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Are Morning Show Hosts on Meth or Speed?

January 7, 2012 10 comments

First a confession- I do not listen to radio except for a few controversial clips, once in a while. While there are many reasons to dislike radio as a medium, one of them stands out-

I detest chirpy and hyper morning show hosts.

Only paternalistic pretenders on public radio invoke anywhere near the same level of antipathy. It is hard to understand how and why any non-medicated or mentally normal human being could act like that at anytime of the day- let alone at 5 am in the morning.

The sheer amount of agitation and phony enthusiasm in their voices makes me wonder if they are high on something. It must be hard to muster that amount of phony enthusiasm at 5:30 am to hawk used cars, cheap mattresses and breakfast deals- every single day for years on end. I wonder if they go home and drink themselves into oblivion to escape the horror of their pathetic lives.

What do you think? Comments?

I Don’t Care: 3

January 7, 2012 7 comments

Moving on from my previous post in this series, some of you might wonder why I came to see things they way I do. While the precise events and reasons are described in a few of my older posts, it ultimately came down to one fact-

I realized that nobody in this world cared about me, and this was default human behavior.

Yes.. that is correct. For all practical purposes nobody cares about you, even those who are supposed to. While we spend much of life convincing others that we care about them or others care about you- the reality is that is just a huge scam or delusion, depending on how you look at it. All the expressions of solidarity, familiarity, kindness, consideration and politeness that you experience in your everyday life are as genuine as the simulated fruit flavors in your 10% natural fruit juice beverage.

Unless you have something for immediate exchange (status, money, favors etc) you are a non-person who is less desirable than a stray cat.

While this has not been the case for most of human history, it is pretty much the default for social interaction today. Which brings us the question which I have asked myself, and others, for a long time-

Why should I care?

The reality is no amount of suffering by others matters to me anymore, and not because I cannot understand it. It is just that they don’t deserve any sympathy, help or consideration. Let me explain that point further with a few tasteless examples..

Imagine a country like say Japan is wiped off the face of the earth in a particularly gruesome way. Would it matter to you? I have to say that beyond supply chain disruptions for components of my favorite toys, it would not matter at all. Face it- it is a xenophobic society full of phony people whose death and suffering is mildly entertaining at best. I have not met anyone from that country or culture who matters to me in a positive way. West European countries are no different, in that they are OK to live in if you are one of them. However “outsiders” to these dying systems are treated well only if they are tourists willing to blow tons of cash to see some 200 year old piece of shit. The same can be said of many other countries, cultures and groups.

Let us consider another example somewhat closer to home, in a figurative sense. As some of you might know, the pharmaceutical and biotech sector has undergone a series of massive layoffs in the last 5 years which have devastated the careers of hundreds of thousands of scientists in the western world. This phenomenon has touched every sector and sub-sector in that area. Combined with the overproduction of PhDs and rapidly diminishing opportunities for them, an entire part of the STEM sector is literally dying as we speak. But I cannot feel sympathy for the affected people in that sector, academic or industrial. You see.. when times were good- many of these now destroyed people exhibited the same arrogance, pettiness, greed and small-mindedness that they now see in the MBAs, banksters and managers responsible for their demise.

How can you rationally blame somebody for doing to you what you used to do to others?

In my opinion, a lot of what people refer to as civilized behavior is a supremely dishonest scam. Its persisted only because enough people survived to keep it alive. This is not an argument for Neo-Luddism because technology is, by its very nature, neutral. It is however clear to me that most of our familiar socio-economic structures and paradigms are becoming irrelevant, counterproductive and fundamentally unstable.