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Tasteless Hypothetical Question: 12 Nov, 2011

November 12, 2011 16 comments

Since I am currently in a mood to ask these questions, here is another one-

Would getting rid of every single person who ever attended an ivy league university or an expensive private school, along with those institutions, be a net positive or negative for the USA?

Don’t worry about the logistics of the removal or humane treatment of those who don’t give it to others in the first place. Simply restrict yourself to a cost-benefit analysis. Would everybody else enjoy a significantly better living standard, have more opportunities, be able to innovate more and have a more secure existence.

I am simply trying to get you to ask the question: “are these so-called ‘elites’ a useful organ of the system or a cancerous growth?”

Once again, don’t worry about the logistics as it has been feasible, on the required scale, since the late 1920s. Remember that Stalin, Hitler and Mao became leaders because the societies they came out of were deeply dysfunctional and ridden with their own version of supremely corrupt and incompetent elites who were busy impoverishing their own people.


On the Cheapness of Human Life

November 12, 2011 4 comments

It seems that many readers thought that my question about how much money it would take to hypothetically get you to kill AND torture somebody you sorta knew stuck a nerve. But isn’t such behavior common and legal? Let me give you some examples-

1. What is the per hour pay for a police ‘officer’ who accidentally kills the wrong black person? What about a swat team who “accidentally” enters the wrong house and kills the wrong black man or child?

2. What is the per hour pay for a corrections ‘officer’ who is supervising a facility containing people who are in prison for victimless crimes, minor offences or non-violent drug sales or possession?

3. What is the per patient visit pay for an ER doctor who ignores pain in a black or poor white person because they might be trying to score drugs by faking it?

4. What is the per hour pay for people who work in poorly run assisted-living facilities? What about the per hour pay for nurses whose carelessness causes pain or death of patients under their care?

5. What about the per hour wage of social workers who pretend to help those down on their luck but have a vested interest in keeping them destitute to preserve their livelihood.

6. What is the per hour wage of an HR cunt who does not hire a capable, but desperate guy, thereby setting of a chain of events that ends in that person’s death?

I can give you many more examples, but you get my point- right?

You cannot say something is different or “normal” if the intended end result is the same.