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The Atomized Underclass Has Little To Lose

August 21, 2011 12 comments

Many CONservative morons indulge their fantasies about living in a feudal world based on the belief that they can get away with it. This delusion is partly based on the belief that the ancient empires were stable and peaceful- when the reality is closer to continuous conflict, strife, wars and uprisings. Consider how many kings in the past (any empire/kingdom/dynasty) died of natural causes, as opposed to murder, war, rebellion or other ‘unnatural causes’.

The idea that the underclass just accepted their shitty lives without complaining or revolting is not supported by historical records.

There were however a few factors that mitigated the worst of such uprisings or revolts. The people were largely illiterate so plans and schemes could not travel easily over large distances. Most of them had families and lived in small community that enforced conformity. Technology or the lack thereof reduced the ability of people to kill or hurt others.

Today things are somewhat different.. and allow occurrences which were hitherto inconceivable.

The potential of things going to hell is far higher in a technologically advanced and atomized society for reasons that I will briefly list below-

1. Information travels in multiple conduits in far larger quantities with much lower latency than at any time in human history.

2. Family, religions and institutions are no longer the biggest influences and sources of information for individuals.

3. Society is increasingly atomized and people are no longer tied to the milieu and society they were born in.

4. The composition of the underclass today is different from that throughout most of human history.

5. Traditional institutions and obligations such as marriage and kids increasingly don’t figure in the lives of men.

While 2. and 5. have occurred before, albeit on a smaller scale- 1., 3. and 4. have no parallel in history. It is however the rather peculiar linkage between 3. and 4. that make things especially interesting. The underclass today is just as likely to be a 40-something divorced guy fired from a well-paying job in a chemical plant as a guy born to a single mother on welfare. You can see what I am talking about..

Historically literate people with technical jobs, specialized training or experience were seldom part of the underclass. Even those who were poor were part of extended familial networks. To put it another way- those who could fuck things up rarely had the reason or freedom to do so. Today they have reasons, the freedom and technology to make things interesting.

Whatever might happen in the future when this underclass undergoes “austerity” is likely to be uncoordinated but linked. Yes.. actions can lack coordination but still be linked.


Why Academics Make Normal Conmen Look Good

August 21, 2011 11 comments

Before I say anything further on this topic, let be clear about one thing.

Not all academics, especially the older ones, are like that.

Having said that one has to acknowledge that the majority of functional academics today, in fields as diverse as medieval English literature to STEM disciplines, behave in ways which your average conman look good. So how did we reach this sorry state of affairs? What went wrong?

In previous posts, I have talked about perverse incentives in most areas of life and the normalization of behavior that was once considered dysfunctional. However there is an extra layer of reasons that make academia more dysfunctional than average scams. These arise from the incestuous networks formed by semi-autistic, feminized morons with elaborate rationalizations for bad behavior.

I see the majority of academics as similar to Adolf Eichmann, though it is possible that he had a conscience unlike most academics. You can see where I am going..

The single biggest problem with academics lies in their inability to perform any of their expected roles. Academics today are uninnovative, dogmatic, intolerant of heresy and generally not interested in finding out the truth about anything. While academia always had a significant population of priestly pompous scumbags, organizational changes within the last 30-odd years have essentially made them the dominant type. I can go into considerable details about how changes in academic funding patterns and pressure to publish crap or made up bullshit has fucked up academia.. but I will leave that issue for another post.

What you should understand is that these changes have selected for and concentrated the best self-promoters, liars, delusionals, hypocritical and corrupt scumbags that a meager tenured position can attract. These are therefore simultaneously amongst the most fucked up and pathetic humans alive. It is ,however, their hypocrisy and behavior that makes garden-variety conmen look good.

Normal conmen, whether they sell products on late-night infomercials, used cars or manage companies, do not wrap themselves in the flag of self-righteousness. Academics portray themselves as objective truth-seekers while simultaneously performing research of questionable quality. They promise to solve problems which they cannot even begin to understand. They protest the poor treatment of labor by Walmart and other “corporations” while treating their students and postdocs even worse.

The guy on the late-night infomercial promises a better set of knives, a better grill or a better vitamin pill for an average hit of two hundred bucks per mark. Academics promises a cure for cancer or the ability to predict climate for millions to billions of dollars while simultaneously destroying the lives of their students, employees and ensuring that the next generation has far more disdain for science and people like them.

In my opinion, any successful move towards a less dysfunctional system requires the abrupt mass disappearance of such people. I will leave it to the reader to think of various ways to achieve that end. The existence of priests, traditional or secular, is not compatible with human progress and happiness.