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Only Idiots Still Believe in the Hard Work Ethic

November 6, 2011 21 comments

The concept that “hard work makes you rich or at least middle-class” is one of those completely dishonest propaganda pieces that only a WASP or wannabe-WASP could mouth without the slightest hint of irony. Let us, for a minute, ignore the experience of people in other countries and concentrate on North America. If working hard improved your life wouldn’t black slaves and mexican agriculture workers have reached the middle-class and want to work harder?

In case some of you still believe that black slaves in a previous era or mexican farm laborers today are not hard workers, I encourage you to switch jobs with them and show us how hard work leads to a better life.

Some of the more disingenuous amongst you might say- “oops.. we meant studying and working hard in some profession or trade”. But is it true, even if you don’t care about it?

Most of you will agree that people who have successfully studied some branch of engineering at a state university or better in a developed country are both competent and knowledgeable in that area. So how come they keep getting laid off once they reach their 50s or even earliers? Does their competence really go down or is it something else? Maybe their bosses cannot exploit and abuse them with the same impunity as before or could it be that they are now due for benefits which their employers have no intention of paying out?

What about younger scientists in universities who do the bulk of work their superiors take credit for? How come they never seem to get a decent and stable job inspite of their hard work and dedication? Compare them to teachers who get significantly better compensation and benefits in the face of declining competence. Even scientists in industry who once enjoyed a good lifestyle and decent job security now find themselves cast off in their mid-50s with minimal severance pay and benefits.

In contrast we see many people in functionally useless or actively harmful occupations such as bureaucrats, administrators, administrative assistants, management, human resources etc enjoy stable and decent income regardless of the amount of “work” they do, it’ real impact or even its relevance.

We are therefore left with a tasteless choice. We have to either admit that the hard work ethic is, and always was, a lie to exploit the gullible- something that is much harder in the information age. The alternative is that those who promote that idea are too retarded to observe the world around them.

So what is it- Liar or Retarded?