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Asian Women Plan and Commit Female Infanticide

January 18, 2012 28 comments

I had initially planned on writing a long article about this issue, but then realized that my points would be best conveyed in a brief article that concentrated on the core issue.

As many of you know, more than a few asian countries currently have a very skewed male-heavy sex ratio amongst its younger generations. The reasons behind the most recent version of this phenomena involve a peculiar mix of cultural beliefs, technology and changes in the socio-economic structure of those societies. But this post is not about those peripheral issues, which in my opinion are a sideshow.

The real question is- What makes a parent capable of killing their kids for reasons that are not based in objective reality? and who does the actual killing anyway?

The conventional feminist interpretation of female infanticide goes something like this.. Eevviill patriarchy victimizes poor women driving them to kill their girl children- either before or after birth. There are however a few problems with this idea-

1. Female infanticide is uncommon or nonexistent in non-asian societies. Indeed societies spanning a range or races, ethnicities and cultures from West and East Europeans, pre- and post-1492 Americans, African cultures and pretty much everyone except Asians are not into systematic female infanticide.

2. Every single human cultures require women for reasons other than breeding- specifically to work in, around and outside the house. Therefore the idea that Asian cultures perceive women as less valuable than men based on their ability to work does not make sense as women in those societies do work inside and outside the home.

3. Asian societies are not patriarchal for the simple reason that Asian men (Chinese, Indian, Japanese etc) are dickless wonders and mama boys. There.. I said it. The partiarchy explanation for female infanticide would be viable if Asian men were not feminized drones who live to make money for their super greedy and materialistic wives.

This brings us to the next question- Does a man care about the gender of his children as long as they are his? and would he kill his own children for no reason other than their gender?

The simple answer to that question is that men don’t have strong gender preferences for their kids- irrespective of race, culture or ethnicity. The average guy (black, white, indian, chinese) could care less if a baby was a boy or girl, as long as he was the father. Men are, if anything, more protective towards their daughters than their sons. Therefore the whole idea that poor, brainwashed and pressured women kill their girl children because strong masculine men disapprove of them is laughable- at best.

So where does that leave us? If strong patriarchal masculinity and male preferences cannot rationally explain female infanticide in Asian countries, what else can? Have you noticed something else linking Asian countries which used, or continue, to practice female infanticide? Every Asian country with a female infanticide problem is full of supremely greedy, materialistic and superficial women. Daughters (unlike sons) are competition for the attention, resources and status of their mother and grandmothers.

A more rational, though tasteless, explanation for female infanticide is that greedy, materialistic and status conscious Asian women see a male-heavy gender offspring ratio as beneficial to them- even if that means killing their competition.. I mean daughters.

The best part of this scheme is that their effeminate drones (Asian men) can be blamed for creating an environment of “patriarchal oppression” which makes impressionable naive women murder their own daughters and grand-daughters. Face it.. defending your murderous actions through the defense of weak will sound better than the Nuremberg defense.

What do you think? Comments?

Delusions of Working Class Guys

January 18, 2012 45 comments

I have never said this before- but most of CONservative, LIEbertarian, “alt-right” and other assorted morons have one thing in common. Are you ready-

They are from the working class

That is right! People ranging from Piggy, 1STD, Half-Shitma, Mangy, Unamused, “Sober” and probably even Roissy are working class men who were born in the right country at the right time. Now, you might wonder how I came to this conclusion. So here it goes..

You see, I am not from the working class. None of my ancestors had to perform physical work to make a living for least a few hundred years, or likely much longer. While they often did manual work for amusement and dabbled in new technology (a lot), they never had to depend on working with their hands to put food on the table.

I therefore have a rather unique perspective on what it means to be born at third base.

Let me tell you something- all of this talk about IQ, meritocracy, hard work, personal responsibility, pulling yourself by your bootstraps etc is disingenuous bullshit which working class men are dumb enough to believe in. Do you really think that somebody from my social class is privileged because they are especially talented at anything other than ripping off working class morons?

Do you seriously believe that my ancestors achieved their status and lifestyle through anything other than previous advantages, some luck and a little hard work?

Do you really think that the upper classes in western countries are any different? Do you really think that IQ, hard work or merit is the major factor behind the success of most people? That is what people from my class like to tell people from you class. Deep down more than a few of us know that there is no worthwhile difference between us and you- but most of you don’t.

That is why working class morons are far more likely to be true believers in slave ideologies such as CONservativism, LIEbertarianism, Nationalism etc.

But keep on enthusiastically digging your own graves. People like me certainly don’t mind profiting from your stupidity.