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The True Cost of Overreaction, Hubris and Ego

September 10, 2011 5 comments

I will soon write a couple of posts about the impact of 9/11 on the present. Here is a primer based on publicly available data..

Did you realize that the cost of the reaction is almost 10 million times the cost of organizing it? If x = half a million or 0.5 x 10^6 and y= 3.3 Trillion or 3.3 x 10^12, then y/x= 6.6 X 10^6 or almost 7 million times and by the time the calculations are revised it will be closer to, or beyond, 10 million times the cost to those guys- talk about leverage.


Fighting Fire With Fire: Google Bombing Jessica Valenti

September 10, 2011 4 comments

As some of you might know- a semi-well known, man-chinned, woman aka Jessica Valenti founder of Feministing is a frequent and deserving target of ridicule in the blogosphere.

While she may appear to be sane and rational, the sum of her views on men are, shall we say.. rather one-sided and closer to a mirror image of extreme patriarchy than anything close to reasonable. Ferdinand Bardamu at has taken the task of nudging links that might appear when searching for her name and I support that effort.

Here is a link that gives you an idea of what Jessica Valenti thinks- based on her own words and writings.


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