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Long Commutes Are A Waste of Your Waking Hours

October 19, 2011 27 comments

Enduring long commutes to work is one of the most bizarre and hard-to-understand behavior. Sadly, it is seen as ‘normal’ in North America. But is it worth it?

There are only 24 hours in each day. Assuming that you sleep about 8 hrs per day.. you have only 16-odd waking hours per day. Let us say that your workday is 8 hours long and you spend about an hour or two to get ready for work and unwind a bit when you return from it etc. Now subtract the time your average person spends on routine bullshit, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping etc.

That translates into less than 5 hours per day for you to LIVE. Did you notice that I have not yet deducted commute time from the leftover hours. Yes that is correct.. commute times cut into those hours!

The average person in N. America probably spends somewhere between 1 and 1.5 hours, every single day, commuting to and from work- not to mention the time spent getting to malls or running errands. And what do you do during those hours anyway? Stare at the traffic in front of you, constantly trying to get to your destination on time?

and what do you do if for?

Living in a sterile suburb inside an overpriced stucco shitbox that looks like every fifth shitbox in that development. While you might buy a house in that particular locality for prestige, chances are that you will be surrounded by neighbours you will never know, let alone trust.

Chances are that you will spend most of your free waking hours fretting over minutiae about the decor of ‘your’ house, the large mortgage, the repair and utility bills, taxes and security of the income stream that allows you to pay for the stucco shitbox. The best part is that you will likely move to another part of the country for a job and thereby abandon (sell) the very thing that was the center of your existence- only to start the same shit cycle once again.

And who are you doing it for?

Maybe it is for you wife or common law partner who is most likely an aging, bitchy, sex-denying woman who loves to spend on house remodeling. Maybe it is your kids who are alienated from you and only pretend to like you so that they can keep on buying stuff which supposedly elevates their status amongst peers. Maybe it is for showing off and impressing your neighbors and coworkers- whom you cannot trust and have no lasting connection with.

Are you doing it for somebody you really care about or something that matters?

The saddest part is that you might have become a far happier person if you has spent all that time doing any number of things from playing RPG games, fucking whores, fapping to porn or getting high on something. Those activities would have provided you everything that your ‘busy’, suburban, commute heavy and superficial lifestyle were supposed to- but cannot.

Your voluntary slavery, future-time orientation, sacrifice and belief in the system will never provide what you, as a human being, really wanted. There will never be any real sense of lasting achievement, fulfillment, happiness and peace in your life. Ironically, your death will ultimately free you from this dystopia and put an end to your voluntary servitude.

Of course, you could have always chosen to live an alternative, yet perfectly feasible, life where you could do and enjoy almost everything you really wanted. But doing so requires you to abandon your comforting delusions and peer pressure.