Rihanna – Hate That I Love You (2007)

Sometimes a song says so much about the singer’s view of her personal life. I can bet you that the current reconciliation between her and Chris Brown is neither her first nor her last.


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5 Responses to Rihanna – Hate That I Love You (2007)

  1. hans says:


    That bitch NEVER was good. Evil attracts evil, simple as that.
    And the dumb bitches can´t wait to follow yet another pied piper.

  2. P Ray says:

    Hard to say it’s a bad move for her.
    Like Taylor Swift, Adele she makes money detailing all her bad relationships.
    Any man she is involved with literally becomes a meal ticket.

  3. Mr. Odessa says:

    That’s how chicks are. Like rapper Big Sean said… Chicks only say “I hate you” to the guys that they love…

    • joesantus says:

      …and chicks hate them, among other reasons, because the irresistible craving those (usually alpha-) guys give their pussies prevents chicks from having their accustomed control of those guys.

      • Mr. Odessa says:

        Right. As Dali said before, women – by their own admission – give the best years of their lives to studs, alphas, “bucks”, pipe layers… whatever you want to call them. Guys who just want NSA/FWB. Only when they get old, flabby with a house full of kids and when guys stop giving them the time of day, only then do they begin their search for “Mr. Right”. And when she’s done with the bad boys, she can always reinvent herself by falsely accusing them of abusing her, writing tell-all books or deluding herself that she only used him for sex, or with the typical “little dick” shaming tactic.

        At the very end, what a woman really wants is a rich, nice guy idiot, oblivious to her scam and her Dick Riding Resume. “A fool and his money is a woman’s best friend.”

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