Incrementalism is the Enemy of Progress

A popular lie propagated by so-called educated scumbags goes something like this-

Change is always incremental and we should therefore let self-anointed “experts” choose the best pathway for it.

But is this really true- either in the natural world or human history? Change is not incremental, predictable or controllable. It comes with its own momentum, direction, step-size and panoply of downstream effects. Some of my older posts have talked about it at length with specific examples such as- Birth Control Destroyed CONservatism, How The Online World Displaces The Traditional
and Economic Impact of Reduction in Couple Formation. This post is, therefore, not a rehash of the previously mentioned examples- but an attack on the popular lie that incrementalism can achieve change without significant disruptions of the status quo.

Consider the issue of obtaining civil rights for non-whites. While many white morons long for the 1950s, it was not a good time to be non-white in the USA. The unpleasant truth is that whites saw, and many still see, non-whites as third-class human beings. There was simply no way that civil rights for non-whites could have come through any incremental changes to the system. Nothing short of major changes to the system could have even been partially successful in achieving the society we live in today. As some of you might know, that is exactly what happened in the end. There are no half-measures in change, just as a woman cannot be slightly pregnant.

Similarly, capitalism cannot be reformed nor can we really create a kinder version of capitalism. Believing it is as absurd as imagining a form of communism without some form of totalitarianism. It is as futile as building large airliners with piston and jet engines and possessing both straight and swept wings.

Did you get my point? A person can ‘fly’ in airplanes with straight winged airplanes with piston engines (DC-3s) or in swept wing wide-body jetliners (A320s)- but an airplane that incorporates both is not viable. I not suggesting that you should fly in an untested deathtrap but you cannot have both the old and new if their requirements contradict each other.

Capitalism, in all its forms, is a zero-sum game that works well in a world with true scarcity of resources and things. It simply does not work well in a world where machines and cheap energy (mostly non-oil) remove the constraints behind true scarcity.

Attempts to create artificial scarcities in a technology based and highly connected world have the potential to destabilize the system in ways we cannot even imagine, in addition to those we can imagine and observe. Consider for a moment the multiple downstream effects of the toxic combination of job insecurity and feminism on things as diverse as kids per woman to various facets of the unstable atomized nature of the society we live in today. I could give you many examples of system defects and distortions caused by this combination. However, I am aware of the attention span of the average reader and will conclude this post with a thought-

You can pick the general direction of change- but not the route, stops, mode and destination.


  1. Kaz
    November 1, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Even when the civil rights laws were passed, it still took decades for the acceptance of black people to get to where it is now.

    I get what you’re saying though.

    Anyways, more about your views, you label this blog as being a skepticism/playing the devil’s advocate kinda thing. Are these posts views you actually hold completely, or are you just putting out an argument for the other side? Or did you label this blog as ‘playing the devil’s advocate’ because your views are just that to most people?

  2. shreya
    November 2, 2011 at 10:42 am

    “While many white morons long for the 1950s, it was not a good time to be non-white in the USA.”

    MRAs long for the 50s because at least they had higher chances of getting laid back then because white women were legally deprived of dating sexy, higher T, more masculine men.

    Now white American women have all the choice in the world and are voting with their feet (and vaginas), so MRA losers are losing out.

    The longing for the 50s is nothing more than sexual frustration.

    But you cannot reverse time.

  3. Kaz
    November 2, 2011 at 6:12 pm


    No you idiot, MRAs long for the 50s because they want to be able to start a damn family without fearing to lose their whole livelihoods on the whim of an emotional woman. Sex is at the bottom of their priorities, especially since it’s so easy to get now; people want more than that.

    • shreya
      November 3, 2011 at 2:42 pm

      I thought men didn’t care about having babies?

  4. November 2, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    I like 57 chevy’s!

    as far as being mixed race I still get treated like shit.

    MRA’s are almost as bad as feminists and that is pretty bad….

  5. July 12, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Incremental change which significantly improves the living conditions of the majority in a society has rarely occurred. As history shows, significant change almost always occurs only through violence. The origin of the US as a nation and the US Civil War are two obvious examples from the US’s own history.

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