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Funny Meme: College Republican

January 3, 2012 2 comments

Because skewering morons and disingenuous scumbags is fun..

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I Don’t Care: 2

January 3, 2012 7 comments

Warning: This post is heavy in speculation.

AS I have said in the previous post of this series, I don’t care because there is no positive benefit to doing so. Let me take that one step further.

Would you care if every human on the earth, including you, died almost simultaneously one day?

This is a trick question as every human being is mortal and will die one day or the other. Since the world, as you perceive it, ceases to exist after your death- the death of every other human being present on earth at the time of your death or after it has no significance or meaning. Therefore, the continued existence of human beings as a species matters only as long as your are alive or can reasonably expected to live.

So let us consider a slightly different scenario.. Would you care if everybody else died before you?

To answer this question properly, one has to start analyzing whether those other people are of any use to you. To put it another way, would their death make your life more enjoyable or less? Since the vast majority of people are neither useful or harmful, their deaths are inconsequential- apart from the logistics of disposing of their dead and rotting bodies.

The people who matter to you at any given instant are those who you interact (or will potentially interact) with directly or indirectly. I can guarantee you that pretty much every single one of them won’t even miss you if you suddenly died, and this is especially true in the atomized societies we live in today.

Your only utility to others in an atomized society is as a very disposable consumer or corporate drone.

Caring about anyone or anything which does not benefit you in an easily quantifiable manner is delusionary behavior. Moreover doing so also supports systems and individuals who are constantly abusing and exploiting you.

To be continued..