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CONservatism in the USA is About to Experience Blowback

November 5, 2011 34 comments

I have, in previous posts, written about how rigid world views pave the path for their own destruction. The CONservative world view is one example of a mindset which sorta worked in a low-communication, youth(sucker)-heavy society where technology driven improvements in living standard postponed the inevitable day of reckoning. However a series of social, economic, demographic and technological shifts over the last 30 years have put us on an accelerated course for the demise of this defunct ideology and its believers.

The home stretch of the demise of every failed ideology has one thing in common- overreach by its followers.

A series of events beginning with the contentious 2000 election in the USA have started a self-accelerating process of overreach by CONservatives that is leading up to their demise. The rest of this post describes the confluence of beliefs, demography and external events which is behind this final and fatal CONservative overreach.

Let me take you back to 1999-2000 (12-11 years ago) when the world was similar yet different. While many of today’s positive trends (shaved pussies, blowjobs galore) were emerging in that era, so were the negative trends. These ranged from the final repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act, accelerated fictionalization.. I mean financialization of the economy and the rise of rabid CONservatism amongst the white middle-class aka the second act of the second wind of american CONservatism.

I have noticed that many observers and commentators seem to forget that the “Reagan revolution” was only the first act in the second wind of american CONservatism. His major support came from older and middle-aged whites and if you do some arithmetic, a 35-50 year old person in the early 1980s would have to be born in the 1930s-mid 1940s. This generation was too young to fight in WW2 but old enough to hit the post-WW2 economic jackpot. This peculiar mix of later ‘silent-generation’ and early ‘baby-boomers’ had a world view that was not quite as orthodox as their parents but nowhere as egalitarian as later generations.

Why did they vote for Reagan and enthusiastically embrace the ideologues behind his “revolution”?

Two reasons- One: They had never experienced the truly ugly side of capitalism as they were born after the New Deal. Two: They did not like uppity blacks, coloreds and other “minority” groups. They believed that electing Reagan and following the ideologies that guided him would usher in a white utopia where the colored would be put in their place and all would be well. In the beginning- that is exactly how things worked out as new drug laws put record number of black men in jail, law enforcement targeted colored people, “shiftless” white people were put in their place, the social security net for the ‘undesirables’ was shredded and the world did not fall apart. They did not know, then, that their chosen path would haunt them in their later years.

Initially things looked good as the period from 1980-1995 was marked by eCONomic growth, better technology, bigger houses and the fall of communism. They were therefore willing to ignore the emerging cracks in the system- from the loss of US manufacturing jobs, growing job insecurity, financialization of all aspects of the economy and breakup of old social mores. This emboldened many of the more “traditionalist” morons who in turn elected opportunists who were more than happy to use them for gaining more power. The demise of eastern-bloc communism in the late 1980s-early 1990s further boosted their self-confidence since they now believed that they had won the cold war because they were better and ‘chosen by god’.

The generation immediately after this demographic group, aka the bulk of baby boomers, saw the apparent success of CONservatism and took things up to the next level. The second and more predatory stage of american CONservatism began in the early to mid 1990s when baby boomers started to reach their peak income years. Election results in 1994 and the ‘Contract with America‘ by New Gingrich can, in hindsight, be seen as the official start of that era. It was characterized by more job insecurity, globalization and even greater financialization of the economy. However there was one major change from the previous era- it was much harder to openly abuse blacks and coloreds. Therefore the methods of discrimination and abuse had to appear more color neutral. This led to the beginning of widespread ‘zero tolerance’ policies, criminalization by bureaucratic regulations and militarization of police that we see today. The first modern attempts at large-scale suppression of black voters and restricting abortion also began around that time.

Some of these policies did have an unexpected (to many) side-effect. They gave a boost to employment in law enforcement, prosecution and incarceration which has since become a major economic force and lobby which keeps on getting larger at the expense of other sectors of the economy.

Then the inevitable happened and they ran out of enough blacks and coloreds to capture, prosecute and imprison to justify their growing size and budgets. This is when whites, first the poorer ones, started to get the type of attention that only blacks and colored used to receive in the past. It was at about this time that the “war on terror” began and allowed the unscrupulous to use it as a further justification for expansion of a security-police state.

You might have noticed that CONservatives who now vociferously support a balanced budget never missed a blink when the costs of the Iraq War initially ran over 1 Trillion (1,000 Billion) or when spending on the Afghanistan War also reached that level recently. They never complained when the budget of domestic law enforcement and ‘Homeland Security’ expanded to levels that we still cannot accurately quantify. The cost of expansion, upkeep, pay and pensions for law enforcement, prosecutors and prisons is still sacrosanct.

Instead these cultural warriors want to make abortion illegal and restrict contraception. Just have a look at the numbers of laws and initiatives to impose their world-view on that matter within the last 2-3 years. They also want to ban gay marriage to protect the sanctity of a debased, commercialized and increasingly unpopular institution of heterosexual marriage. Oh, and don’t forget that part about mandatory prayers to “Jeessuss” in schools and removing/discrediting that godless Darwin from school textbooks.

Some of you might dismiss this as the actions of retarded but well-meaning individuals. While I do support the part of CONservatives being somewhat retarded, they are not well-meaning. They are evil scumbags who deserve to disappear forever, preferably through a smokestack atop an incinerator.

So, why do I believe that CONservatism in the USA is about to experience a potentially lethal blowback?

The answer lies in a convergence of trends which have created conditions that are without any real precedent. The single biggest trend is adverse demography- specifically the lack of rapidly increasing number of greater fools to buy into the system. While this trend stared in developed countries, it has spread to many developing countries and many formerly ultra-fertile countries are close to replacement rates. The severe and voluntary worldwide reduction in the number of children per woman in the last 20-30 years has created a shortage of young and naive greater fools which are the lifeblood of any ponzi scheme. CONservatism is simply untenable without many disposable fools fighting each other for meager gains.

Then there is the issue of a break in the inter-generational contract whereby the winners of the previously mentioned competitions are no longer getting the promised positions and resources. From countries as diverse as Japan, Spain and the USA- those who played by the rules and jumped through all the meaningless hoops are finding out that they have been cheated. The ‘prize’ is either gone or never existed in the first place. To add insult to injury, or vice versa, they are finding out that modern abominations such as feminism, managerism and legalism have placed new burdens on them.

The exponential financialization of the economy and recent willful “failures” by the best-of-the-best have left many people, especially the younger ones, doubtful about traditional explanations and paradigms. The information revolution, whether it occurs via text messages on cellphones or social media and blogs, have also made a large number of younger people start questioning the very fabric of the system that allows CONservatism and other older social systems to exist. The atomization of the individual has, if anything, accelerated this trend.

The CONservatives and “leaders” who represent them, on the other hand, seem to live in a dream world stuck in the mid- 1990s, 1950s or 1850s- depending on whom you ask. They keep on trying to drown out the growing voices of dissent and discontent by enacting even more regressive policies and adopting ever more orthodox attitudes. Whether it is voter suppression, restrictions on abortion, banning evolution from textbooks, destroying the already frayed social safety net to making fun of people who are unemployed through no fault of theirs- they just cannot seem to stop.

Their worldview does not, however, make allowances for a few ‘potential’ complications.

a: They are getting older and weaker with every day. The older population in developed counties is far more whiter than the younger population and people do have memories.

b: Devoting all of their energy against blacks, coloreds and young socialists has not created a long-lasting increases in economic activity.

c: Defending “values”, “constitution” and all of that other bullshit requires a functional nation.

d: They have no allies or supply of greater fools and dissenting opinions spread fast over inexpensive and ubiquitous communication devices.

e: Few younger people care about ‘cultural’ issues such as evolution, abortion, gay marriage or aspire for over-priced stucco boxes with white picket fences- nor do they trust the system that employs them to deliver on income security.

The 2012 election might be last pyrrhic victory for american CONservatives, though even that is doubtful. In any case, it is pretty much over for them and they will just have to go way- one way or the other.


Music Video: Bedtime Story by Madonna (1994)

November 5, 2011 3 comments

In my opinion, this mid-1990s music video is amongst the best that has been ever made. It is directed by Mark Romanek who has other famous music videos to his credit such as NINs “Closer”, “The Perfect Drug” and a host of other famous AND award-winning music videos.

Enjoy! Comments?

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