatal human infestation.. The people in charge of that doomed project seem to believe that people should use their real names on social media. While there are many who want to use their real names for social networking, a significant minority of people want to be reasonably anonymous. There are many good reasons for being anonymous especially when expressing controversial opinions and the west has a rich tradition of expressing less than popular ideas through pseudonyms.

While sophistic cocksuckers can spend a lot of time talking about online anonymity, let us be clear about few things.

1. All progress starts with someone expressing a heretic or contrary opinion.

2. Contrary opinion, or support for it, often occurs under pseudonyms.

3. Obfuscating the identity of heretics with pseudonyms is an important part of letting an idea stand on its own merit.

Today, most communication occurs via the internet.

5. Therefore the ability to obfuscate online identity is as important as the ability to print books or pamphlets under pseudonyms.

Of course, there is an even bigger problem for Google Plus. Because they have tied it with other Google services, especially gmail, inactivating a Google Plus account also kills your gmail account. Somehow, I do not believe that this will generate favorable PR for Google- but its managers seem to believe otherwise. Listen to this feminized, pre-diabetic cocksucker.

Notice his attitude? It is the same one which made his feminized, weak, pathetic ancestors stagnate for two thousand years– and I know what I am talking about.


Michele Bachmann and the Footlong Sausage

August 13, 2011 7 comments

You may have heard about Michele Bachmann, a hypocritical and crazy woman running in the republican presidential race. You might also be aware that her husband is a closeted gay who condemns the ghey lifestyle.

Here is crazy Michele at an Iowa fair eating a footlong corndog. While I may not agree with her views on anything, it is obvious that she has major sword swallowing skills.

and here is her ghey hubby, Marcus Bachmann, trying to hide his preference for thick foolong mansausage.

Enjoy! Comments?

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