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Work will Liberate CONservatives Through the Chimney

November 9, 2011 15 comments

White CONservatives spend a lot of their time expounding how everybody else is ‘deadwood’, lazy, inferior or ‘undeserving’ slackers. Indeed their entire world-view is based on how they are the only real ‘hard workers’ who deserve their ill-gotten gains.

During WW2, a well-known sign outside Nazi concentration camps proclaimed the gist of CONservative ideology- Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Liberates). Inmates of these work-to-death camps who were aware of the activities of such institutions used to morbidly joke that- Arbeit Macht Frei durch den Schornstein (Work brings freedom through the chimney).

Since white CONservatives are too disingenuous to argue with and too untrustworthy to have around, shouldn’t the rest of us liberate this aging and decaying group through the chimney.. I mean work.


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