Modern Contraception Destroyed Internal Slavery

It is easy for a well-read person living in this connected age to see that all major systems of socio-economic organization, from capitalism to communism, socialism and pretty much every other well-known system has either failed or is in the process of failure. But why is that so? Some of you might believe that the eventual failure of all socio-economic systems is part of some grand cosmic cycle or is otherwise inevitable.

But is that really the case? What if there is another, albeit, darker explanation?

I have previously mentioned that all civilizations and cultures to date are ponzi schemes, which depend on the an ever larger supply of youthful and naive suckers to power themselves. I had also explained the mechanism, if briefly, as it relates to CONservatism. The rest of this post can be considered a somewhat more detailed explanation of the underlying mechanism and how it has powered all known forms of civilization.

While I would prefer to use colorful animations to make my point, I am not motivated enough to go through that process at this moment and you will have to do with a text-based explanation.

Let us consider two fertility scenarios-

A. The median woman has 2 or fewer kids who reach adulthood over her lifetime.

B. The median woman has 4 or more kids who reach adulthood over her lifetime.

Throughout human history, we never had scenario A except in the aftermath of famines, massive epidemics or wars. However, today scenario A is the norm even in countries where the previous generation of woman lived with scenario B.

So why is this fact important and how does it affect the structure of socio-economic institutions and ideologies?

To understand that we must understand that the number of people on earth has been fluctuating between half a billion to a billion for many centuries. The major restriction for population growth was lack of technology which led to an almost constant struggle between people for a pretty pathetic existence. You have to understand that every single ideology which we discuss, read about or live in was created during the pre-modern technology era.

This pre-modern era was characterized by a lack of technology but virtually endless quantities of youthful suckers who could be utilized or manipulated towards any end, even if it was destructive to them. Therefore all popular and somewhat successful ideologies are built around the paradigm of disposable hardworking youth to the extent that they cannot function without that ‘resource’.

So how did that work in practice?

Since it was understood, if at a subconscious level, that there were simply not enough seats in this game of musical chairs the emphasis was on normalizing and rationalizing the exploitation of both young men (for their labor) and women (for their fertility). All older socio-economic systems and ideologies therefore stressed sacrifice, duty and honor even though their own elders and elites acted otherwise.

Naive younger people were used in a number of endeavors- from fighting and dying in wars to performing back-breaking work. While their efforts created value, most did not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The survivors and elites did however benefit greatly from the sacrifice of their naive kin. Most older ideologies celebrate fertile women primarily because they provided an endless source of suckers to burn in the ‘machine’.

That is correct! Pre-modern civilizations are best seen as ‘machines’ which use youthful disposable workers to shovel more fuel into the boiler and then use most of those disposable workers as fuel, once they are dead- just to keep a minority of the population in decent shape. Nazi death-camps and soviet gulags were therefore merely a chronologically compressed version of the basic modus operandi of pre-modern human civilization.

Every major socio-economic arrangement, ideology and theory of society is based on the implicit assumption of endless disposable youthful labor which will create value without asking and ‘disappear’ before they can demand their share of the pie they helped to bake.

Capitalism, communism, socialism and all your other -isms cannot function under conditions where the number of youthful suckers decreases to replacement levels and/or they have to make good on the promises made to the majority of individuals. Technological gains and ideological zealotry can delay the end, but not by much.

Modern contraception and bio-medical advances put a wrench in this system by creating conditions where limiting female fertility was booth desirable and necessary. It is no longer necessary to have 10 kids to have 3-4 of them reach adulthood. However the very act of voluntary restriction of female fertility also simultaneously removes the extra suckers who could be exploited and played against each other for the benefit of others.

But here is the problem- even though the supply of naive and disposable suckers had dried up and is starting to adversely affect the ‘machine’, most people especially the older generation who occupy positions of power in the hierarchy act as if the system parameters have not changed. You therefore keep on hearing solutions that involve harder work, more education, lesser paying jobs, manning up and pulling yourself by your bootstraps etc.

But all of these “solutions” are attempts at recreating a dynamic which is not resurrectable. You cannot solve the problems inherent in any of the popular -isms by acting as if things have not changed. Indeed, none of these -isms can solve problems requiring them to work without that core assumption.

We have run out of ‘extra’ naive suckers and no system which requires that pre-condition can be either stable or functional.


  1. November 10, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    This post is brilliant. Very directly related to some thinking I’ve been doing… I’ll drop you a line when I’m done with it (or maybe you’ll notice the trackback on this post).

  2. G.Bush
    November 10, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    You are always talking about the number of new suckers. What about the quality of suckers? You are critical of HBD? They are the only ones looking for quality over quantity? America needs quality suckers not masses of rif raf collecting EBT and having half a dozen kids.

    Both white and non-white birth rates in N. America are now low. The sucker stream has truly dried up.

    • Matt Strictland
      November 11, 2011 at 11:27 am

      Quality counts but only so much. Say the US lost all its bottom and dropped to I dunno 70 million high quality people. Thats the top 20% best and brightest irrespective of ethnicity.

      They can only produce do and consume so much actual wealth. In any scenario unspent money beyond a small savings hedge or used to increase wealth is useless.

      Assuming these were the best of the best such an economy would be maybe equal to that of a normal 1ast world economy of 100 million, if that.

      In addition without a new stream of suckers (i.e a high birth rate) consumption gradually shrinks. People only need to much stuff and services.

      On that topic, I have to admit I have always wanted to write a Sci-Fi story about Earth with permanent low birth rates. Not children of men but m,ore classic stuff about social planning and trying to convince people with a decent standard of living to be colonists and such.

      Kind of hard though.

      • uh
        November 14, 2011 at 4:45 am

        And of those 20%, about one-thousand will be black, a few hundred-thousand non-white, and the majority white: just as now. There is no “irrespective of ethnicity” when it comes to intelligence. Don’t lie.

  3. Eryximachus
    November 10, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Not a particularly insightful post.

    Technology has worked wonders. Human labor is largely irrelevant at this stage – there are billions who serve no economic purpose. This is actually the dirty, dark secret problem of the biological intelligence becoming more and more impossible to ignore, and the reason places like China will thrive while Western white nations will collapse.

    Selling their crap to who? aliens?

    The solution to this problem in the past WAS slavery. Smart people at the upper end of the bell curve dominated those beneath them. But, you can’t have too many idiots to smart people, so the nations where slavery was most common and enduring even today have higher IQs.

    How did Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan work out? Why?

    But what are we to do with those of insufficient intelligence to function independently? We no longer need their labor. White people bemoan the morons while the Chinese are slowly taking over Africa without much concern for the present inhabitants who stand in the way of them securing their existence.

    Making products to sell to?

    This is why some kind of eugenics program is necessary. The only solution to the problem you described is managed growth. Again, this is why China will succeed. Not only are they doing the most research on the genetic basis for intelligence, they are actively encouraging the growth of their “smart” caste by restricting how many idiots can move to their cities. The peasants are slowly being phased out of advanced society.

    China is dead, because their business model and worldview are based on zero sum mercantilism.

    But a more humane way is to actively manage who reproduces and to groom people from a young age to fulfill their role in life, even if it is a subservient one.

    How is that working out? without extra morons?

    This scenario is actually one that demolishes the very notion of freedom. None of us is really free, we all depend on each other. The idiot needs smart people to make the things he needs to survive, while smart people need idiots to do the mundane and free them to pursue the things the idiot needs to survive.

    The smart moron is stupider than the idiot, but you won’t understand that.

    In America, it’s the exact opposite. Smart people are overwhelmed feeding the idiots, while the idiots are so well fed they are disgustingly obese.

    Try the alternative.. go ahead.

  4. Ryu
    November 10, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Not true. In fact, this is one of the reasons for Europe and the Americans importing millions upon millions of immigrants. And what nations do we import from?

    India, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Mexico – all countries with very high birthrates. I believe Africa alone will be adding a 1 billion people in the next 30 years. Several countries will be doubling their populations.

    You still don’t get it. It us about ratios not numbers.

    There is nothing more plentiful or cheap than human life. If we wanted, we could import the 5 billion people who would happily live in the US. Of course, the more people in a nation, the less each individual is worth – being from India, you must have seen this in many ways. My favorite is the corpses that litter the banks and waters of the Ganges.

    Try it! I like to see people hang themselves.

  5. anonymous
    November 10, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Japan is the canary in the coal mine, as they have below replacement birthrates, discourage immigration, and have a mountain of debt. They may be better off than otherwise because of work ethic and high IQ, but there are articles going around indicating a younger generation of “grass-eaters”. These are probably high IQ (males), that recognize dark clouds are on the horizon. This was the case even before terrible mess that is Fukushima. The whole nation is now guinea pigs for nuclear pollution on top of its demographic and debt problems.

    Have written about that one in the past-

  6. November 10, 2011 at 8:14 pm


    so what change is most adaptable in these times?

    if this is the information age, is it best to work in technology? Is that what you do?

  7. Matt Strictland
    November 10, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Exceptional post AD.

    To add to what you said, China what little prosperity they have is driven both by real estate bubbles and the industrialization bubble. When, not if that ends, China is doomed.

    They’ll deal with wages and labor issues with automation (CF Foxxcon right now) and in so doing end up having no one to sell anything too at home

    I am sure the idiots there will try to push people back to the farm to make up for the folly but good luck with that. T Much land in China is basically utterly polluted beyond repair and either the Chinese mass emigrate or they die back. The former is not going to be really that easy and the later, well. I hope the Chinese people take their parasites out with them.

    And yes folks Chinese people are just a sociopathic and short term focused as Occidentals . They also are not passive and once their patience limit is reached, well its going to be ugly.

  8. Carl Jung
    November 11, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Please excuse my bad english, but I am a german.

    For our species, the possibility of contraception is comparable to bisons, reaching a region, where plants are growing, with a similiar affekt.

    First the population gets smaller in number, but then there is selection of those, who do not like, to eat that plant.

    On the long run, the population will grow.


    Ratios! Ratios! Numbers matter far less than ratios in saturated systems.

    PS: So did that selection stuff work out in your country from 1933-1945?

  9. Columnist
    November 12, 2011 at 1:51 am

    The Pope understands this all very well.

    But the ratios old/young can also be shifted by euthanasia. The Netherlands are leaders on that way.

  10. Matt Strictland
    March 14, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    uh :
    And of those 20%, about one-thousand will be black, a few hundred-thousand non-white, and the majority white: just as now. There is no “irrespective of ethnicity” when it comes to intelligence. Don’t lie.

    All in all I’d like a society of entirely capable people and if I can’t have that to only suffer fools of my own folk (European in origin) and like you given US demography I suspect that after the event the US would be about 75-20-5(White, Asian, Other) however I assume you do know that humans are diverse even within groups and while different groups have different capabilities there are in any group, highly capable members.

    Most probably even in Sub-Saharan Africa there are people ( assuming they had good nutrition, stable society and a low parasite load ) are very very smart. As a percentage there are probably far less of these than Whites, Asians or Semites but they are out there.

    Under those limited circumstances I don’t need to care about race

    You see the society I want can be undermined by lots of stupid non Europeans and to a lesser degree by the import of mass numbers of stupid Europeans or the dumbing down of our culture. It can also be undermined by come kinds of liberalism the crap culture of TV and some political philosophies that replace our interests with those of an alien culture or of the wealthy

    It cannot be threatened by a few highly capable people of other ethnicities so long as standards are kept . Its not about diversity here but capacity. The errant African genius is not going to hurt America nor is the occasional Indian engineer

    Anyway its self limiting, smart, capable people rarely need to emigrate and if the standards are kept high (say good health, high IQ in the top 10% of human capacity or exceptional talent in some area , speaks English) we won’t get many people anyway. The human race won’t produce them.

  11. March 15, 2012 at 9:46 am

    In some ways, Africans are MORE intelligent than Europeans. Africans learned European language, but Europeans don’t learn African languages. The result: the Boers ended up like AD predicts most elderly Europeans will do.

  12. P Ray
    November 6, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    The best example of
    Every major socio-economic arrangement, ideology and theory of society is based on the implicit assumption of endless disposable youthful labor which will create value without asking and ‘disappear’ before they can demand their share of the pie they helped to bake.

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