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Calculating the Value of People in Your Life

November 4, 2011 16 comments

Some readers might interpret the contents of this post as deeply misanthropic and sociopathic, but that is not my problem. Let me start by asking you a simple question.

Does the opinion, or approval, of others matter to you and influence your actions? and should it?

Most of you might say that it depends on the context or person. However, your actions likely suggest that you care about the opinions of those who have NO love, interest or liking for you nor the willingness to help you. If you start looking at your actions from a third person perspective, it will be obvious that you are trying to be reasonable and humane with “people” who do not harbor reciprocal feelings. I would go further and even say that- almost every single person you know in real life would, would behind closed doors, celebrate your demise.

You might counter- “how can I make such claims and where is the proof”? My answer is- the proof is all around you but you chosen to ignore its existence. Let me show you the proof and then explain why you have ‘chosen to ignore its existence’.

Are you in a situation where you are as secure as others around you, surrounded by people who care about you and some who are willing to have sex with you? Are you? If not, why not? I would guess that most of you live in a place where you barely know a few people who live around you, work in some soul crushing job with no security, are worried about bills and credit score, have zero chance of improving your life ad spend most of your waking hours faking politeness and enthusiasm. Even if you are fucking somebody- chances are that it is either unenthusiastic, comes with many preconditions, is not frequent enough or the person is overweight. The unfortunate reality is that most of the people in your life who are supposed to matter are either absent, unreliable, phony and worthless. Their presence or absence won’t be missed as they are completely replaceable and the feeling is probably mutual.

So why are you trying to please such people or care about their opinions?

Most of you accept this as reality because you don’t know any better. For most people, accepting that they were wrong about a few big things is hard enough on the ego. Believing in an alternative way of living makes your past actions and life seem like a stupid waste of time. Denial is much better easier.

But how did we get here- as a species? Let us now analyze the origin of this problem and how a change of options converted a functional system into a exploitative dystopia.

Most of you will agree with me when I say that human beings are social animals. But have you ever asked yourself the reason behind our sociability?

Whether a species is social or not comes down to the ratio of what a lonely individual can achieve versus what a mutually helpful group of individuals can achieve and whether they are aware of that possibility.

A large salt-water crocodile or shark can survive very well on its own and simply does not need other individuals of its species except for the purposes of mating. In contrast- monkeys, primates and humans cannot exist for long in the wild without some from of group protection or support system of same species individuals.

However being part of a group is not beneficial if most individuals in that group are not co-operating with others.

Throughout almost all of human history the people around you were either your kin or close friends and had massive incentives to help you. Since they did not have any worthwhile amount of money or things- human connections were everything.

Now fast forward to the last few hundred years, the last century or more specifically the last 60-70 years. The social, organizational and other changes in these time spans have progressively broken those assumptions. Today we live in an era where we have no value beyond our earning ability, assets, fame or infamy. We have also tried to replace genuine and mutual human connections with price tags, counterproductive protocols and other assorted bullshit. However we still try to act and behave as if the interpersonal relationships and opinions of people in your life had value like they used to.

This creates a peculiar situation wherein people’s needs for non-adversarial relationships are not met even though they are still expected to play by some version of the old rules.

Many morons in the alt-right blogosphere like to talk about how some men in primitive societies monopolized sex to the exclusion of other men. However that belief is projection- plain and simple. Can you find male or female virgins in primitive societies and tribes? and aren’t they having more sex than the so-called “civilized” white losers? While I am not suggesting that primitive societies are filled with peaceful stargazing commune types, it is obvious that their life looks appealing when compared to that of a white suburban pussy-whipped wage slave.

And just in case you want to bring up “life expectancy” statistics- we all die. It is therefore not when we die but how we live that really matters. If you don’t believe me- look at and talk to the pathetic and rotting white things found in nursing homes.

So what should we do? We cannot go back to the hunter-gatherer era, even if we wanted to, nor can we go back to any other era- even the 1990s.

What we really require is a new type of society- one that is based on the current ground realities as well as the quirks and peculiarities of human behavior. Of course, such a change will not occur without considerable strife as those who benefit from the status quo will try to maintain it. But what will the starting point of such a change involve?

In my opinion, the current system will destabilize when people start asking questions about its utility to them. In previous eras, the lack of inexpensive communication meant that most people with such heretical ideas could neither find each other or communicate with a wider audience. As you might know- that is no longer the case.Can you now see the title of this post and the major question posed at the beginning in a different light?