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Why CONservatives are Afraid of “Whiners”

January 1, 2012 10 comments

CONservatives, overt or hidden, simply cannot resist using certain words. Many of you might be tempted to take them at their face value and believe that CONservatives really are stoic, hard-working and honest people. The reality is however different..

Have you ever wondered why CONservatives are obsessed with critiquing “whiners” and “complainers”?

Paradoxically these extermination-worthy subhumans are often the most likely to complain about loss of morality, growing decadence, entitlements and other bullshit. Therefore it is a bit odd that they are so opposed to others doing the same.

My theory is that CONservatives are afraid of others complaining because those complaints might resonate with more people and derail their scams.

As I have mentioned before, civilization as we know it is a ponzi scheme which benefits a few while simultaneously using and destroying countless others. Therefore those who perpetrate the scam and those who support them have a vested interest in keeping the lid on discussions about various scams and injustices perpetrated to maintain a system which does not benefit most of its participants.

The standard overt way of doing so involves labeling those who openly question the system as heretics, rebels, dissidents etc. But what is to be done of very obvious grievances and problems which simply cannot be wished away by invoking any of the standard overt methods of discrediting the complainers?

The CONservative answer to that is to label such people as “whiners”.

While doing so does not alter the long-term effects of ignoring negative feedback, it often buys them enough time to think that they have outsmarted reality. Don’t believe me? Let me explain with a few examples..

How come people who complain after being fired at 55 after years of hard work and loyalty are derided by CONservative subhumans as “whiners”? What about men who lose their houses, savings and dignity in divorces. Don’t CONservative scumbags label them as “whiners”? What about Gen Y and Millennials who complain about not finding a decent job after going to universities and taking on student debt in good faith? Aren’t they also labelled as “entitled whiners”? What about people who work hard for 60 hours a week but can barely keep themselves in the middle class? According to CONservatives they too are “whiners”.

To recapitulate- protesting about the “rights” of an unborn fetus, opposing gay marriages and constantly complaining about the loss of “religious morality” and “old-fashioned” values is OK. However complaining about being ripped off, scammed, cheated, abused, exploited and lied to is “whining”.

and then they complain when their pozni schemes (civilizations,nations and empires) run out of luck and willing morons.