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Destroying the Exploiter’s Illusion of Security

October 29, 2011 16 comments

Warning: This post is heavy in Speculation and Nihilism.

Almost every single one of you must have, at some point, wondered about what make it possible for so-called “normal” people to behave like self-centered assholes and abuse, exploit and kill others. Your life is probably full of interactions with such people- be they teachers, cops, lawyers, physicians, professors, managers and bureaucrats.

Yes that is correct- those who have a bit more power than others are far more likely to abuse it that those who have much more.

But let us get back to the main reason that these “people” can afford to keep on behaving in the manner they do and screw over others. It is one thing to want to lie, cheat and abuse and another to do it day after day, month after month, year after year. I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that the Dodo survived as long as it did because there were no negative consequences for its behavior and limited abilities on Mauritius for over a million years.

So, let me spell out what I have only hinted at in some of my previous posts. These “people” behave the way they do because they don’t believe that their victims, or people linked to them, will be able or willing to kill them. They are not afraid of the consequences of their actions because all ‘normal’ avenues of recourse and redress in the existent system are meaningless as they are the gatekeepers of those very systems of external feedback. They are thus effectively the law, authorities and judges for their own behavior and therefore secure as long as the system is functional.

The last words of the previous paragraph ‘as long as the system is functional’ are important because the illusion of security and invulnerability rests on the belief that only a tiny percentage of their victims will take matters into their own hands. Now, you might say- “but isn’t that what we see anyway? and how can it ever change?”. To obtain the answers to both questions we must first understand the reason behind the rather low current rates of blowback.

The single most important reason for the low risk of victim strike-back in western and other developed countries is- things are still not widely perceived to be bad enough. Contrary to what many of you think other factors such as personal docility, culture, race etc have little to do with the rates of blowback.

Perceptions can however evolve through more information and alternate social connectivity.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself the following question- Can a person, or even a large group of people, keep a watch for and escape every attempt to harm them? The answer is clearly in the negative otherwise the USA would have won Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan with almost no casualties- if you get my point. The reality is that even an organisation built with trillions of dollars, having almost unimaginable capabilities and possessing the ‘latest’ methods to search and kill cannot stop its own from getting killed and maimed by a bunch of illiterate, boy-loving goat herders who just happen to be determined to fight back.

But you might say- “aren’t these professions and their members necessary for keeping society running? Wouldn’t their demise have a negative effect on society as a whole?”

My two-word answer to that is- Who cares? Face it, if any of them have ruined your life beyond repair what happens to society does not matter as it has already forsaken you. Why should you care about the future of system that has broken and thrown you into the trash bin? Who cares about the welfare of a system that has no future for you? Let me put it in another way- Would you care if everybody on this planet died a minute after your own death? The “you” in yourself ceases to exist once you are dead and therefore what happens after your final exit is neither relevant or consequential.

In any case, most of these petty dictators populate professions which were no longer as consequential as they used to be. Do we really require so many teachers and professors in the wired age? Could’t computers do a better job of diagnosing people than doctors and aren’t a lot of treatment for chronic diseases rather useless? Since cops spend most of their time catching people who are either desperately poor, retarded or innocent- wouldn’t better social safety nets and fewer personal laws solve the problem better. Are so many lawyers useful or healthy for a society? What about managers who cannot help but run functional companies into the ground and bureaucrats who cannot help but abuse power once they stop playing solitaire? The old conditions and technological limitations which necessitated the existence of these scumbags are either gone or waning rapidly. Their abrupt and permanent disappearance would, if anything, improve the quality of human existence for the rest of us. In conclusion, I would also like to point out that atomization and anonymity which is currently used to facilitate abuse of most people by these petty despots can be turned again against them.

While the speed and number of pathways for the spread of information and ideas are more robust and diverse than at any previous time in human history- it ultimately comes down to the aggrieved parties acting on their beliefs.