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Gaddafi Deserved His Very Public End

October 21, 2011 10 comments

In less than 48 hours since it happened, we are starting to hear murmurs about how Gaddafi should not have been lynched to death. The concerns range from the religious chanting amongst his lynchers to talk about due process and justice.

Here is my counter-question to those who think he deserved a better deal:

Did Gaddafi, during his 42-year long rule of Libya, exhibit any worthwhile degree of fairness, abide by due process or give a rat’s ass about the basic human dignity of his subjects- let alone those who voiced their opposition to his rule?

Why should he expect good treatment if he did not do so to others? Conversely, since he treated others poorly should he not expect the same treatment when he is on the receiving end of those he mistreated?

Most older white scumbags seem to harbor sympathy for such tyrants since at some subconscious level they realize that they are more like him than the people who lynched him to death. By sympathizing with his him, they are unintentionally showing their true colors- pun intended.

Ask yourself- are people hiding being “laws”, position, power, social norms, ill-gotten wealth who then screw over, hurt and kill others really that different from Gaddafi?

If the actions of a bankster causes the ruin, deprivation or suicide of a vulnerable person- isn’t that bankster essentially a miniature despot? What about businessmen, MBAs, lawyers and other assorted corporate scum whose actions causes the destruction of livelihoods, unemployment, misery and default on pension obligations? What about physicians who perform procedures of dubious therapeutic value to make more money while causing unnecessary suffering and death? What about universities who lure students to join them with the promise of well-paying jobs, only to then leave them with tens of thousands of dollars in undischargable debt and no job prospects? What about professors and teachers who get paid for their services regardless of the outcome of their students? What about aging whites who sit on their ass in an office and complain about the ‘poor work ethic’ of younger generation? What about cops who arrest, kill innocent people or abuse their power? What about public prosecutors and judges who are more interested in appearing “tough on crime” rather than trying to reduce the need for criminal behavior?

They do so only, because they firmly believe that they will not suffer any negative consequences for their actions. They hope to hide behind “laws”, due process and other bullshit. They depend on your sense of fairness, pity and compassion to exist while simultaneously denying those to you in your hour of need.

Here is my advice- Don’t fall for their bullshit, appeals to authority, humanity, laws, compassion, culture, civilization etc and treat them just like they treated you (or people like you). You have no obligation, reason or duty to a better person than them as they broke their end of the bargain first- and kept on doing so for profit.