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On the Ron Paul “Let Him Die” Moment

A few topical news items, including this one, made me write this post. While many of my previous posts about the issue of social reciprocity have touched on this topic. For the purpose of this post I am going to use one specific and current example.

The reaction of both LIEbertarian nutjob Ron Paul and the aging, decaying white subhumans in the recent Tea Party debate for the republican presidential ticket.

Some of you might think that their reactions were aberrations or the result of a a loaded question. I disagree- because the whole episode is remarkably consistent with the default CONservative and LIEbertarian world view. People who view that clip often try to understand what those subhumans were thinking. In my opinion that question is redundant. People, through the ages, have believed in many things without basis in reality or often actively contradicting it. From believing that epidemics were divine punishment, giant eels causing earthquakes to bleeding desperately ill people to ‘cure’ them- the bizarre nature of human belief, frequently by educated people, in every age is a sad commentary on the “ability” of the human mind.

The most important question in that ‘let him die’ episode should be- Why would any sane person express such sentiments?

The answer to that question is easy yet troubling. It goes something like this- the aging, decaying white tea-partiers believe two things..

1. There will be no consequences, direct or indirect, for their verbalizations (delusional thinking).

2. They will somehow be magically provided for- inspite of the world around them going to shit (magical thinking).

Both these beliefs are sadly linked to them being old and white. You see, they grew up in a world where “white was right and would always prevail”. As some of you might have noticed- the overall direction of change does not favor that scenario.

These morons believe that expressing their beliefs will be seen as another auditorium outburst. However that is no longer the case in our age of YouTube, Blogs, FaceBook and similar information dispersal/archival platforms. This clip is going to become another nail in their coffin. While individual events rarely shape the course of history, a steady stream of small but similar events do eventually affect public perception. The younger people these human scumbags will have to depend on will be increasingly non-white and contemptuous of older whites. Moreover even younger whites increasing harbor less than fuzzy feelings for these greedy subhumans. These aging white morons have just painted another metaphorical target on themselves, but they are too delusional to realize it,

Their second belief, that they will be taken care of, also ties with their outdated view of white privilege in the present and near future. I cannot resist the irony of pointing out that most of the people make less than 100k a year, are one serious illness away from uninsurability and effectively dependent on government ‘handouts’ for healthcare in their old age. Realistically, their vote is the only thing they can offer to any politician. Voting does, however, requires them to be alive in a system where society and laws work. I have a feeling that those conditions could, and will mostly likely, be violated by circumstances beyond their control. However their demise will not a total loss since their remains could be used to feed scavengers.

Some readers might say- “but, they represent are a minority of older white people”. While that might be true- it is hard to argue that such greedy, autistic and older scumbags do have a disproportionate influence on which candidates and views become official party dogma.

Irrespective of where this particular episode ultimately leads to, it is possible to make a prediction-

In the near to medium range future- most older whites will likely die from some combination of lack of food, shelter, care, medical treatment and simultaneous neglect, abuse and violence.


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  1. Joe
    September 16, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    “are one serious illness away from uninsurability”

    Then they’ll demand sympathy, talk about fairness, carry picket signs. They wouldn’t give charity to others as seen in this clip, but when circumstances change and they get outsourced, automated out, fired because they 45 years old… then they want help. Newsflash: your employer doesn’t give a damn if you’re liberal or conservative, everyone is fair game. Cocksuckers. It won’t end well.

  2. Mr. Stricter
    September 16, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    AD Subhuman ? Nah. All humans act this way all the time. Tribe-think is encoded deep into the genome. All the policy measures you and I favor are just a hack to keep society stable for a little while. They’ll never last and in time some turds will tear them down

    . Real life is as Ice T put it in Colors “You ain’t my set, you ain’t my friend”

    As to your points, there probably won’t be any consequences for them AD, not in any time frame they care about. If you are I dunno Ron Paul’s age say, you likely won’t live long enough for any revolution or political upheaval to truly effect you.

    The second part well is more true but again in the time frame they foresee, they probably can keep the basics they have going. Since a lot of this pricks have no plans to pass anything on, they can spend all they have.

    For those of us under say 50, we are screwed. If things get really bad, well if you don’t have land and tribe, you are dead. Probably many or even most people in the urban US and maybe the world will starve to death, die by violence or be killed by all the germ warfare, chemical weapons or nukes that have been let into the wild.

    More likely we get , Prayer of the Rollerboys which is “still f*cked but with the shell of a society in place.”

    Interesting times and all that jazz…

  3. Mr. Stricter
    September 16, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Some music I find fitting

  4. Mr. Stricter
    September 16, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    OK one more try, the software really hates the new embed

    If this fails just click the link …

  5. Middle Aged Cracker
    September 17, 2011 at 2:58 am

    I agree with the above comments, and will add that Ron simply followed in the footsteps of his goddess Ayn. Sad really. Hell of it is most of those old salty crackers (I is a cracker so I can use the word) would probably call themselves “Christians” . That’s another thing, we need to tax religion like any other business. Christian Randroids, I think even St.Ayn would find that a thigh slapper.Odd thing is even though this all isn’t good for me personally at all I still have to laugh at bit. Things are quite desperate, but not at all serious. I can’t call what’s happening to the US a tragedy really, it’s more like a really bad TV sitcom. AD is right by the way, I know older folks on Social Security who are really into teabagging as it were. I want to laugh in their faces but frankly haven’t the energy to bother at this point in my life.

  6. samseau
    September 20, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    The only one acting like a moron is the author of this blog.

    You don’t get it. There’s no way to fund universal healthcare. The state is going bankrupt. This is a question of utility.

    Which has less suffering:

    Option A. A solvent state that does not provide healthcare for its citizens.

    Option B. A state that goes bankrupt trying to provide welfare for it’s citizens, with the ensuing hyperinflation killing tens of millions of Americans due to starvation and disease.

    We can let a few thousand die each year due to insufficient healthcare, or we can let millions die at once due to a national catastrophe.

    • Joe
      September 20, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      Nobody seems to question the countless bases around the world, the endless spending on “defense,” state of the art UAVs that will soon fly without pilots. It wasn’t too long ago the Pentagon admitted to losing 2 TRILLION dollars. No public hearings, no Congressional panels, nothing. No, it’s always joe blow on the street that must cut back. He can’t afford his diabetes meds so fuck him. Electromagnetic rail guns don’t grow on trees ya know. We pay a lot of taxes. Where the hell is it going? Canada isn’t insolvent nor is Australia, yet both have socialized medical care. What makes the US different?

      • Ted
        September 22, 2011 at 11:21 pm

        Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Ron Paul has always opposed all of those things you mentioned. And not just rhetorically. His voting record matches his campaign speeches to an extent that’s completely unheard of in other modern politicians.

        His refusal to promote the military-industrial complex is probably the biggest reason the republican establishment hates him.

        If you don’t like him, that’s certainly your right. But I think you owe it to yourself to find out whether or not he actually holds the views you attribute to him.

  7. Ted
    September 21, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Is it just a coincidence that most Republican plans to shred the social safety net, such as Paul Ryan’s place to privatise Social Security, only kick in once the U.S. no longer has a white majority? All those “socialist” programs were just peachy up through the 1980s, while whites were still the main group benefiting. Now, with demographics changing, we hear the Republicans talk about shrinking government – except defense, where the lion share of benefits still go to whites.

  8. Stan
    September 22, 2011 at 6:33 am

    Old white people will be screwed because their kids will, and always have, screwed them over. Most white people hate their parents and do so even into adulthood. They won’t lift a finger to help them. They throw them into homes and ignore them or hire a cheap Mexican nurse at the first sign of trouble. When the money runs out for this, they’ll just leave them be to fend for themselves.

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