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The Many Ways Older Whites Are Screwed

September 30, 2011 34 comments

What I am about to say is not particularly new or unique, but is seldom said loudly enough.

Older whites have screwed themselves in multiple ways and will most likely die of unnatural causes.

Let me start by listing the ways they have screwed their own future..

1. They have simultaneously antagonized multiple groups who hold the keys to their future. Whether it is their own kids, younger non-whites, immigrants or any other constituency who would either pay for them or take care of them- older whites have a unique talent of crapping on as many groups as possible and then expecting those very groups to care about them. Their greed, stupidity, bigotry and ego keeps on getting worse as they age.

In many other older cultures the relationship between generations, while not perfect, is far more harmonious and mutualistic. Older people in cultures such as Spain, Japan, India, China or even Mexico would not dare treat the younger generation, especially those related to them, with such disdain as they understand that the nasty consequences to doing so. Contrast this to the delusions and ego driven behavior seen in older North American and West European morons.

Also note that in most cultures, the older generation does not compete against the younger one for reasons that should be obvious to people with more than half a brain. This is related, but not identical, to the disdain and ego-linked attitudes mentioned above. Older whites simply do not want peaceful coexistence.

2. Society works best when money flows through the maximum number of hands- aka the money multiplier effect. Now look around you.. is the system concentrating money in a few hands or is it spreading it?

While the top 5%, 1% or 0.1% have benefited the most from the looting of the last 30 years, I would argue that there is also a wide gap in income between older whites (especially those with stable jobs) and the rest. Whether the pay in such jobs is due to unionization, government largess or any other reason is inconsequential. The younger inhabitants of western countries, white or non-white, are not getting those well paid jobs with cushy pensions. This creates two issues, namely- who will pay for pensions in the future and who will buy their overpriced houses or investments?

The demographic profile of developed countries in combination with the effects of technology and debt based ‘capitalism’ almost guarantee that there is nobody who can pay enough taxes or have enough income to help older whites monetize their assets.

3. The level of narcissism in older white morons is phenomenal, as is their belief that only they deserve it. Newsflash- they just happened to be born at the right time in the right place.

It is this extreme narcissism and delusional belief in their immortality combined with an overtly optimistic assessment about their “future” which clouds their failing minds and makes them believe in things that are not in their interests. It seems most of them believe that the world has not changed since the 1950s, 60s or 70s. I believe that they are in for a very rude and likely fatal shock.

They also believe that the legal, political and social system will keep working like today and support them over other age groups or demographics- just because they vote. However a functional democracy requires things such as the ability to pay people to enforce laws and maintain institutions etc. The mechanism for doing those things with a shrinking revenue base and increased payouts is unclear to me.

Note that most older whites are middle class, not rich or independently wealthy, and heavily depend on rapidly corroding legal, financial and social systems.

In any case, the current trajectory of events has one very likely ending.

Nobody will care about their fate or well-being, and their demise might become a source of entertainment.

I predict that their, hopefully painful, demise will start with large income and social shocks which will compromise the integrity of the legal,social and political system they depend on. It is hard to predict the precise tipping point with precision, but it is obvious that we are in the zone of high instability.

When that time comes, these people should not get any mercy, consideration or sympathy. Hopefully they will die of starvation, neglect, lack of medical treatment and abuse. I also hope that more than a few will be tortured to death for entertainment.

They have not given me any reason to treat them like humans. What about you?


Horror Show: Empowered American Bride

September 27, 2011 10 comments

I have seen this video on many sites in the last two days, such as this one. My full reaction to it will be the subject of a future post because of some work related time constraints.

But here it is… an obese bride chugging beer and insulting her newly married and pathetic husband. In all my years of using hundreds of escorts, I never fucked any woman this big or this rude. But apparently many guys are willing to marry such women, with all the attendant risks, and take that sort of abuse for uninterested occasional sex.


Behind the Desire for More Money By the Rich

September 25, 2011 17 comments

The idea behind this post occurred to me, many years ago, when I was overhearing another money-related conversation amongst very affluent Indians. As many of you know, this bizarre obsession with money is one of the main reasons I do not hang around Indians. So what really makes this obsession bizarre? Doesn’t everyone like to make more money?

Let me begin by asking you a simple question- Why do people who are already rich want more money?

The vast majority of people want to make more money so that they can spend it on things and services to make their life better or at least feel better. It is about spending and enjoying it. But do most affluent Indians, and rich people from any other culture, actually enjoy spending it? While nobody doubts that they seem to enjoy making it, spending it is another matter..

Does that not strike you as bizarre? It is like worrying and obsessing over obtaining more food when you are eating gourmet meals of your choice every single day. Imagine a person who has all the wine he could ever drink obsessing over getting more wine or worrying about obtaining more sex after an orgy.

Wouldn’t most of you categorize people like that weird and seriously fucked up in the head?

But when it comes to money, most of you worship people who make more than they can ever spend in many lives. What drives these scumbags to make more money than they could ever spend?

If you try to analyze their actions in the light of reason, they don’t compute. Even the richest person will die at about the same age as your average well-off middle class wage drone. It is not like most of them use their money to have more sex, as they are often too obsessed with making more money. There is also only so much high quality food and drink one can possibly consume or things one can do in a human lifetime. Any legacy is worthless if you are no loner alive to see it.

Therefore the motivations of these so-called “high IQ” people behind making money are based on something other than necessity or even any type of rational want. It is not even really about competition, status or name recognition.

In my opinion, a lot of this behavior is far more similar to physiology based high-grade drug addiction with a large obsessive-compulsive component, not mere physical dependence on it.

But what is the ‘drug’ they are after? Stay tuned, as I am in the process of writing a post about it.


On Neutrinos and the Speed of Light

September 24, 2011 8 comments

In the last few days, you might have seen many articles about recent experiments which raise the possibility that neutrinos might travel a wee bit faster than light. While these results do not imply that we can build a time-machine tomorrow, they are nonetheless interesting for more than a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they are not unexpected. Yes! you heard that right. The idea that neutrinos might travel a bit faster than light has been around since the 1980s. Infact there has been at least one previous set of experiments which gave values (1.0000510 c) close to those reported last week (1.0000248 c). At that time it interpreted as an experimental error.

However the weight of evidence seems to be shifting towards the position that neutrinos might be slightly tachyonic. In any case, you must remember that neutrinos are really bizzare particles.

They can travel at the speed of light (or faster?) even though they have mass. It is however hard to measure their mass because they hardly interact with matter or electromagnetic fields. Indeed the strongest evidence that they posses mass is their ability to change ‘flavor’ from one type to another- something which supposedly only particles with mass can do.

Some of you might point out that light can be slowed by Bose-Einstein condensates. However the recent experiments compared the speed of neutrinos to the maximum speed of any electromagnetic wave traversing the shortest distance between the two points. To me that is the strongest indirect evidence that they are on to something peculiar.

While the measured speed of neutrinos is only ~ 1/40,000th faster than light or any other EM, the results (if true) blow a wide hole in many of our models of the universe. This is doubly so because neutrinos are supposed to have a very small mass, unlike photons which supposedly have none. There has always been some major issues reconciling relativity with quantum mechanics and these results do not make things easier- at least in the short run.

Only time will tell whether these results are experimental artifacts or the real deal, but the fact that this phenomena has been known and documented for some time makes me believe that it is probably real.


Music Video: Milkshake by Kelis

September 23, 2011 1 comment

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! It’s better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

Enjoy! Comments?

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NSFW Links: Sep 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

These links are NSFW. Tumblr

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Music Video: Happiness in Slavery by NIN

September 22, 2011 1 comment

This music video is a metaphorical illustration of CONservative thinking by average white americans- who worship, support, promote and submit to a system whose sole purpose is to.. just watch the damn video.

and yes, it has “mature” content.


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