Meet the Real Obama 2012 Reelection Committee

Because somebody had to point out the bleeping obvious…


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5 Responses to Meet the Real Obama 2012 Reelection Committee

  1. Ted says:

    What is really annoying is that the media pretends that any of these guys can beat Obama in the general election. Evens sports reporters are not that delusional. Sure, the Cubs might win the World Series, but it is not bloody likely.

    Obama will be beaten by events, not any particular candidate. In 2008, Obama (and the rest of Congress) had no real plan on how to handle the Wall Street meltdown. But, voters watched as he kept a cool head, and McCain lost his shit and could not make up his mind. Even if voters were not sold on Obama’s plans, they were sold on the fact that he kept his head on straight.

  2. webe says:

    Nothing to add – picture says more than …

  3. Matt Strictland says:

    Truth is truth. The only decent candidate in there is Ron Paul is who is too old and holds economic ideas that if implemented would be a disaster.

  4. Retrenched says:

    LOL, can’t argue with you there.

    But it doesn’t matter anyway. Paul is the only one of the four who might possibly deviate from Obama’s current course in any meaningful way, and he has no hope in hell of winning.

    Of course, none of that will stop millions from giving money to their chosen heroes, putting signs in their yards and little donkey and elephant bumper stickers on their cars, and volunteering to give their friends rides to the polls for early voting. As though any of it matters in the least.

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