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Behind the Desire for More Money By the Rich

September 25, 2011 17 comments

The idea behind this post occurred to me, many years ago, when I was overhearing another money-related conversation amongst very affluent Indians. As many of you know, this bizarre obsession with money is one of the main reasons I do not hang around Indians. So what really makes this obsession bizarre? Doesn’t everyone like to make more money?

Let me begin by asking you a simple question- Why do people who are already rich want more money?

The vast majority of people want to make more money so that they can spend it on things and services to make their life better or at least feel better. It is about spending and enjoying it. But do most affluent Indians, and rich people from any other culture, actually enjoy spending it? While nobody doubts that they seem to enjoy making it, spending it is another matter..

Does that not strike you as bizarre? It is like worrying and obsessing over obtaining more food when you are eating gourmet meals of your choice every single day. Imagine a person who has all the wine he could ever drink obsessing over getting more wine or worrying about obtaining more sex after an orgy.

Wouldn’t most of you categorize people like that weird and seriously fucked up in the head?

But when it comes to money, most of you worship people who make more than they can ever spend in many lives. What drives these scumbags to make more money than they could ever spend?

If you try to analyze their actions in the light of reason, they don’t compute. Even the richest person will die at about the same age as your average well-off middle class wage drone. It is not like most of them use their money to have more sex, as they are often too obsessed with making more money. There is also only so much high quality food and drink one can possibly consume or things one can do in a human lifetime. Any legacy is worthless if you are no loner alive to see it.

Therefore the motivations of these so-called “high IQ” people behind making money are based on something other than necessity or even any type of rational want. It is not even really about competition, status or name recognition.

In my opinion, a lot of this behavior is far more similar to physiology based high-grade drug addiction with a large obsessive-compulsive component, not mere physical dependence on it.

But what is the ‘drug’ they are after? Stay tuned, as I am in the process of writing a post about it.