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Delayed Gratification is the Mark of Suckerhood

December 19, 2011 23 comments

In some of my earliest posts on this blog, I had suggested that anybody who works for a promise that is functionally unenforceable is a sucker. As some of you might know- many white “high IQ” morons constant drone about something called “future time orientation” being a mark of intelligence. This concept is linked to the idea of delayed gratification being linked to success in your life, or something along those lines.

Here is what I have to say to those who believe in either “future time orientation” or “delayed gratification”- SUCKERS!

To understand why I see them as suckers, you have to first list and then analyze the validity of their beliefs.

1. The amount of sacrifice and delayed gratification has a worthwhile relation with the quality of life.

2. Their sacrifices will be recognized, respected and compensated.

3. The very act of pursuing delayed gratification marks them as magically superior to those who chose otherwise.

4. Their act of sacrifice will have some positive impact on their future- directly or indirectly.

I will now ask a few unpleasant questions to the morons who believe in “future time orientation” and “delayed gratification”.

Does working your ass of to become a doctor or lawyer give you the time to enjoy the money you are making? Was the amount of time spent (and years of your youth wasted) becoming a high-income professional really worth it? The same is true for scientists, engineers and many other professionals who spend years of their youth slaving away so that they might be able to have a somewhat better car and house. Who gets laid more- the median drummer in a mediocre band or a neurosurgeon? Who has a better life when they can enjoy it- a guy who spends his youth surfing or some frail pale-faced moron who slaves in academia? I could give you more examples and rub it harder in your face – but that is not my intention (at this moment).

Then there is the issue about your sacrifices being recognized, respected and rewarded. Do you believe that the guys who wrote and optimized iOS and Android are making a fraction of the money their MBA bosses are making? Why not? What about those Chinese workers who assemble iPhones for a buck or two an hour? What about those graduate students who slaved to get something done, only to find out that their herculean efforts are worth a 41k/year postdoc- if they are lucky. What about programers, engineers and scientists who get laid off once they hit their early 50s?

and how does being a willing slave make you morally superior to someone who is not that stupid?

Finally, let us honestly ask ourselves- Does slaving under the delusion of superiority make your life any better? Does it result in substantially lower risk of divorce, a sexless marriage or conflict-ridden relationships with women? Does it insure that your kids will give a fuck about you when they grow up? Does it make bankers any less likely to steal your retirement money? Would the people who approve of you because of your current status not abandon you if you fell on hard times- due to no fault of yours?

So why willingly slave for somebody? What is in it for you?