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The Truth about Law and Order

December 30, 2011 1 comment

Just pointing out the obvious..


Trashing Another CONservative Belief: Race, Income and IQ

December 30, 2011 33 comments

As many of you know- I like to mock CONservatives, LIEbertarians and a lot of people who hold “alt right” views. Today I am going to target one of their more cherished beliefs.

You might have noticed that many of the above mentioned morons talk a lot about race, IQ, meritocracy etc with the pretty obvious agenda of suggesting that non-whites are not deserving of a middle-class lifestyle- based on their “low IQ”.

So let us begin the process..

Let us use the USA as a test case for their beliefs. According to government statistics, the median per-capita income of people in the wage earning age range as reported by employers was $26,363.55 in 2010. That is right! Half of wage earners make less than $ 27k/ year.

But here is the problem-

While about 72-73 % of the overall US population is white (hint: add all the “white” categories), the white representation in the working age population (over 18 yrs old) is closer to 80 %. This would imply that at least 1/3 rd of working age whites make less than $ 27k /year. Do you really think that this level of income is sufficient for a middle-class existence?

Moving on.. Did you know that only 25 % of wage earners make more than $ 50k/ year. In my opinion, a traditional middle-class existence in the USA requires a per-worker income around, or above, that level. If you disagree with the above assertion, please tell me how to live a traditional middle-class lifestyle for less than $ 50k /year in the USA- before taxes. Remember to factor in often forgotten items such as adequate health insurance, house taxes, utilities, a little leisure money and some cash for unexpected minor emergencies etc.

Today, a solid middle class existence in the USA requires a pre-tax income of at least $ 70 k/ year before taxes. I am talking about a modest house, modest new car, a few months of savings, good health insurance and enough spare money to take 2-3 weeks of vacations + eat and drink in decent establishments. However only 14 % of wage-earners make more than $ 70 k/ year.

There are those who will say- “but don’t families today have two breadwinners?”

My answer is- Have you looked around you lately? What does the ‘average’ family look like? The majority of marriages end in divorce and a rapidly increasing number of people are not getting married- at all. Many of these newer forms of partnerships (living together without ever getting married) are even more unstable. Now factor in big student loans and the effect of job insecurity and frequent layoffs. To make a long story short.. you are more likely to see the stable two breadwinner, solidly middle-class family in a sitcom than in your real life.

Contrast this picture to a generation, or two, ago when most white families were middle-class and a significant percentage of them were solidly so.

So what changed?

While the percentage of whites in both the general and working age population has decreased over the years, they are still the majority. Though their incomes have stagnated and shrunk as much as other racial groups, they were also at a higher point to start with. The cost of big-item necessities such as healthcare, housing, education etc have however kept on increasing faster than their income. Furthermore they are constantly nickled and dimed by everybody from the HOA, local municipality to corporations and the federal government. To make a long story short-

Most whites have fallen out of the middle-class, especially the large “solidly middle-class” group which was once envied by the rest of the industrialized world.

But how did that happen? If you apply the CONservative, LIEbertarian-esque and “alt-right” beliefs to this situation- one has to conclude that most whites (like over 70%) are not worthy of a middle-class lifestyle based on their IQ, work ethic, moral fiber etc. Which begs the question.. why did it work for them from the 1940s to the 1980s and even part of 1990s? Why then and not now? Did white people in the USA suddenly become dumb and immoral slackers? and how come other western countries such as Germany, France and some eastern ones such as Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan did not suffer a similar shrinkage of their middle-class? Did (or do) they work harder, cheaper or better than Americans?

The other unpleasant possibility is that most white middle-class morons gleefully cooperated with the “elites” to kill the golden egg-laying goose so that they would not to share it with non-whites. It is too bad that their beloved “elites’ saw pauperizing and abusing non-whites as the first, rather than the last, step.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: 30 Dec, 2011

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment

These links are NSFW.

Caprice from HegreArt: Born to be Wild – A slim cutie with a very pretty face.

Caprice from HegreArt: Melting Ice – The same cutie playing with an ice cube.

Caprice from HegreArt: Climax Massage – Getting oiled and rubbed right by another chick.


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Funny Meme: Sheltered College Fresh-Woman

December 29, 2011 1 comment

More hilarity.. feel free to add your own take on this one.

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Current Communication Technology and Existent Systems of Governance Don’t Mix

December 28, 2011 3 comments

This post builds upon an idea I have casually mentioned in previous posts. The basic idea goes something like this-

The type of government and social hierarchy possible in every single society is linked to the level and ease of interpersonal communication between its median members.

Consider a hierarchy ridden totalitarian society such as N. Korea. Its continued existence is only possible because the median person in that country cannot or dare not communicate freely with another median person. In some ways the situation in that country is similar to why old kingdoms and institutions like the catholic Church were so powerful even though they were tyrannical and incompetent.

For much of human history it was hard for the median person to freely communicate with another median person- either because of technological limitations or a gap between the level of technology available to the media person versus the governing tyranny.

It is not coincidental that the spread and acceptance of printing, newspapers, radio, films and TV are linked to progressively less tyrannical societies with increasingly representative governments. The internet is in some ways the next step in the revolution, but one that is profoundly different from its predecessors.

Unlike them, it is-

1. Very Inexpensive to use.
2. Ubiquitous in accessibility (place and time).
3. Searchable and Indexed in multiple databases.
4. Transnational and now translingual.
5. Contents can be stored at will on multiple media.
6. Hard to monitor and censor to the extent of previous media.

The modus operandi of “elites”, tyrannies, religions and governments throughout human history has been to maintain status and control through information flow between people. As I have previously mentioned, this was easy through most of history because the technology was crap or the method was expensive or somewhat easy to control.

Even the so-called “democracies” and “free societies” of the west and all of their institutions- from law and order to the medical system are based on an early post-WW2 era scenario. They assume that median people have telephones, read books and newspapers, watch movie, TV and talk in person.

They are simply not built to withstand the pressures, scrutiny, feedback loops and other consequences of the median person possessing and using a smartphone AND laptop to access a ubiquitous internet, search google, forward stuff via email, FB or Twitter and start blogs on inexpensive websites.

A host of other factors including the generational technology divide, changing demographic profiles, effects of real automation on job creation and the disastrous effects of financializing economies are contributing to a ‘perfect storm’ which is exposing the incompetence and inability of our current “elites” and institutions to solve problems. There are those who think we can overcome this situation through massive institutional reforms- whether it is electing new people, changing laws, rewriting regulations or similar actions.

I, however, believe that the problem lies in the continued existence of those very institutions.

These old institutions are not malfunctioning. Indeed, they are functioning precisely as they were meant to. It is just that their mode of functioning is not viable in the era we live in for reasons stemming from both socio-economic conditions and public scrutiny.

Institutions as diverse as schools, universities, municipalities, state and national governments, law and order (aka scam and repression), corporations, hospitals, news media etc are simply unsalvageable. However, their replacements will have to be created from scratch for reasons I have mentioned in a previous post.

There are those who think we can restrict or censor communication easily. Unfortunately for them, the technology of communication is so fundamentally tied up with the ability of a society to use technology, that screwing it up causes a logistical cascade failure making the repressive society much less capable. Lets just say that there is a reason why Europeans could colonize Asian countries so easily in the 19th century. Or you can look at countries like modern China which is losing the battle to contain dissent even though the government has virtually unlimited power and resources.


One of My Ongoing Projects: Dec 27, 2011

December 27, 2011 8 comments

While I have considered writing an e-book (or two) based on my blog for a few months, events in my life had made it hard to devote enough time to do it properly- especially while blogging at the same time. However a fortuitous combination of circumstances and the purchase of a tablet has allowed me to start combining and refining my thoughts towards that end.

Currently I am thinking about something along the lines of how rapidly changing technology, ubiquitous communication, racial and demographic shifts along with the ongoing worldwide loss of faith in traditional authority and institutions will shape the world- and how it is already affecting how WE perceive the world around us. Let me know if you have any more suggestions or ideas.

I am still undecided about putting a price, however small, on the e-book. While I would not mind making some money off it, that is not the driving force behind what I do. My goals are somewhat larger than making a few bucks from my world view.


Funny Meme: Unhelpful Female Teacher

December 26, 2011 3 comments

Another funny meme which combines two things I hate- those in the teaching profession and a certain type of cognitive dissonance typically seen in women.

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