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High-Quality Ambient Porn and Evolution of Male Expectations

October 30, 2011 19 comments

There has been much breast-beating (pun intended) by feminists and their CONservative allies about the effect of high quality and ubiquitous porn on men. Some of my views on that subject have been expressed in a few previous posts such as- Women Can No Longer Burn, Ban or Destroy Porn, Why Online Porn Is A Game Changer and Porn Replaces Relationship Sex.

One of the issues about ubiquitous online porn which is acknowledged but quickly glossed over by feminists, CONservatives and whipped men is that it permanently alters male expectations from a sexual relationship. Let me explain..

Consider you average guy with an average looking girlfriend, wife or whatever. Let us say that his current “partner” refuses to blow as frequently as he wants. Prior to the last decade he could either accept his ‘fate’ or jerk of to professional porn. The digital camera and the intertubes have thrown a hitherto improbable kink in that process aka high quality amateur porn.

Prior to this recent innovation, the women in erotica and porn were either very beautiful, very airbrushed or very trashy. Therefore the mind of a guy could at some level put a barrier between the porn and his pathetic life such that he did not expect what he saw on the screen to cum true for somebody like him.

But high quality amateur porn is something unlike anything before it both in content and sheer volume. The average guy can now see tons of prettier than average but still accessible girls deep-throating their boyfriend, licking his balls, taking it up their ass and that is just for starters… ;). These girls are not carefully airbrushed models nor are they skanky looking harlots with bad plastic surgery. You can see the laugh lines on their faces, the life and joy in their eyes, cum drooling from their lipstick smeared lips, the few hair near their assholes which they forgot to shave and the asymmetry and slight droop of their tits. You can see their effect of an obvious hangover in their eyes and faces, the ecstasy and pain of being fucked senseless, the lines on their foreheads, the faded and now regret-worthy tattoos on their ankles and the plain underclothes around them. Even the ambiance in the photos is so average- from ‘the simpsons’ on TV, to the color and patterns of the comforter, the futon, the sometimes dusty half-empty liquor bottles, the empty pizza box from a national brand, the brand of laptop, the color and type of door on the closet, the same jumble of branded clothes on the floor.

They are people just like you in everything from levels of wealth, education, lifestyle and even consumer brand preferences who happen to be having much more fun than you. The guy who looks at such porn is seeing much more than nekkid people having sex. He is seeing what his life could be at that very moment if he was with somebody who cared about him. Furthermore, unlike the women in such porn are neither inaccessible or skanky.

It is therefore likely that a guy who watches such porn would experience a far deeper dissatisfaction with his shitty life than fapping to airbrushed models or implant heavy pornstars.

I cannot help but point out that this revolution in porn is occurring alongside the continued demonization and marginalization of men by feminism and CONservatism. Add in atomization, the anti-male nature of the socio-legal system and the generally poor attitude/behavior of women towards men and you have the makings of a situation that has no precedent in history. We do live in interesting times, don’t we?


NSFW Links: Oct 30, 2011

October 30, 2011 2 comments

These links are NSFW. -Tons of self-shots. -Tons of slender amateurs, semi-pros and a few pros.


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