My Views on “Wannabe Whites”

This post is about something I have seen in real life and the virtual world. In the past I used to find it infuriating, now I just find it amusing- albeit in a sadistic manner.

I am talking about “wannabe whites”.

So what constitutes, and does not constitute, wannabe white behavior? and why is it so irrational, bizarre, irritating and ultimately funny? My initial exposure to wannabe whites came through interactions with some of my close relatives in N. America. I later noticed the same mindset, behavior and attitudes in groups ranging from Filipinos to Iranians and South Americans.

Most wannabe whites are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from countries colonized by European countries in the 18th-19th century (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc). Some are immigrants from countries with a white ruling class (South American countries). Inspite of their diverse racial and cultural origins, wannabe whites think and act in a remarkably similar manner.

1. They go to ridiculous lengths to publicly prove that they are culturally whiter than white. Now I am not suggesting that people should not change behavior over time and space, but what is the point in trying to be somebody else? Is it even profitable to do so? I fail to see how such behavior achieves anything beyond providing entertainment to whites and non-whites. A good example of such behavior can be observed by reading the blog (and comments) of a brown moron known as Razib Khan.

2. They are always trying to convince whites and non-whites alike that they are ‘more whiter’ and therefore ‘better’ than others from their countries of origin. You might have noticed a certain moron called the Fifth Horseman try to convince others that I was “Sri-Lankan” (less whiter) than him. Apart from the fact that I look rather different from what he might imagine, how are the looks (or race) of any person even relevant to the validity of their ideas?

3. They try to constantly tell whites and non-whites that other people are human scum who deserved the ‘civilizing’ influence of whites. While I am critical of Indians, my opinions about east-Asians, Arabs, Whites etc are equally (if not more) negative. I am a misanthropist and proud of it. However many wannabe whites never seem to tire of telling others how bad people in their old country are. A blogger known as Atheist Indian is a good example of this dysfunction.

4. They always hold people who look like them to much higher standards than whites. When a white person screws them over, they see him as ambitious and clever. When a non-white screws them over, they see it as an example of cultural duplicity and dishonesty. But how can the same act be two totally different things depending on the skin color of the perpetrator? You can see a lot of this behavior at sites like Sepia Mutiny and especially in a recent post on that website.

5. They try to downplay everything good or substantial done by people who look like them and exaggerate everything that is even remotely bad about them. This behavior resembles what I talked about in point 3, but occurs on the level of culture and worldview rather than individuals. Most ‘famous’ Indian journalists and “intellectuals” perform a lot of cultural self-flagellation and self-denigration with the hope of being finally “recognized” by whites.

Might write more about this issue in a future post.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. March 22, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Its definitely worth pursuing. I wrote about the exact phenomenon and called it “race denial.” Amongst one family, they are downright vicious when one member acts a little non-white. They eventually come off as feeling empty or not good enough, despite being perfectly ordinary people.

  2. hoipolloi
    March 22, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Right on AD. Your fellow South Asians need a dose of your antihypocracy medicine. You are a unique blogger in that you know who we are but we do not know who you are. That gives you more freedom to express your thoughts. No weirdos trying to attack you physically so to speak.

  3. Au Revoir
    March 22, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    Interestingly, this phenomenon is like an inversion of an effect that modern Western culture has on many whites, who end up denigrating their own culture whilst praising others, even fawning over the worst examples of wild natives in countries whites conquered.

    And I find it annoying, because I see some potential gain to be had from these people if only they would keep their sense of difference and interact with my white buttocks in a mature way. Even when I encourage them to do so, as an east European immigrant to an Anglosphere nation, many suddenly seize up and don’t quite know how to act. I thoroughly regret that the time in my life when I had most close contact with those of other cultures was childhood (school days), when you can hardly recognize let alone make much of your opportunities. Fools, a White Man, a Scholar beckons, force thy culture upon me!

    Why not teach one another languages and the nuanced understanding of different peoples that one generally gains only by residing in a particular country? We need only follow the rules of hospitality that would guide our interaction if we were visiting one another in our native lands. But, like so many other things that should be birth-rights, the sense of hospitality is wilting in this autistic wasteland of uniformity that modern society has become.

  4. Au Revoir
    March 22, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    That said, I should point out that adopting the culture of the land that you’ve moved to is also a sign of respect and good will, and keeping one’s culture in a new place, in any broad way, is most impractical.

    So we end up with ghetto formation, where, quite naturally, immigrants of an ethnicity just stick together and ignore outsiders; and the dispersion of those who lose much of their cultural identity and become “wannabe whites”, ie Westernized. And how can we blame culturally strong outsiders for doing the former when many thinking Europeans unreservedly lament the ‘Americanization’ of our former ecumene?

    Ideally, the two tendencies would be balanced and some more interesting people would develop.

  5. March 22, 2012 at 9:18 pm


    proud mutt here

    let the neo nazi’s from inmalafide chew on this 8===D

  6. Spike
    March 22, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Eh, I’ve made peace with being a coconut.

  7. March 22, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    I can give you a clear example of why Razib Khan doesn’t have the minimum of logical thinking.


    “Basically the software seems to be implying that there has been gene flow into the Yoruba of West Africa from from populations related to the Basque & Sardinians. The most plausible explanation for this would be that this migration event was ancient, so that later admixtures of European populations are not reflected. Whether you believe that the Basque/Sardinians are Neolithic or pre-Neolithic (i.e., that they derive from Holocene settlers, or derive from Paleolithic European substrate), it is probably true that they have a relatively long period of residence in Western Europe.”

    The Yorubas are a people defined by natural or adoptive genetic descent, the Sardinians are a people defined by land, and the Basques are defined by language. He didn’t bother with checking some history of Sardinia, because it is known that many peoples lived on this island.

    His assumption that ‘Sardinians’ is in the same class as ‘Yorubas’ shows utmost ignorance.

    Trying to point to him the contradictions is futile because he apparently functions as a typical academic.

    • March 23, 2012 at 12:43 am

      Sardinian is a separate language from Italian. And maybe Razib means the Paleo-Sardinians surviving until today.

      • March 23, 2012 at 8:59 am

        “Sardinian is a separate language from Italian.”

        Sardinian is a Latin language.
        Modern day Sardinians descend mainly from Romans and Lombards. The Romans of Sardinia descend from the old peoples of Sardinia (who were gradually adopted as Romans until 212 AD) and from other Romans coming from other regions.

        But, what does language got to do with genetic descent?
        Do the Irish and the Scots descend from

        “And maybe Razib means the Paleo-Sardinians surviving until today.”

        What Paleo-Sardinians? How do you know who is Paleo-Sardinian and who is not?

    • AndrewV
      March 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm

      “His assumption that ‘Sardinians’ is in the same class as ‘Yorubas’ shows utmost ignorance.”

      Actually, this statement of yours demonstrate where the misunderstanding occurred. I would suggest you stay away from science/genetic related blogs in the future, less you be constantly enraged.

      “Trying to point to him the contradictions is futile because he apparently functions as a typical academic.”

      You just reinforced what I stated above. You really do need to stay away from blogs related to genetics in particular. That is my opinion anyway. YMMV.

      • March 25, 2012 at 2:39 pm

        I used to read his blog. Some things made sense at first, then all the contradictions started to show up, and that’s when I stopped reading.

        The is one crucial thing that lacks in these writings: logic.

  8. sa
    March 23, 2012 at 2:28 am

    This has a lot to do with how people in India are raised.
    Most kids (atleast of my generation) heard while growing that everything from white or western society is good.
    This was changed after 9/11.
    There is elite who still panders to the thought that west is superior. This can be viewed in mostly columns written in English newspapers.
    Many people who holds this opinion has never seen actual west.
    This is the height of ignorance.

    • hoipolloi
      March 23, 2012 at 8:24 am

      Obsession with the West may be discouraged. But for people in third world countries to look to West for guidance and as role model is not a bad idea. West may not be good in absolute terms as we come to know after we stay here for a while. But their society in terms of social responsibility is more advanced than the rest. I am sad to note in any given metric a given South Asian country lags behind U.S. or Europian Union. And it need not be like that.

    • Kaz
      March 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm

      India sucks though.. That’s my greatest fear, my family having to go back to India/Pakistan if the West falls.

  9. Conquistador
    March 24, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Whites produced nearly every innovation that non-whites enjoy today. Sorry but the track record of history is clear. Unless you want to undo the last five hundred years of human progress you need to accept that white/western civilization is superior to all others. The fact that you reside in the states and not crapistan is proof of that.

    What % of whites? Like 0.000001%?

  10. Conquistador
    March 24, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Furthermore the reason the groups you cite praise whites while denouncing others is simple. Whites may be scum but they at least offer opportunities…..

    The internet the very entity which you say will liberate the global masses from tyranny (political, economic, social) like no other innovation in history, was made by whites.

    Does it look I care about such minutiae?

    • hoipolloi
      March 24, 2012 at 9:45 pm

      “Whites produced nearly every innovation that non-whites enjoy today.”

      I would tend to agree. It was indirectly underwritten by the blood and sweat of the nonwhites though. After a genocide here (Americas) and a genocide there (Australia+New Zealand) and starving millions to death under draught in India, Western societies gained so much wealth a tiny percent was used for scientific pursuits that yielded such innovations that are are a boon to all humanity. Again look at the Middle East. They have access to untold riches for the last hundred or so years in terms of oil money. But where is innovation there? A liberal segment of whites did held the torch for all humanity in the last 500 years.

      “The internet the very entity which you say will liberate the global masses from tyranny (political, economic, social) like no other innovation in history, was made by whites.”

      I would say the West rather than whites discovered the internet. In the last 50 or so years a significant portion of the science and technology work in the west was done by Asians also. Working in the west, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian scientists made lot of breakthroughs that are foundations of modern technology today. For example, groundwork for todays Biotechnology was laid down by the Nobelist Khorana at MIT who is from India.

      Conquistador: The genius of the West is to throw internet open to all citizens in their own societies and also to the world at large. I give them credit for that. American companies built the internet superhighway all over the world. A letter that would take 10 days to reach U.S. from India and cost a few dollars to mail now emails in seconds at practically no cost. It is magic or what.

  11. Conquistador
    March 24, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    “What % of whites? Like 0.000001%?” – AD

    Once you get the ball in your hand you gotta run with it too. Asian societies chose to either fumble repeatedly or just take their ball and go home.

  12. bob
    March 25, 2012 at 3:58 am

    Yeah I agree

    If only the motherfuckers would stay in their own countries too. Keep your race, culture, etc and stay the fuck away from us. We dont want you or need you. We sick of feeding you, educating you, giving you jobs.

    You too Advocatus. Fuck off to Bangladesh or wherever you come from. Fewer white people for you to worry about

    Now if only people of your race would disappear forever…

  13. March 25, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    It soundsd like what you’re describing is just an ethnic version of the standard ‘social climbers’, ie people who aspire to immitate those whom they regard to be superior to themselves. Just think of the standard lower middle classes who try to emulate te upper middle classes by purchasing ‘foreign foods’ (be they olives, wine, French cheese or whatever). It is nothing particularly new. Though, to be sure, I hadnt applied the social climbing aspect to immigrants.

    Niall Ferguson in the series ‘Empire’ (about the rise of the British Emprei) made a similar observation to yours about native Indian civil servants, who worked to be like the British civil servants in their manner. Yet, despite their efforts, many of the British simply regarded them as social climbers, and not genuine believers in the system.

    Another aspect you observed of this is of someone desperately trying to be part of another culture is like what Simon Shepherd called: Exagerated Behaviour in Alien Environment (somewhere on his website

    The over zealousness of this behaviour may explain the whiplash effect amongst their offspring, who go too far the other way (think of it as a pendulum that has been pushed unnaturally far in one direction.)

  14. AndrewV
    March 25, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    My understanding is that Razib Khan spent his formative years in the US so I would not be surprised at all if he has been westernized. I am not Indian myself but I have had enough exposure to various aspects of Indian culture to be unsurprised.

    I would like to point out though, that in my experience, in general any culture comprises both homogenous and heterogeneous components and that any one of which has aspects that are both sticky and plastic or fluid.

    The transmission of values and the associated rituals, and forms, and the degree to which they will taken up and adopted by one culture from another depends on a wide variety of factors but quite commonly the axis is where the values intersect. In addition certain aspects may be disproportionately amplified, distorted and or suppressed depending on how they resonate with already established cultural mores.

    Some examples, contrast the British tea drinking ritual, and the consumption of curry in that most traditional of British institutions, the English pub.

    Consider the wholesale importation and incorporation into the English language of words of Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil origin. I would be willing to wager a large sum that the majority of native English speakers are completely unaware of the origins of words such as bungalow, khaki, bandanna, chicanery, dinghy, jodhpurs juggernaut, aryan, atoll, cowrie, crimson, pariah, catamaran, and candy. These words are only a sample and no where near a complete list.

    Examples of more complex cultural transmission is that of the game of cricket and the hunting at hounds. The incorporation of jodhpurs into the English form of this ritual is I dare say unnoticed by it’s practitioners, whether in Canada or “Snooty Ooty” (Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, India). The axis for the above two samples are universal across all cultures, games and hunting. In the case of the latter it is also a means of demonstrating and reinforcing higher sociocultural “value” and elevated status.

    Lastly, I leave you to contemplate the military square as currently practised in China. This form of ritual has been around since antiquity and is no stranger to any country, except many of the current specifics were refined by the Prussians. Note also the strinking similarity to jodhpurs worn by the men at the begining of the video.

  15. mikeraw
    March 27, 2012 at 4:20 am

    I’m one of those Whites from South America (actually, Central America) that you mentioned… and I disagree with all your points except #3, but not in such an extreme manner…

    The thing with people like me, though, is that I actually LOOK white, unlike people from former British colonies…

    Iranians, on the other hand, are nice people. I’ve dated a couple of gorgeous Iranian girls. Too bad they have such a messed up leadership and their religion is different than mine.

  16. April 2, 2012 at 2:37 am

    I found this page after I noticed a backlink to my blog from this post. To be honest, your posts seems to be like one of those ‘acting white’ generalisations that black people throw around other blacks who dare to do non-black things.

    My blog’s title is Atheist Indian. Indian, my dear friend, Indian. I deal with topics and issues that are characteristically Indian – although not necessarily desi (since there are non-desi Indians like me). I don’t live in an Anglophone country and I have no intentions of migrating to one.

    If I wanted to be culturally and ideologically white, I would have titled my blog to something more whitewashed, hidden the fact that I am an Indian and posted about WASPy topics like a pantyless Miley Cyrus. And written about how I am so much more worldly than those ‘wannabe white brown morons’. For the record, I am yellow, not brown. And life isn’t the film Badmaash Company where a North Eastern guy has to ‘desi-ise’ himself to be considered Indian.

  17. April 2, 2012 at 2:49 am

    By the way, I don’t hold desis to higher standards than whites. I have no reason to, since unlike the majority of your compatriots, I am not in awe of white people. Even though the desi feudal culture at a complete dissonance to my tribal hill culture, I tend to be very tolerant of the foibles and knuckleheadedness of cow belt people. But if you expect me to be a yellow version of the brown people, you expect too much. As I said, the real world isn’t Badmaash Company.

    If I were to open an ‘Indian’ restaurant, it wouldn’t be a ‘punjabi veg’ restaurant, but one selling ‘goru mangso’ (beef stew) and pork chops. But because you, my desi friend, think of beef and pork as a part of ‘western diet’, my restaurant wouldn’t be Indian enough and hence, too ‘wannabe white’.

  18. P Ray
    April 16, 2012 at 12:39 am

    While we’re on this track…
    A brief profile of men afflicted with “yellow fever”

    ORIGINS: Asiaphiles are typically found residing in major U.S. cities, although increasing numbers have been venturing overseas in their quest to “get an oree-enul woman”.

    NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH: Intelligent, non-racist and socially-functional men who are free of fetishes and racial bias.


    – Poorly developed masculine identities, pathetically uncomfortable with themselves, inept at romance with women of their own race.

    – Resentment of white females’ assertive, strong-willed personality traits (whether real or perceived).

    – Ignorant and narrow-minded, eager to adopt fallacious western media stereotypes of Asian women.

    – Desperate need to assume a dominant, father-like role in their relationships with women (ergo the similarity to pedophiles).

    – Exaggerated perception and objectification of Asian females (and sometimes little boys).

    – Uncanny ability to determine one’s breast size and country of origin within three seconds of sighting a potential AF target.

    – A compulsion to trash women, particularly western women, in order to justify their inadequacies and bolster their self image.

    – Insatiable appetite for Asian cultural trivia, which is used to camouflage/legitimize their underlying fetish (a superficial knowledge of Asian art impresses the shit outta the babes).

    – Extreme paranoia and defensiveness regarding their relationships with AF’s (“What the hell are you looking at, you racist AM asshole?..”)

    – Unable to accept non-whites or women as equals. Insistent racist stereotypers. Chauvinistic.

    – Subconsciously attracted to tiny women because they make him feel powerful, and are less threatening to his fragile ego.

    – Disdains ethnic studies; regards it as a waste of taxpayer’s money and an ultimate threat to white male privilege and cultural hegemony.

    – Thinks that the poverty, prostitution and white cultural imperialism in certain Asian countries is a good deal while it lasts. Favorite holiday destination: Bangkok

    – Enjoys playing “divide and conquer” mind games with naive, culturally-insecure AF’s (“don’t worry, Yoko, I won’t let those chauvinistic, abusive Japanese men hurt you anymore…”)

    – Considers minimum age of marriage and minimum age of consent laws to be government intrusions of privacy.

    – On visits to Asia as a (sex) tourist, expects every native AM to kowtow to him, massage his feet and play butler, while the native AF’s line up to show him the proper “lotus position” technique. He then considers himself “worldly” and an indisputable expert on asian people and culture.

    – Considers the terms “chink, chinaman, jap, gook and slope” to be terms of endearment and certainly no reason to get offended.

    – Believes that racism does not exist because he, as a WM, has never experienced it first hand.

    – Gets a warm fuzzy feeling when watching those action flicks in which the white male hero invariably beats the shit out of ten AM ninjas and rescues the AF nympho from her evil, warlike AM oppressors.

    – Believes that the only reason an Asian person would dislike him or disapprove of his exploitive, pathological relationships with Asian women is because they are racist.

    – Associates with AM’s only when he is interested in meeting their sisters.

    – Threatened and insecure in the presence of any culturally-perceptive Asian person or any AM not fitting his stereotype of the quiet, marginalized, “model minority” geek.

    – Denial of all of the above.

    TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anything trendy and mainstream-looking which conceals their obesity. Rolled-up sock placed strategically in crotch for added flair. Hairpiece by Earl’s Rugs ‘R Us. Note: attire may vary depending on the specific type of AF being targeted.

    I.Q.: n/a (too low to measure)

    NATURAL HABITAT: Personal ad columns (“SWM interested in ‘Asian culture’ seeks exotic SAF goddess”), college campuses, Asian language classes (a great pickup spot), Asian strip clubs, massage parlors and similar establishments, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs (usually found necking with prepubescent AF FOB’s), seated on living room sofa drooling over latest Asian porn flick with remote control and tissues in hand, Asian internet forums (don’t ask me why), anywhere else frequented by AF’s. Often found still living with mom despite being past 40.


    “I’ve always only dated Oree-enul chicks. I don’t know why, I just have.”

    “Race doesn’t matter. I just happen to dig chicks with silky black hair and smooth, porcelain-like skin. Anyone who doesn’t like it is a racist.”

    “Ahh, those Oree-enul wimmin… are they perfect or what? No more corrupted American wimmin for me, no sirree… Gimme a fine oree-enul woman anytime.”

    “Ooh, Mei Ling, you’re soooo sweet and demure, unlike them rude, uppity American women. Intelligent too. How’s about we go back to my place and talk temples?”

    “Keiko, if you want to practice your English, maybe I can be your tutor?…”

    (mouth frothing): “Masako, you remind me of my favorite ‘movie star’… would you please put on your cute little sailor suit, huh, would ya, pleeeze??”

    “Hey Marty, you got the number of that place in Tokyo that sells the used panties?”

    “Would you like some candy, little girl?…”

    “I just returned from the “sex capital of the world”, good old Thailand and had an incredible trip – as usual. If you’re a single male who’s had his share of the stuck up women of the West, then come to Southeast Asia where the women will treat you with the attention and appreciation you deserve…”

    PERSONAL GOAL (unfortunately unattainable): To end up with an intelligent, quality Asian woman who actually has some self esteem.

    CLOSELY RELATED TO: Pedophiles, a fish out of water, rice queens (gay asiaphiles).

    MEDIA REPRESENTATION: Woody Allen, Maury Povich, James Michener, Oliver Stone, Nicholas D. Kristof (NY Times reporter).

    COUNTERPARTS: Whiggies…who else?

    Dummy’s Guide to Asian Girls with White Fever
    The WHIGGIE (White Guy Groupie)
    A brief profile of Asian girls afflicted with “White Fever”
    ORIGINS: A subset of women of Asian ethnicity, usually found residing in major U.S. cities, although they have been known to appear overseas occasionally. Closely related to their cousins, Yellow Cabs (Japan), Gwei-Po’s (Hong Kong), Sarong Party girls (Singapore), Twinkies and Bananas.
    NOT TO BE CONUSED WITH: Intelligent, emotionally-secure women who are free of identity problems, self-hate, racial prejudice and chips on their shoulders.
    – Poorly developed self-identity. Pathetically insecure with themselves and their ethnicity.
    – Resentment of father’s traditional, authoritarian upbringing (whether real or perceived).
    – Brainwashed into believing that they, as AF’s, are more desirable than other women in exotic lotus blossom kinda way. Willingness to pander to western media sexual stereotypes of AF’s, which they perceive as marketing advantage.
    – Thoroughly whitewashed. Desperate need to fit into “mainstream” (i.e. white) society and to distance themselves from their Asian heritage. Racial inferiority complex.
    – Feigned air of superiority when dealing with members of own race and any other minority groups. In need of major attitude adjustments.
    – Exaggerated, whiny, Encino-esque valley girl accent.
    – Delusions of grandeur… “I want it all…and that begins with the right (i.e. white) guy…” Asian-American princess complex.
    – Uncanny ability of determine one’s nationality, occupation, earning capacity and make of auto within three minutes of commencing a conversation.
    – Exaggerated perception of white males’ value in increasing AF’s social status.
    – Ignorant and narrow-minded, eager to adopt and perpetuate fallacious western media stereotypes of Asian men.
    – A compulsion to trash Asians, particularly Asian men, in order to justify their autoracist tendencies, placate their guilt and bolster their self-esteem.
    – Extremely shallow, self-centered, argumentative and boring.
    – Disdains ethnic studies; regards it as a major threat to her carefully constructed, self-deceptive whiggie identity.
    – Despises all Asian men, with the occasional exception of their brothers (after all, they share the same genes.
    – Believes that racism does not exist because she, as an AF, has never experienced it first hand, or is too dense to realize it. Besides, those Asiaphiles are so nice to her (while plotting to get into her pants.
    – Gets a warm fuzzy feeling when watching The Joy Luck Club, while snuggled up to her geeky Asiaphile boyfriend.
    – Believes that the only reason an Asian person would disrespect her is because they are racist.
    – Has lost count of how many WM’s she’s done this month.
    – The wet-dream come true for socially-handicapped Caucasian nerds who are unable to attract Caucasian women.
    – Threatened and insecure in the presence of any culturally-perceptive Asian person or any AM not fitting her stereotype of the quiet , marginalized, “model minority” geek.
    – Fundamentally insecure, utterly confused, lacking in self respect.
    – Many aging whiggies, after being used and abandoned by WM’s in favor of younger, more nubile whiggies and being rejected by AM’s who see through their transparency, develop a bitterness towards all men, period.
    – Denial of all of the above.
    FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: a) Look of contempt when eyes meet those of any non-white male, converting to beaming grin upon sighting of WM victim/target; b) terminal pout or c) bimboish expression that defies deep thought.
    TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anything trendy, mainstream-looking and seductive (especially if it’s black and tight). Big hair (perhaps their most valuable asset) tossed with hand every 15 seconds. Wonderbra. Fanatical whiggies have been known to undergo certain procedures such as eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and vaginal tightening operations in order to increase their marketability to WM’s. Blue contact lenses and bleached blonde hair have even been sported on occasion. Note: Attire may vary depending on the specific type of WM being targeted.
    I.Q: Too low to measure.
    Personal ad columns (“exotic, slim, SAF seeks successful, generous SWM”), cheerleading squads, sorority houses (role: token “oriental sisters”), T.V. newsdesks, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs (usually found necking with aging WM’s), Chinese restaurants (slumming with the WM and demonstrating that she’s “in touch with her heritage”), anywhere else frequented by White males.
    Age 10: “Mom, why do we have to be (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)? Do you have to dress like that? And what’s with Dad and his accent?
    Age 12: “Mom, I want an eyelid job for Christmas, okay?
    Later on…
    “I’ve always only dated white guys. I don’t know why, I just have.”
    “Race doesn’t matter. I just happen to like white guys. It’s just a preference.”
    “We are the world, we are the children…We…”
    “I’ve gone out with all kinds of guys…Dutch, English, French, German, you name it. Even went out with a Jewish guy once! After all, love is color blind.”
    “Eeeew, Jennifer, how could you go out with that (insert minority group here) guy!?” Totally gross!
    “Oooh Roger, you’re like soooo strong and intelligent. Did you say you drive a beemer? Kewl! (giggle).”
    “I want to learn English better…you maybe teach, handsome man? Are you U.S. citizen?” (Yes FOB’s can be whiggies too!)
    “Like why would I want to go out with an Asian guy? They don’t own me or anything. Uhh, and besides they are all male chauvinist …and domineering too…yeah that’s it! Didn’t you see The Joy Luck Club?”
    Like, I’m dating *out* of my race, so how can I be racists?!! Duh!!
    CLOSELY RELATED TO: Racists, bigots, wannabes, ho’s, chameleons, white supremacists, a fish out of water.
    MEDIA REPRESENTATION/ROLE MODELS: Connie Chung, Amy Tan, Lisa Ling, Margaret Cho, Sheryl Wu Dunn, any of The Joy Luck Club protagonists (except the one who married an Asian dude).
    NATURAL COUNTERPARTS: Asiaphiles…who else?

    (For the sake of completeness, you see)

  19. March 13, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    The flight staff continued to serve the man alcohol even
    though the man was intoxicated. I also agreed to pay for his continued health insurance for a period
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  20. P Ray
    August 23, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    These wannabe whites are funny, in the sense of them telling you their children are educated in New York, London, Melbourne …
    but they cannot be bothered to help their parents,
    but of course despite your qualifications to the same standards … eventhough yours is more recent, you are not as good as their children who have decided to let them fend for themselves.
    More money for me, is all I say 🙂

  21. March 1, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    What do you think of guys like Dinesh D’Souza?

    He is a textbook example of what I am talking about.

    • March 6, 2014 at 8:33 am

      Todd Wooten said in his book “White Men Can’t Hump (As Good As Black Men)” that he is an Indian “who thinks he’s a white man from Indiana” and says he is a prime example of foreigners who come to America, reads a couple of books and hangs out with people of privilege and after allowing the privileged to tell him who belongs at the bottom of America’s food chain, thinks he is qualified to have an opinion about how the race game is being played in America.

  22. March 6, 2014 at 8:34 am

    P.S. The ones on Fox News really make it obvious they are trying too hard to be something they aren’t and they really irk me. Prime examples: Larry Elder and Michelle Malkin

  1. March 14, 2013 at 1:34 am
  2. January 10, 2019 at 10:38 pm

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