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The Upper Middle Class will be the Big Losers in Class Warfare

October 16, 2011 26 comments

With the ongoing worldwide protests against the 1%, you might be tempted to think that they will be the biggest losers in conflicts arising from class warfare. I believe that any conflict will take out the 2-10% -ers before it takes out the top 1%. Here is why-

The 1%-ers can exert their power only because the 2-10%-ers are only too willing to do their bidding. The public face of rent seeking behavior, inequality, elitism, snobbery and fraud is that of the upper middle-class, not the very rich.

While the public recognizes the faces of truly rich scumbags such as Blankfein, Dimon and a few others, the majority of their experience and dislike for the rich comes people who are not truly rich. The behaviors and attitudes of your average doctor, lawyer, small businessman, manager, professor etc are the major source of public discontent and hatred.

Don’t believe me? How many truly rich persons have you met or interact with on a daily basis? I can bet that most of you don’t. Now ask yourself- How many scumbag doctors, lawyers, small businessmen, managers, professors, cops, upper level bureaucrats do you know and have to interact with? Aren’t your conceptions of the behavior of the truly rich shaped by these people?

The funny thing about the upper middle-class is that they are not truly rich. While their lives may be comfortable and luxurious, they are one serious illness/accident away from a far more austere lifestyle. However these morons act as if they are rich, or will soon become rich, thereby exhibiting behaviors which no sane person would indulge in. The truly rich don’t mind having such henchmen who will do their dirty work for a somewhat better lifestyle and a faint chance at becoming truly rich.

Of course, these delusional morons have none of the advantages which the truly rich enjoy. While they might live in better neighborhoods, they are not hard to get hold of. Their lives are far more open to the public than the truly rich. Everybody knows where they live, where they shop, how many kids they have, where they work, where they take vacations etc. Now combine this ready “accessibility” with their public persona, shitty attitudes and the willingness to support the truly rich.

When TSHTF, it is these people and their kids who will bear the brunt of public anger. Face it, people are more likely to go after those who have hurt them in the past than those they have never met in person. Did I mention that these morons are the biggest cheerleaders of the truly rich.

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